Rd3 Victoria - 24th June 2018



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1. Were YOU there?

Wow, with over 200 competitors entered into round 3, NAS Victoria was in for a fantastic but tiring day.

Registration began in earnest for all the competitors who were eager to get into the stadium out of the chilly morning weather. Excited faces on the many new competitors in the junior divisions gave an idea that this was going to be a big day for both them and their family members who had come to support them.

A visit from the President / CEO of NAS; Mr Jim Casey and his lovely wife Virginia who both came down from the Gold Coast to attend Round 3, also added a special feel to the already building excitement.

Mr Jim Casey welcomed everyone to Round 3 and especially welcomed the over 80 new competitors who have taken up the opportunity to compete in Australia’s biggest tournament scene. After thanking the officials and helpers who graciously give of their time to ensure a terrific day is held for all competitors, everyone was bowed in and the competition began.

With so many new juniors, we could always expect some teething problems for the parents who are watching their youngsters compete for the first time, in that the concerns of being hurt in sparring might be something upsetting, but with the expertise of the Referees on each of the rings, these anxieties were allayed and every junior had a fantastic round.

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Spectacular control and focus of technique gave the winners of every round of point and continuous sparring a well-earned win or place that will help them to move forward into the State finals coming up in September. Winners of the Continuous 7 – 9 years male and female saw Eva Novembre (Pro-Active Team Freestyle) in 1st place with Christian DeFelice (Proactive Team Freestyle) 2nd and closely behind them, Archer Doolan (Northern Goju Karate) in 3rd who is letting them know he is there and looking forward to the up and coming finals. The Male Continuous Advanced division (5th Kyu to Blackbelt ) was a terrific round that produced a win for Kemal Kemalogullary (Pro-Active Team Freestyle) with Nigel Yarranton (Winged Dragon Martial Arts) in 2nd and Anthony Baseley ( Jik Cheung Kungfu) at 3rd place. A special mention must be given to two young ladies who stepped up to assist with a round of sparring for two competitors who found themselves in a division on their own. Charlotte Yarranton of Winged Dragon Martial Arts and Grace Braines of SanshoKan in Albury/Wodonga both graciously assisted to allow these competitors to gain their points on the journey to Nationals in December. Charlotte and Grace, we thank you for your sportsmanship and lovely manner that both of you portrayed. You are both great ambassadors for your Clubs.

In the Point Sparring, there were a few divisions that were hotly contested both in numbers and in technique. Among them was the 12 – 13yrs 5th Kyu to Black belt Males taken out by Kye Oag from Border Karate in 1st and hotly on his tail was Tanui Gunatilake from M.A.C.E Academy in 2nd with his team mate Justin Robertson in 3rd place. The male /female 10 – 11 yrs 5th Kyu – Blackbelt, another division with many competitors saw newcomers from the M.A.C.E. Academy take out 1st for Kaleb Bell, 2nd Charlotte Anderson and 3rd Brandon Budeski.

Focus was the order of the day in the Forms divisions and the many different Forms portrayed in the rings gave the spectators quite the show of style and showmanship. In particular the junior forms were well represented in numbers and in the Pee Wee 7yrs and under, Alexia Duff (Northern Goju Karate) gained 1st place with Manisha Vandal (Lionheart MMA Goju Ryu) 2nd and Lenny Lukasz (Ishin Ryu Karate) in 3rd. Our Veterans are always an exciting division to watch and this round did not let us down. 1st place went to Simon Pedelty (Li Kris Han Kungfu) who delivered a mesmerising KungFu form. 2nd place Nick Spanu (GKR) and 3rd Aniko Besley (GKR).

With the State finals around the corner and the Nationals coming in December, NAS Victoria is revving up to be a true force to be reckoned with.


2. pic43Grace Braines: SanshoKan Albury / Wodonga.

Today we profile a lovely young lady from the Border town of Wodonga in Victoria’s Far North East. Grace Braines has spent the last 4 years training at the SanShoKan Karate School in the Albury Wodonga area. She currently holds the rank of Junior Probationary 2nd Dan which she has achieved through the diligence of training hard three days per week every week. Grace began her training after she suffered a frightening experience from a stranger that played on her confidence to catch her school bus to and from school. Her mother decided that perhaps she should try Karate to learn some self-defence and after her first lesson, Grace was hooked and is now assisting in the classes alongside her instructors. Her goal now is to become an Instructor but she pointed out that she needs to be over 16 years to be able to do this.

Grace loves making new friends both at her club and in the tournaments as well as spending the time training with her club mates.

This was Graces second tournament in NAS and she loved how it was so friendly but she found it difficult to keep an eye on her divisions when they were in different rings, a problem she also said was something she would get used to.

Grace has found her training gives her a greater ability to focus on her school work and thinks all kids should take up the challenge of getting a Black Belt.

Thank you Grace and good luck for the future.

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