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Morning before bow-in saw;

The day begin 8am sharp, with the Male black belt divisions being our first division of the morning with some real standouts.  Male black belt forms Mathew Densmore (RMMA Shotokan) won the scores from all judges with a fine form/kata to take 1st place, 2nd place going to Rajeev Ranjit (Goshukan Karate), 3rd place Mikey Fleming (Bonsai Karate), in 4th place Blake Brown (Shaolin Kung Fu Guan).  Male black belt point sparring final was a heated affair with Brett O’Driscoll (Success Martial Arts) coming up against Tony Taylor (RMMA Shotokan).  Both fighters exchanged good combinations during the bout scoring points from the judges, midway through the match Brett used his reach to his advantage outscoring Tony to take 1st place, 3rd place Lucas Radonova (FSKF) and 4th place went to Liam Brogan (Legacy MAA Taekwondo)

Veteran’s division was another early morning division with big numbers of competitors. Taking out forms division was Sakku Sunakawa (Goshukan Karate), 2nd place going to Tony Taylor (RMAA Shotokan), 3rd place Pamella Jammink (Bonsai Karate), 4th Michelle Brogan (Legacy MAA Taekwondo).  Finals female point sparring saw Pamela Jimmink in 1st place with 2nd place going to Michelle Brogan.  The men’s final had Brett Odriscoll (Success Martial Arts) proved too strong on the day taking out 1st place, 2nd place Tony Taylor (RMAA Shotokan) and 3rd place Sakku Sunakawa.

More highlights of the State championship!

At the morning bow in, little ones lined-up awaiting the opportunity to present the Officials, Table Officials and staff in front of them a medal of thanks. Virginia and I along with these young children sincerely thank you all for the support throughout the year to the NAS.

Also, a sincere thanks the martial art schools throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales for on-going support to the NAS competition.  Mums & dads for bringing their children to every event and giving their support, you’ve all made 2023 QLD NAS an awesome all styles tournament event.

The event continued with Demonstration divisions, where spectators were treated to some excellent performances from various styles.

Junior synchronized team forms were an RMAA Shotokan trifecta within 1st place team Jai Anderson, 2nd going to Team Georgina Knijff with team Tharukeshan Satheeswaran taking home 3rd place.  Creative Weaponry Extreme Senior: saw 1st place go to Blake Brown (Shaolin Kung Fu Guan) with Liam Brogan (Legacy MAA Taekwondo) in 2nd place. Traditional Chinese Weaponry Junior, saw Legacy MAA Taekwondo take home all three places in this order 1st place Haley Berridge, 2nd place Zaid Seker, 3rd place Arielle Easlea.  Traditional Chinese Weaponry Senior, 1st place Blake Brown (Shaolin Kung Fu Guan) In 2nd place Jennifer Le (Shaolin Kung Fu Guan),3rd place going to Jared Brogan (Legacy MAA Taekwondo),

Traditional Japanese/Okinawan Weaponry Junior, saw RMAA Shotokan students take home all three places in this order 1st place Harriet Knijff in 2nd place Oliver Lowry and in 3rd place Jai Anderson.  Traditional Japanese/Okinawan Weaponry Senior, 1st place Dean Pratt (Seito Kai Laido) In 2nd place Rachel Viegas (RMAA Shotokan),3rd place going to Mathew Densmore (RMAA Shotokan),

Finals 7 years & under divisions where hotly contested for with parents, coaches on their toes throughout the match, taking out 1st place in the forms was Jacelle Williams (RMAA Shotokan), 2nd place going Aphrael Hong (International Wushu Academy), 3rd place Shanthosh Satheeswaran (RMAA Shotokan) 4th place Jones Sanjo (International Wushu Academy). Point Sparring Final saw a determined Shanthosh Satheeswaran give it his all to take out 1st place against teammate Jacelle Williams, 3rd place going to Jocelyn Harding (Bonsai Karate).

Finals Forms 10 to 11yrs 5th Kyu to Blackbelt saw Haolong Li (International Wushu Academy) take 1st place, 2nd place going to Giselle Tay (International Wushu Academy) 3rd place saw Georgina Knijff (RMAA Shotokan) 4th place to Hudson Brown (Legacy MAA Taekwondo). Finals Point Sparring 10 to 11 years 5th Kyu – Black belt division, Brock Bayless (Bubishi Martial Arts) came up against Georgina Knijff (RMAA Shotokan,), Brock just too quick on the day outscoring Georgina to take the match and 1st place, 3rd place going to Piper Mason (Bonsai Karate) with Hudson Brown in 4th place.Female black belt division’s saw Rachel Viegas (RMAA Shotokan) takes out the forms competition, 2nd place going to Katherine Griffiths (SKIA), 3rd place Jennifer Le (Shaolin Kung Fu Guan), 4th place Monica deVerteuil (Bonsai Karate). Final Point Sparring was a fiery affair with all girls out to take State titles status, Rachel Viegas proved too strong on the day outscoring her opponent Michelle Karaman (KenshinKan Karate) to take 1st place, 3rd place going to Katherine Griffiths and in 4th places Monica deVerteuil

Finals Male Advanced Continuous Sparring saw Mikey Fleming (Bonsai Karate) do battle for State title honours against Lucas Radonova (FSKFA), both men worked the ring well and were cautioned by the referee to control their contact, midway through the match Mikey used the ring to his advantage outscoring his opponent and taking the match, 3rd place going to Chris Ridgway (Bonsai Karate) 

Once again, we thank you for your support throughout 2023 and we sincerely wish you all a very safe Christmas … look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Virginia and I send our sincerest best wishes to the Queensland State team … (GO QUEENSLAND)

On a final note…martial arts begin and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!  

Yours in martial arts…OSU!


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