Victoria Round 2
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This tournament we had split one of our divisions into two. The Continuous Sparring 7-9 years open, has now become Continuous Sparring Pee Wee 7 Years and Under, and Continuous Sparring 8-9 Years open. After discussion, we felt this would be fairer for all in these age groups.

The day began with our President of NAS, Mr Casey welcoming all competitors, instructors, and family. He made mention of the wonderful numbers and how much he was looking forward to the Nationals being held in Melbourne later in the year.

The days competition got started several of our Black belt adult and veteran divisions, always exciting to watch. In the Veterans Over 51 Years Shannon VanDenBerg – Senshi-do Karate, finished 1st, Nick Spanu – GKR, 2nd, and Jill Cole – Funakoshi finish in 3rd. Female Black Belt Forms saw Emily Mullen – GKR 1st, Voephong Roczniak - GKR 2nd, and Kendra Schmid - Shiryodo, 3rd. The Male Black Belt Forms saw Connor McGowen – Wushu Kung Fu 1st, Chayapad Vilaisopakun – Shiryodo, 2nd, and Tobi Cole - Funakoshi 3rd. The Male Black Belt Point Sparring adult division saw Ryan Webb – Performance M/A 1st, Ethan Siljanoski – M.A.C.E 2nd, and Zac Cittadini – Cittadini M/A 3rd.

Traditional Weaponry 0-12 Years saw Bevan Washington - Shiryado take 1st place, Zhey Perry-Pivac - UMA in 2nd and Ethan Arifoski – The Winged Dragon finish 3rd. The 13-17 years division Prarthana Agarwal – FX Fitness take 1st place and Noah Ockwell – FX Fitness in 2nd. Our senior division saw Connor McGowen – Wushu Kung Fu take 1st place, Luke Fletcher - Shiryodo in 2nd and Owen Heares – FX Fitness in 3rd.

Other stand out matches of the day.

The Pee Wee forms saw Aleksandar Naumovski – Lions Karate 1st, Julian Zhu – GKR 2nd and Filip Naumovski – Lions Karate 3rd. In their Point Sparring event Mia Liu – M.A.C.E. 1st, 2nd was Fareed Atwal – M.A.C.E and 3rd Aleksandar Naumovski – Lions Karate. The first running of the Pee Wee 7 Years and under Continuous Sparring had Aleksandar Naumovski – Lions Karate in 1st place, Alby Flood – Bendigo Kenpo Karate 2nd, and Filip Naumovski – Lions Karate 3rd.

All the junior events were fast paced and actioned packed, with every competitor putting in 100%. It was great to see all the effort and each of you should be extremely happy and proud with what you accomplished.

The junior sparring events were packed with competitors in most age groups, making it even tougher to come home with a medal. Well done to everyone. In the Point Sparring 8-9 Years (10th- 6th Kyu) it was a clean sweep by M.A.C.E –Noah Ismail 1st, Vishnu Mohan 2nd, and Alexader Eracleous in 3rd place. In the Continuous Sparring of the same age group Celine Trajanovski – The Winged Dragon placed 1st, Owen Arifoski – The Winged Dragon 2nd, and Bevan Washington – Shiryodo 3rd. In the Point Sparring 10-11 Years (10th – 6th Kyu) Hannah Matthews – M.A.C.E 1st, Archer Morrison - GKR 2nd, Sage Mueller – M.A.C.E 3rd. The Female Point Sparring 12-13 Years (5th Kyu – Black Belt), Tasmin Newton – Norther Goju Karate 1st, Sienna Draper – M.A.C.E 2nd, Ellie Richmond – M.A.C.E 3rd.

We would like to thank everyone for their continual support of the NAS, Thank you to all volunteers, referees, judges, table official, parents, instructors, and competitors. Once again to Sandra Schmid, your work to oversee all table official to ensure the day runs smooth is amazing and to Darren Ball for always being there as First Aid.

Thank you.

Vincent Busuttil.

State Director.


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