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The day started well, even with new regulations in place to make sure all Covid protocols were met.

Once all competitors had arrived our NAS president and CEO Mr James Casey opened the tournament welcoming all our competitors and thanking all referees, officials, volunteers, parents for their ongoing support and commitment to the NAS.

There did not seem to be many cobwebs once the action commenced with competitors quickly getting into the swing of things. With regular faces from long time NAS supporting schools to fresh faces from new schools, competition was tough but fair.

Synchronised Team Forms saw 1st place taken out by Team Zoe Delia - Northern Goju Karate while the adults 1st place was Team Jill Cole – Funakoshi, 2nd Team Heares - FX Fitness and 3rd Team Lai – Karyukai. Traditional Weaponry 0-12 Years saw Zhey Perry-Pivac – UMA, take 1st place, while 13-17 years division Tyson Hoban – KoKoro Kai, take 1st place. Our senior division saw David Christ – Karyukai take 1st place, Aaron Vidakovic – Kiyoshin Karate in 2nd and Troy Hoban - KoKoro Kai in 3rd. Creative Weaponry Extreme Senior Division saw Eli Rose – Beyond Martial Arts finish in 1st place.

Other stand out matches of the day.

Our junior divisions were once again pack full of competitors and talent. Starting with our Pee Wee 7 years and under. The future of martial artists excited, eager, and full of energy and a great reminder of what sometimes as we get older, we can forget!

The Pee Wee forms saw Ruairi James – Sendai Karate 1st, Ethan Arifoski – Winged Dragon M/A 2nd and William Li – IGK 3rd. In their Point Sparring event once again Ruairi James – Sendai was the one to beat finishing 1st once again, 2nd was Noah Ismail – M.A.C.E and 3rd Miguel Almonicar – M.A.C.E.

The junior Point Sparring events contained plenty of action from good old block and reverse punch point scoring to spinning kicks and head kicks. With too many to mention a few of the event’s results follow.

A clean sweep for M.A.C.E in the Point Sparring 8-9 Years (10th- 6th Kyu) – Binuk Wimalaratna – M.A.C.E 1st, Nate Anderson – M.A.C.E 2nd, – Summer Matruglio – M.A.C.E 3rd. Point Sparring 10-11 Years (10th – 6th Kyu) Blake Bickley – Bendigo Kenpo Karate 1st, Ava Bonner – Funakoshi 2nd, Charissa Perera 3rd. Female Point Sparring 12-13 Years (5th Kyu – Black Belt), Abby Mueller – M.A.C.E 1st, Mia Lazzara – Northern Goju Karate 2nd, Alannah Tantiongco – M.A.C.E 3rd.

The Male Continuous 15-17 Year Open was full of excitement as big brother Dante Novembre versed little brother Giuliano Novembre for the right to fight for either 1st place, or 3rd place. The round started with intensity as both fighters went hard at each other. However, keeping the contest fair, there was only one warning through the round. Both brothers traded blows but as the round ended Giuliano pulled out a spinning head kick and clenched the win. The final round saw Kim Pinram and Giuliano face off in another tense battle trading combinations with two differing fighting styles. The results saw Giuliano November – Pro Active 1st, Kim Pinram Sendai Karate 2nd and Dante Novembre – Pro Active 3rd.

The adults’ divisions were also highly completive and entertaining with some of our black belt divisions certainly standing out. Both the female and male Black Belt open Forms were incredibly close with only hundredths between 1st and 3rd place. For female forms Natsuko Kingish – Karyukai placed 1st, Voephong Roczniak – GKR 2nd and Tayla Harley – The Winged Dragon M/A 3rd. In the male division Simon Pedelty – Li-Kris-Han Kung Fu placed 1st, Troy Hoban – KoKoro Kai 2nd and Aaron Vidakovic – Kiyoshin Karate 3rd. In the Veterans forms Simon Pedelty – LI-Kris-Han Kung Fu once again placed 1st, while Jillian Cole – Funakoshi 2nd and Peter Conroy – Funakoshi 3rd.

Once again, we thank everyone that plays a role in making our NAS tournaments a success in Victoria.

Many thanks to Mrs Virginia Casey, Owner NAS for assisting with administration and with the assistance of Sandra Schmid overseeing all table officials throughout the day competition.

A special mention to Darren Ball for continually providing First Aid, our referees and judges, every competitor and their families, all head instructors and school owners for continuing to bring your students to compete. Thank you all for your support to NAS Victoria!



Mr. Vincent Busuttil.

Victoria NAS State Director.


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Download Victoria Round1


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