Tournament Reports

State Titles Victoria - 8th October 2017

Published on 12 December 2017

The NAS is still stronger then ever after 29 years

National all styles remain one of the biggest tournament circuits in Australia with NAS circuits in most States of Australia. The vast numbers of different martial arts organisations competing in the NAS is growing dramatically. Karate, Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do, Freestyle, Kickboxing, Silat, Hapkido and Tae Chi are just a few of the different organisations that enjoy the NAS tournament circuit.


Competitors from all over Victoria where fired-up to do battle at the 2017 State championships being held at Darebin YMCA hoping to qualify and represent their State Victoria at the up-coming National championships being held in Sydney on the 2nd & 3rd December at Genia Netball Centre, Sydney - Olympic Park.



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State Titles New South Wales - 15th October 2017

Published on 26 November 2017


Congratulations to all competitors & our new 2017 STATE CHAMPIONS !!



The chance of becoming a NAS NSW State Champion plus the pride of representing our state at the 2017 National Championships was within reach. The culmination of a year of hard training was about to be tested! In four preliminary rounds this year, NAS New South Wales has grown bigger, better and stronger with each event, stamping our mark as the martials arts tournament in this state. Strong club support, extremely talented and enthusiastic competitors plus dedicated officials, all ensuring we will move strongly forward into the future. This year we have the added honour of hosting the NAS National Championships on ‘home soil’ in December. 

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Rd 4 Queensland - 10th September 2017

Published on 17 October 2017



 Excellent turn out for round four!

The day got off to a great start, competitors arriving from all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 8.30am all competitors lined up for the official bow in. There where around 22 different martial art schools attending this round anticipating a great day of competition.

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Rd3 Victoria - 27 August 2017

Published on 26 September 2017


Freezing cold weather and thunder storms didn’t dampen the spirits of all attending!


Fantastic day had by all!

Big number of competitors turned up at Darebin YMCA for a fantastic day of competition with State titles just around the corner, competitors where out to qualify for invitation to the 2017 NAS State championships 

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Rd 4 New South Wales - 20th August 2017

Published on 18 September 2017


Great Action, Great Spirit!!

National All Styles Tournaments attracts the very best martial artists, of all ages, from all around the state to put their skills to the test in a safe, friendly and exciting atmosphere!

The NAS NSW Round 4 Tournament on August 20th at the Genea Netball Central Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park saw practitioners from over 40 different clubs pull out all stops for the last opportunity to qualify for the prestigious State and National Championships. Loud and enthusiastic cheering from proud Mums, Dads and club supporters provided the back-drop for a thrilling day of competition. 

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Rd 3 Queensland - 16th July 2017

Published on 06 September 2017


Fantastic day of sportsmanship shared by all!


NAS Queensland region saw a great response from both near and far with many new styles enjoying the concept of NAS competition for the first time, held at the Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium … Special mention must go to all those Instructors/competitors and families who made the long journey from Lismore, Brisbane and Gympie, Ipswich and North Coast for a great day’s competition, great to see martial artists so keen.

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