Victoria - Round 2
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The day began well, even with the Melbourne winter chill which quickly turned into a beautiful day. Once all competitors had arrived our NAS president and CEO Mr James Casey opened the tournament welcoming all our competitors and thanking all referees, officials, volunteers, parents for their continual support for the NAS. To help with officiating on the day Nick Noordink and Michael Fleming took time off their schedule to fly down from Brisbane.

With some of our adult black belt and veteran divisions up first, Veterans Forms saw Nik Kourtessis – Fighting Spirit Goju Karate place 1st, Jillian Cole – Funakoshi, 2nd and Adam Sultana Katai Bushi Ryu, 3rd. Female Black Belt Forms saw Jillian Cole – Funakoshi 1st, Dianne Taylor – Wickhams MA 2nd, and Jennifer Sievers – GKR 3rd.  The Male Black Belt Forms once again saw Nik Kourtessis – Fighting Spirit Goju Karate 1st, Michael Jones – UMA 2nd, and Andrew Vilaisopakun – Shiryodo Karate 3rd.

Synchronised Team Forms saw 1st place taken out by Team Zoe Delia - Northern Goju Karate with Team Victoria Liew – Winged Dragon M/A 2nd, while the adult division, 1st place was Team Danica Klassic – Winged Dragon M/A, Team Jill Cole – Funakoshi, 2nd

Traditional Weaponry 0-12 Years saw Zhey Perry-Pivac – UMA, take 1st place, while 13-17 years division William Clarke – Sansho-Kan Karate, take 1st place.

There were many other incredible divisions throughout the day with some highlights including -

Our junior divisions are always full of competitors eager with excitement and watching them either compete in their first tournament or their develop over multiple tournaments is always rewarding. Watching their passion for martial arts grow reminds us all, why we do what we do.

The Pee Wee forms saw Veer Goodluck – Fighting Spirit Goju 1st, Ruari James- Sendai Karate 2nd and Ethan Arifoski – Winged Dragon M/A 3rd. In their Point Sparring event Hugo Japriady – M.A.C.E finished 1st, 2nd was Kenneth Siriwardena – M.A.C.E and 3rd Noah Ismail – M.A.C.E. A clean sweep by M.A.C.E.

Our junior traditional form events were a standout at this tournament with several larger divisions providing a range of forms and plenty of competition between each other. Our 8-9 Years (10th – 6th Kyu) M/F event saw Tristyn Mulligan – Fighting Spirit Goju finish 1st, Jobe Fantone – Northern Goju Karate 2nd, Owen Arifoski – Winged Dragon M/A 3rd. Forms 10-11 (10th Kyu – 6th Kyu) had Blake Bickley – Bendigo Kenpo Karate in 1st place, Bonham Hartwell – Bendigo Kenpo Karate 2nd, and Noah Aqualina – Northern Goju Karate 3rd. Our 12-13 Years (5th Kyu – Black Belt) had Ave Perry-Pivac – UMA 1st, Jash Goodluck Fighting Spirit Goju 2nd, and William Clarke – Sansho-Kan Karate 3rd.

Some junior point sparring event including Point Sparring 8-9 Years (10th- 6th Kyu) – Binuk Wimalaratna – M.A.C.E 1st, Giselle Taishouri – M.A.C.E 2nd, Gavin Wasanthadewa – Norther Goju Karate 3rd. Point Sparring 10-11 Years (5th Kyu – Black Belt) saw Ellie Richmond 1st, Erik Szoke 2nd and Dev Anenthan 3rd, all from M.A.C.E.

Our female events are slowly increasing in numbers and on the day it was exciting to see some new faces competing in both female teen and adult divisions. One event that stood out on the day was the Female Point Sparring 14-15 years (5th Kyu to Blackbelt).

In the round with Jessica Collins versing Victoria Liew, Jessica took a small lead to begin. A fast-paced match with each opponent completely focused. In the final couple of seconds Victoria scored to level the match, leading to a sudden death point. The first 10 seconds saw some back and forth as each competitor assessed each other. Then Victoria lead with a front kick with Jess stepping to the side avoiding the kick and countering quickly with a reverse punch targeted at the head scoring the point and taking the win. The final results saw Jessica Collins – M.A.C.E 1st, Victoria Liew – Winged Dragon M/A 2nd and Vallen Hall – Shiryodo Karate 3rd.

Thanks again to everyone that plays a role in making our NAS tournaments a success in Victoria. A special mention to Soke Tony Ball for providing First Aid on the day, Sandra Schmid for overseeing all table officials, our referees and judges, every competitor and their families, all head instructors and school owners for continuing to bring your students to compete.

Vincent Busuttil.

State Director.






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