ACT Canberra State Title
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Event Report

We are incredibly grateful and humbled to have such an overwhelming show of support.

Thank you to the competitors who gave their all on the day. To the officials, table and door staff, coaches and mums and dads for your continued support! A special thank you to all the black belt competitors who helped by competing and officiating on the day – your support made a huge difference to how effectively and quickly we could progress through the day’s competition. This is the perfect example of what true martial arts spirit is all about!

We look forward to making 2024 the biggest year in the ACT National All Styles tournament yet!

And finally, if you have not already, please like the ACT NAS Facebook page, where you can get regular updates on upcoming events and see photos from previous tournaments. We look forward to seeing you all again at the AIS in 2024!

Yours in martial arts. 
Mr Glen Gibbons, A.C.T NAS Director.


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