Code of Conduct

1. NAS & WASO code of Behaviour

Everyone deserves a 'fair go':

We as Australians are justifiably proud of the place that sport has in our daily lives. What is equally important to all of us is the way in which we the sportsmen and sportswomen, officials and spectators conduct ourselves when involved in sport and competition.

Unfortunately, some people fail to live up to the traditional values of martial arts and what they stand for. Worse still, our young martial artist can be influenced and have the rest of their sporting careers coloured by negative experiences.

The codes of behaviour that follow identify a series of key principles on which adult and young competitors, parents, coaches, administrators, officials and spectators should base their sporting involvement. When adopted, the codes of behaviour will ensure that all of our martial artists will develop good sporting behaviours and have an enjoyable experience in our sport. This will encourage them to remain actively involved in martial arts throughout their lives and learn to always show courtesy and respect to each other.

2. NAS & WASO code of behaviour for parents & spectators


The purpose of this code of conduct is to provide participants, family members, martial art schools with some simple rules concerning the standards of behaviour that are expected.

Parents: give us a 'fair go'.

• Parents please remember that children participate in martial art competition, for their enjoyment. Encourage this!

• Parents encourage your child/ren to participate in sport and competition, also encourage them to have fun

• Focus on the child's efforts and performance rather than on winning or losing in competition

• Encourage your child to always compete according to the rules of the NAS & WASO and settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.

• Parents try not to ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing in a competition. Encourage them to try again, winning or losing

• Remember that children learn best from the examples we set as parents.

• Respect all official decisions and teach your children to do the same. Show appreciation for the efforts of volunteers, coaches and administrators: remember that without them you or your child/ren could not participate in these events.

• Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every person regardless of their martial art background, gender, culture or religion.

• At all times parents must learn to control their temper, unsportsmanlike language. Verbal abuse of staff, officials, insulting other competitors or deliberately distracting or provoking officials are not acceptable or permitted at the National All Styles or World All Styles Tournaments.

• Any parent found guilty of abusing or insulting any official or competitor, will be warned and may be asked to leave the event/venue

3. NAS & WASO code of behaviour for competitors

Competitors: give each other a 'fair go'.

• Respect and abide by the NAS & WASO tournament rules and all officials decisions in competition.

• Never argue with any official or administrators of NAS & WASO.

• During competition if there is a disagreement competitor must have their coach or Instructor approach the officials directly after the competition.

• All competitors must learn to control their temper. Verbal abuse of an official and insulting other competitors, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviour in the NAS & WASO tournaments.

• Be a good sport. Applaud all competitors, wether they win or lose, as this is the true meaning of martial arts and sportsmanship.

• Treat all competitor, coaches and officials as you would like to be treated. Remember true martial arts begin and end with courtesy.

• Participate in tournaments for the competition and enjoyment, encourage others to do the same.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all competitors regardless of their gender, ability, martial art and cultural back-ground or religion

• Any competitor found guilty of abusing the NAS & WASO code of behaviour can be reprimanded, warned or denied entry into any further NAS & WASO tournaments.

4. NAS & WASO code of behaviour for Instructors & Coaches

You are accountable.

• Clubs which do not exercise control over their players, parents/ careers of players, coaches, officials or spectators maybe called upon by the NAS/ WASO referees board to accept responsibility for their actions and the following penalties may apply. Warning, suspension or expulsion from NAS

• Instructors & coaches, remember that a competitor whether young or old participates in competition for their enjoyment and winning is only part of that fun.

• Never ridicule or yell at your team members for making a mistake or not coming first. Whether they win or lose all should be congratulated for trying.

• Operate within the rules of NAS & WASO and the spirit of your sport, teach your students to do the same

• Insure that all safety equipment meet the safety requirements of NAS/WASO competition.

• Show concern and caution towards sick and injured competitors. Follow the advice of a physician/ St Johns or Medical persons when determining whether an injured competitor should or should not compete any further.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of gender, ability, martial art and or cultural back-ground or religion

• Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with the sport. This includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and spectators. Encourage all competitors to do the same

• Any instructor or coach found guilty of abusing the NAS & WASO code of behaviour will be warned and can have his/ her student disqualified from match being participated in and then can be denied entry into any further NAS & WASO tournaments

5. NAS & WASO code of behaviour for Officials

• At all times officials will respect the rules and regulations set out by the NAS & WASO tournament organizers.

• Give all competitors a "fair go" regardless of their gender, ability, martial art and cultural back-ground or religion/

• Remember you set an example. Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive

• At all times all officials of NAS & WASO will be totally non-biased in their rulings and decisions during competition.

• Emphasise the spirit of the competition rather then the errors

• Respect the rights of all coaches, instructors and competitors wishing to lodge a protest after competition.

• All protests will be bought forward to the National Technical and marshal or State Director. All protests will be heard amicably, fairly and non-biased.

• At all times all referees, judges and officials regardless of their martial art back-ground will always show courtesy and respect to the competitors, coaches, parents and each other, on and off the competition arena.

Important! Every person who attends a NAS event does so with the permission and license of the NAS and State Director. Breaches of this code of conduct may result in penalties up to and including warning, suspension or expulsion from any NAS event.