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The day began with Mr Casey welcoming all competitors, instructors, and family. He also recognised our referees and judges who continue to dedicate their time to making sure NAS events run at the highest level. He then presented Mr Busuttil – Victoria State director with the President’s Cup after a successful state 1st Place finish at the National Championships in December 2023.

The day started with some of the Black Belt and Veteran divisions. In the veteran over 51 years male/female forms saw placed Jillian Cole - Funakoshi 1st, Mark Cole - Funakoshi 2nd. In the male Point Sparring Phillip Gadzinski – Winged Dragon M/A place 1st, David Johnson - M.A.C.E, 2nd and Mark Cole - Funakoshi, in 3rd. The female Point Sparring saw Jillian Cole - Funakoshi in 1st, and Jodi Sultana – Katai Bushi Ryu in 2nd. In the Female Adult Black Belt Forms Emily Mullen – GKR finished 1st, Jillian Cole – Funakoshi in 2nd, and Shannon Washington – Shiryodo in 3rd. The Male Adult Black Belt open saw Nik Kourtessis – Fighting Spirit Goju Karate place 1st, Tobi Cole – Funakoshi in 2nd and Noah Griffen – Shiryodo in 3rd.

Traditional Weaponry 0-12 Years saw Shania Stevenage - Shiryodo take 1st place and Bevan Washington - Shiryodo in 2nd. Our senior division saw Adam Sultana – Katai Bushi Ryu take 1st place, Luke Fletcher - Shiryodo in 2nd and Paul Lawrence – Heenan Taekwondo in 3rd. It was also fantastic to see a Demonstration in the Adult Division by Adam Sultan – Katai Bushi Ryu.

Other stand out matches of the day.

The Pee Wee forms saw Filip Naumovski – Lions Karate 1st, Olivia Lin – GKR 2nd and Dimitrija Naumovski – Lions Karate 3rd. In their Point Sparring event Alby Flood – Bendigo Kenpo Karate, 1st, 2nd was Olivia Lin – GKR and Dimitrija Naumovski – Lions Karate 3rd. In the Continuous Sparring 7 Years and under, Alby Flood – Bendigo Kenpo Karate finished 1st, Cedric Chaillet – Winged Dragon M/A in 2nd, and Morrison Conway – Winged Dragon M/A in 3rd.

The junior Point Sparring events contained plenty of action and every competitor should be proud how determined they were to do the best they could. It was a great effort by all. With too many to mention a few of the event’s results follow.

In the Point Sparring 8-9 Years (10th- 6th Kyu) – William Li - IGK 1st, Daivik Kaushal – Winged Dragon M/A 2nd, and Ross Tabada – Winged Dragon M/A 3rd. Point Sparring 10-11 Years (10th – 6th Kyu) Aiden Allan – Katai Bushi Ryu 1st, Georgia Yannoukas – JR Taekwondo 2nd, and Terence Pham – Winged Dragon M/A in 3rd. Male Point Sparring 12-13 Years (5th Kyu – Black Belt), Blake Bickley – Bendigo Kenpo Karate 1st, Bonham Hartwell – Bendigo Kenpo Karate 2nd, and Jackson O’Hara Katai Bushi Ryu 3rd.

The adults’ divisions were also highly completive and entertaining with numbers increasing from a variety of martial arts schools especial in the Male Novice category. It was exciting to watch different forms and sparring techniques go head-to-head incredibly close. In the Male Novice Point Sparring, Trevor Correa – Katai Bushi Ryu 1st and Daniel Weichman – Katai Bushi Ryu 2nd and Robesh Rockmaryathas – Winged Dragon M/A 3rd. While in the Continuous John Vitsos – JR Taekwondo placed 1st, Trevor Correa – Kata Bushi Ryu 2nd and Robesh Rockmaryathas – Winged Dragon M/A 3rd.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone that importantly contributes to making our NAS tournaments a success in Victoria. A special mention to Darren Ball and his staff for continually providing First Aid, Sandra Schmid for overseeing all table officials, and all the table officials on the day, our referees and judges, every competitor and their families, all head instructors and school owners for continuing to bring your students to compete.

Thank you.

Vincent Busuttil.

State Director.


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