Rd2 Victoria - 29th April 2018


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1. Enthusiasm and determination is what our competitors brought to NAS VIC Round 2

If the chill of the morning air was an indication of the day ahead, it certainly wasn’t going to interfere with the enthusiasm of the early rising competitors, Officials and spectators of NAS Victoria Round 2.

Registration began on time at 7.30am and flowed smoothly for all to be able to settle into a great day’s events at the Darebin Community Sports Centre. 125 competitors and their support teams filed into the centre and took up their places in the seating area to await their individual events.

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Let the day begin!

With the Veteran Black belt Forms held, the competitors gathered together on the mats for a warm welcome from the Victorian Director Mr Vincent Busuttil who thanked all the officials and competitors for coming. A welcome was given to Mr Ian (Aussie) Pape for travelling down from Queensland for the day to assist with the officiating and then Round 2 was off and running.

Results from the competition were coming in thick and fast as everyone put themselves on the line to gain points. With the State Finals and Nationals in mind for the end of the year and all wishing to be able to compete in the Nationals we saw some tremendous sportsmanship and talent emerge from the different age groups. From the littlest to the oldest, the enthusiasm and excitement was very obvious to those who had come to watch and support their martial artists.

Some of the hottest competition came from the 12 – 14 years Open Continuous Male division. With 16 competitors, the excitement of seeing these young warriors winning points with roundhouse kicks, straight front punches and sheer bravery, turned into loud cheers as the winners were announced. Those being the up and coming superstars; Archie Gaffney (Junseikan) 1st, Kye Oag (Border Karate) 2nd and Justin Glennen (Funakoshi) 3rd. The girls also gave their all in the 12 – 14 years Open Continuous Female division with Lily Johns – Hayden (Bendigo Kenpo Karate) 1st, Makenze Thackray 2nd and Hannah Edwards a close 3rd. These are definitely divisions to watch out for as these youngsters grow into the adult divisions.

With many little competitors stepping into the ring full of bravado and great showmanship, it was obvious that the rounds of the Pee Wee, Forms and Sparring were going to be exciting. Beautiful technique and focus shown in the Pee Wee forms saw Peter Thermos (Winged Dragon Martial Arts) take the 1st place, Alexia Duff (Northern Goju Karate) 2nd and Osman Esenyel (GKR) taking the 3rd place. But it was in the Pee Wee Continuous sparring that true spirit and courage from such young warriors came to the fore. 1st Peter Thermos, 2nd Osman Esenyel and 3rd Tyler Kampf. These little warriors are learning the art of competition in a true fair and fun manner that gives credit to their teachers and support team.

Of course a tournament would not be the same if it didn’t have the excitement of the Black Belt divisions. Hot contest throughout all these divisions was high on the agenda and we saw many rounds with exciting technical expertise. The 15 – 17 years Open Male Continuous saw some warnings given for control and safety as the competitors are eager to gain a win and progress towards the Nationals. With high flying roundhouse kicks and fast punches we saw 1st go to Frankie Ferraro (Lion Bushido), 2nd Christopher Milligan and 3rd Nicholas Edwards.

NAS Victoria congratulates all the competitors of Round 2 and look forward to seeing many more stepping into the ring in Round 3 in June at the Darebin Community Sports Centre.


2. VICTORIAN - National All Styles - Referees Board

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Profile of Cynthia Weggelaar   Official.  pic30

Today we profile an Official of the NAS. Cynthia Weggelaar comes from the style of Shiryodo Karate which is in the lovely town of Grovedale out of Geelong. Cynthia trains at the Torquay Rd Grovedale Dojo on three nights per week with the occasional Friday night as well. Cynthia has been training for 11 years and found out about the NAS through her head teacher Mr Malcolm Ayles.

Cynthia enjoys coming to the NAS as she enjoys the competitiveness of all the styles that enter the competition. She also finds that there is a very friendly atmosphere that has no political bias and the competitors get to use many skills, the added non biased attitude of all the Officials makes the NAS a great day.

Cynthia has future goals in her passion for the martial arts, to improve her journey on the path, to support the NAS anyway she can and to also compete in some future competitions when she is able.

Thankyou Cynthia.

Become a NAS Official or Table Official

The NAS prides itself as among one of the most professional tournament circuits in the Southern hemisphere with over 4000 competitors competing throughout Australia each year. The NAS Australian Referees Board sets one of the highest standards of officiating & accreditation criteria within this country and abroad, adheres to strict guidelines regarding rules & regulations. The NAS code of conduct is to provide all participants with some simple rules concerning the standard of behavior within the NAS competition.

We invite you to become an NAS Official Instructors, black belts & veteran competitors are welcome to join the NAS referees board and gain State, National and International recognition as an NAS Official

  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time. These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct.
  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition. Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals
  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating.
  • Join our team of highly qualified martial art instructors/ NAS Officials

Incentives joining NAS ARB:

a/ The NAS sets one of the highest standards of officiating in this country.

b/ Officials level of accreditation range from Level 1 through to Level 4 & National trainer

c/ Your school will gain first-hand knowledge on rules & regulations of the NAS competition

d/ Officials accreditation, certification and tie are free of charge

e/ Family members free spectator entry into NAS competition

f/ Free lunch provided for Officials/ Table officials only

g/ Your style/ club promoted in the Blitz magazine, Official of the month for recognition within the Australian Referees Board (ARB)

Note! State Director will choose a different Official each tournament

No joining fee - for membership or accreditations into the NAS-ARB

Call me regarding joining the NAS ARB and becoming an NAS Official/ Table official….. Mr. Vincent Busuttil 0412 366 324

NAS Officials Oath

We, the NAS Judges, will strive to always uphold the highest standard of integrity, honesty andindependence in all matters connected to the NAS tournaments. Amongst other things we shall conscientiously study the NAS rules in order to fully understand and correctly interpret them in the most professional manner.At all times when officiating for the NAS, we will be independent, impartial, objective and fare; on and off the playing field.


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