State Title Victoria - 4th October 2015

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VIC State titles: After 29 years the NAS is still as strong as ever!

1. After another exciting year of martial art competition:

We would like to take this time to thank all attending martial art schools for your support to the NAS this year, also the fine sportsmanship shown on and off the sporting arena. Would also like to extend a special thank to all members of the Victorian NAS Board who continue to do an outstanding job throughout the year. Without these referees, judges, table officials and helpers, our tournament could simply not go ahead!

Special thanks to the following; Victorian Technical Director Mr Malcolm Ayles, Assistant Technical Director Mr Wayne Newton, National trainer Mr Aussie (Ian) Pape for there assistance this year also to the referees and judges, Mr Lucky Pandelidis, Mr Gregg Parker, Mr Christian Hughes, Miss Cynthia Weggelaar, Mr Damien Wilson, Mr Simon Pedelty, Mr Peter Smith, Mr Jean Vega, Mr Shamus Hosking, Mr Wayne Horrobin, Senior table official Sandra Schmid, staff & helper we truly thank each and everyone of you...all attending officials, staff and helpers were awarded medals by attending children for their contribution and support to the NAS this year  ... Officials, spectators and competitors applauded in appreciation     


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2. Competitors from all over Victoria:

Fired-up to do battle at the 2015 State championships being held at the Darebin YMCA Sports Centre all hoping to qualify and represent their State Victoria at the up-coming National championships being held on the Gold Coast 5th & 6th December at the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium,

Demonstrations got off to a great start and the spectators where treated to some excellent performances from various styles. Junior synchronised team forms was taken out by team Winged Dragon M/A. The senior male team division was won by Team Freestyle Pro Active. Extreme Creative Weaponry 0-12yrs, 1st place going to Frank DeCata – Team Pro Active, 2nd place to Kiara Gerada – Team Pro Active, 3rd place Jason Anastasi – Shindo Karate Shotokan. Extreme Creative Weaponry 13-17yrs , taking out 1st place Antonio DeCata – Team Pro Active, 2nd place Samuel Newton – Winged Dragon M/A. Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, Taking out 1st place Jason Anastasi – Shindo Karate Shotokan, 2nd place Connor Hall – Ten Shi Do Shito Ryu, 3rd place Seth Leach – Boarder Karate. Traditional Weaponry 13-17yrs taking 1st place Martin Allwood – Border Karate, 2nd place Brandon Townshend – Loong Fu Pai, 3rd place Connor Gibbett-Twomey – JIK Cheung Kung Fu. Traditional Weaponry Senior, 1st place went to Ms Vera LoPresti – Team Pro Active, 2nd place Mohamed Desouky – Jeet Kune Do, 3rd place Peter Gelsi – Cop Gen Do

Pee Wee’s 7 years and under point sparring finals saw some fiery encounters from some up and coming champions of the future. Connor Hall – Ten Shi Do Shito Ryu proved to strong on the day to take out first place, 2nd place going to Elisha Murphy – Loong Fu Pai, 3rd place Cole Rankin – Winged Dragon M/A

10 – 11 years (10th to 6th Kyu) point sparring saw some excellent bouts leading up to the finals; taking out 1st place Nina Bron – Team Pro Active who came up against Blake Sykes – Wado Ryu, both showing off their individual styles with gusto however in the end Nina was just to quick taking the winning point Blake 2nd place, 3rd place going to Kaycee Robinson – Tanti's M/A

14 to 15 years (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) was another hotly contested event, Forms division taking out 1st place Emily Kro - Shindo Karate Shotokan, 2nd place Frankie Ferraro- Lion Bushido, 3rd place Martin Allwood – Border Karate. Point sparring divisions – female ; saw Luna Lethbridge – Sendai Karate take home 1st place and place going to Emily Kro, 3rd place Kendra Schmid - Shiryodo Karate. Males division taking 1st place Liam Antonelli - Tanti's Martial Arts, 2nd place Frankie Ferraro - Lion Bushido, took out 3rd place Zane Keenan – Shin Bu Kai

Veteran’s divisions is attracting good numbers of male and female competitors who can still give the younger ones a go for their money…awesome spirit and determination. Forms were taken out by Nick Spanu - Go Kan Ryu, 2nd place Jillian Cole - Funakoshi Karate, 3rd place Say Khor – GKR. Female point sparring division saw take 1st place Jennifer Sievers, 2nd place Jillian Cole. Men’s final saw Nick Spanu take 1st place, 2nd place Stan Dawidowski – Winged Chun K/F, 3rd place Doug Prentice - Shotokai

 Final events of the day saw good number of spectators/ competitors stay back to watch the men’s black belt divisions, they were not disappointed, it had everything, awesome forms/kata performances and fiery encounters in both the point and continuous finals. Forms was taken out by Luke Campbell – Loong Fu Pai with a polished performance, 2nd place went to Pece Naumovski – GKR and in 3rd place was Jean Vega – Sendai Karate. Point sparring saw Eduardo Novembre – Team Pro Active, prove too strong this year taking out 1st place, 2nd place going to Pece Naumovski, 3rd place Phillip Leach – Border Karate

Male black belt forms and point sparring finals was a thriller with spectators jammed-packed around the ring to see who would take out this State title. Taking out forms competition with a polished performance Ardel Moore-Wushu 2nd place Luke Campbell-Loong Fu Pai, 3rd place Shane Coggins-Loong Fu Pai. Finals of point sparring was a real crowed pleasure with lighting fast techniques, spinning kicks including warnings to competitors for excessive contact, taking out Luke Campbell 2nd place team mate Shane Coggins & 3rd place Jean Vega-Sendai Karate. Another standout bout was in the veterans division where Salvy Russo-Unsu Kai Karate gave a gutsy effort to take out 1st place and State title for 2013, runner up Reece Dunne-XFC Bayswater

Continuous Male Advanced Sparring; was the final event of the day with big numbers of competitors out to claim State Champion title; round by round they were eliminated with some fiery encounters and disqualifications. Finals saw a strong determined effort from Jean Vega to take out 1st place, 2nd place going to Anthony Baseley – JIK Cheung K/F, 3rd place Eduardo Novembre

We wish to extend a special thanks to Mr. Darren Ball and his team of first aiders for an outstanding job this year looking after everyone on and off the mats. To Mr. David Palfreeman who took photos throughout this year, posting them for all to see … many thanks David!

We are looking forward to seeing the Victorian State team at this year’s NAS Nationals …. GO VICTORIA!!!

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts

We look forward to seeing everyone 2016 for a bigger and better NAS… take care and all the best to you and your families…have a very safe and happy Christmas…dates for 2016will be posted on the website late December

Yours in martial arts always Mr. James Casey on 0402 695 717

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