Rd1 Victoria - 3rd May 2015


Looking forward to a great year of sportsmanship, goodwill and friendship!


Congratulations to all Victorian competitors who competed at the first WASO/NAS Arnold Classic Spectacular, held in Melbourne on 13th March. This was a historic event. It’s the first time in Australia, and probably in the world, that all of the peak martial art bodies and organisations have come together under the one roof for the one weekend to bring their competition to the masses! All we can say “what a spectacular weekend of competition” We must personally congratulate and thank all our Officials, staff and helpers for making the weekend such a great success …Thank you! I would also like to thank and congratulate all the other martial art codes/promoters that attended the Arnold Classic for their friendship, sportsmanship and good will they shared with everyone. Looking forward to next year’s Arnold classic


The NAS 2015 is back in full swing for a fantastic year of competition. 

We have moved to a new venue with great atmosphere! NAS Victoria now holds all events at Darebin YMCA Community Sports Centre: 857 Plenty Road, Reservoir VIC, please check NAS website or face book for 2015 dates

At the official bow in Mr. James Casey, President NAS welcomed all attending competitors, Officials, parents and reminded all the NAS competition is based on goodwill, sportsmanship and respect for each other.

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Highlights of the days comp!

The morning began with some excellent performances from junior demonstrations/ weaponry divisions;Demo Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs taken out by Penrose Declour-Border Karate, runner-up Chaz Surae-Ultimate M/A Academy, 3rd place Emily Pavic Ultimate M/A. Demo: Extreme Creative Weaponry saw good numbers of competitors, Team F/S Pro active took the double, 1st & 2nd with excellent performances.
Pee wee’s forms & point sparring divisions was one of the biggest divisions of the day with some excellent standouts. Pre-lim bouts saw some excellent performances in the forms/kata with good ring craft, balance speed and agility. Forms division saw Alex Kuloski-Original Okinawa Karate take out 1st place, 2nd place Tia Phu-Shoto Karate Australia, 3rd place Evie Watson-Winged Dragon M/A. Point sparring final was a beauty Alex Kuloski-Original Okinawa Karate came up against Andre Battista-Tantis M/A. Right from the bell both boys exploded from their corners with a flurry of kicks & punches. Halfway through the match Alex picked his shots and pulled away on points to take out the match, runner-up Andre, 3rd place Aryan Zolfaghari-Ultimate M/A
7 – 9 year continuous final was another heart stopper. Mila Manevska-Wing Chun Kung Fu came up against Jaicob Barrot-Loong Fu Pai M/A, throughout the match both competitors exchanged some excellent offensive and defensive moves to try out score each other however Mila seemed to find her shots toward the end of the bout giving her the decision from all judges, 2nd place going to Jaicob, 3rd place Giuliano Novembre-F/S Pro Active
10 to 11 years (5thkyu to Black belt) final forms saw Brandon Rankin-Winged Dragon M/A giving and excellent form to take out first place, 2nd place going to Brandon Iredale-Go Kan Ryu, 3rd place James Christakos-Winged Dragon M/A. Finals of the point sparring was another excellent bout with some fiery encounters with good control of hand and leg techniques, taking out 1st place Brandon Rankin-Winged Dragon M/A, 2nd place Alanah Shankland-Tantis M/A, 3rd place Rubino Frisno-Winged Dragon M/A
14 to 15 year male & female point sparring division saw some excellent control from all competitors. Female finals were taken out by Kendra Schmid-Shiryodo Karate, 2nd place Valma Phu-Shoto Karate Australia. Male final was an excellent match with both boys using good ring craft and scoring with quick hand & leg combinations, nearing the end of the match Liam Antonelli-Tantis M/A scored the winning points to take out 1st place, 2nd place going to Benjamin Pignataro-Bendigo Kenpo Karate, 3rd place Zane Keenan-Shin Bu Kai VIC
Veteran point sparring finals: Female division Cynthia Weggelaar-Shiryodo Karate proved too strong on the day defeating Jennifer Sievers-Go Kan Ryu. Men’s final saw Andrew Meath-Shiryodo Karate come up against Doug Prentice-Shotokai, through out the match both men took the fight to each other with strong fast hand and leg techniques, both fighters were cautioned to control their punches, nearing the end of the bout Andrew found the opening to score with a fast reverse punch to take the match 2nd place going to Doug, 3rd place Gordon Peach-Funakoshi Karate Australia
Male black belt divisions where among the highlights of the afternoon with some fine talent displayed in the forms and point sparring divisions. Finals of the forms competition was taken out by Luke Campbell-Loong Fu Pai M/A, 2nd place Pece Naumovski-Go Kan Ryu, 3rd place Jean Vega-Sendai Karate. Finals point sparring had everything, non stop action with fast and furious techniques with great control which kept the coaches and spectators on their toes. Taking out the final Pece Naumovski-Go Kan Ryu, 2nd place Jean Vega-Sendai Karate, 3rd place Jed Peach-Funakoshi Karate.
Special thanks to the Victorian NAS referees board, Officials for a great day of officiating, to Mr Darrin Ball/Team of first aiders, thank you. To Mr David Palfreeman, thank you for all the great action shot taken throughout the day 
Notice to all martial art clubs/schools: NAS has moved to a new venue: Checkout our website for dates and details of up-coming events! www.nationalallstyles.com.au Darebin YMCA Community Sports Stadium, (Great atmosphere) … look forward to seeing everyone at round 2 on Sunday 2nd of August …for a fantastic day of competition, goodwill and sportsmanship….Go Victoria!
On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!
Yours in martial arts


Jillian Cole, left of picture with fellow competitor Tayla Ireland


Style: Funakoshi Karate International Australia

How long have you trained? I started training at the beginning of 2010. Before that I was a competitive race walker with my favourite distances 21km or 42km. The reason I started was because of Sensei Peter Conroy. My kids Airlee and Tobi were already training for about a year before myself, I used to just sit and watch them train, Sensei Peter came up to me and said, “you might as well join in, you’re here anyway”, so the rest is history and I haven’t stopped since.

Where and how often do you train? I currently train 3 or 4 nights a week in Terang, Camperdown and sometimes at Hombu in Warrnambool. I also train 3 days a week in the gym and still go out walking or running as I enjoy going out in the open roads with my headphones on.

What I like about NAS. The thing I like most about NAS is that it is a very organised and friendly tournament. All the organisers and officials are approachable and friendly and all the competitors are friendly. I also love that there is so many different styles to watch which was a real eye opener for me when I first started.

Best memory in NAS. I have two favourite memories. The first one is when my son Tobi won his first ever trophy, not just in karate but in any sport, I was so proud to see him grow and develop and boost his confidence. We have had a long road with Tobi as he was born 13 weeks premature and weighed only 2lbs. My second memory would be my first year at Nationals when I won a few trophies as a novice.


Instructors Name: Sensei Vince Tanti

STYLE: Tanti’s Martial Arts

How Long You Have Trained:

I have been training in Martial Arts and kickboxing for 35 years. I started training at the age of 13 under instructor Les Anyos in the Martial Art style of Shin-Bu-Kai. During my time under Les I received my 3rd Dan Black Belt. In the early 80’s I competed in many Martial Art tournaments and a highlight of this time was becoming the ISKA Champion in point sparring.

In 1982 I decided to take my Martial art training to the next level and took up kickboxing. After several fights I became the Australian Kickboxing champion in 1984.

After a further year of training I decided to open up my own kickboxing and fitness academy in 1985. During this time some students were able to improve their fitness levels and win titles of their own.

Location of Club and Nights You Train:

The Academy is located in Hazelwood North Gippsland and is open 5 days a week. This consists of 2 nights Children’s Martial Arts Classes, 3 nights’ fitness and kickboxing classes.

How Did You Find Out about the NAS Competition?

I first found out about NAS competitions when the first Blitz Magazine came out and also my daughter who competed in many NAS tournaments from the year 2000.

What do you like about the NAS Competition? There are many things that I like about the NAS competition and the opportunities it opens for kids. It’s a tournament where kids are able to show off their style and put into competition what they have learnt through their training and trainers.

It provides an insight into the different styles of Martial Arts. It allows them to meet other kids and to create and gain new friends.

It also gives families the chance to see their children develop and progress in their Martial Arts.

Name some of your up and coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition?

Before I mention the names of some students who have performed well in NAS tournaments I would like to mention that I have always told my students that it’s not all about winning. It’s about competing to the best of their ability and showing respect and discipline towards others. To me all my students are champions. I personally believe that all my students who have competed have done particularly well no matter where they have placed as the Academy has only been operating since 2011 and we have only started entering NAS tournaments in 2013 which many of my students were able to come away with medals. In the most recent NAS tournament our club was able to come away with 13 medals which included 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. We hope to continue to support and enter into NAS tournaments in future years.

Students who progressed in the 2013 competition to become champions include:

Taylor Robinson – National Champion in continuous sparring

Liam Antonelli – State Champion Continuous sparring in open Black Belt Division

Tiara Schaeche – State Champion in point sparring

What are your future goals for your organisation?

My future goals for the organisation are to develop young kids through Martial arts in teaching them respect, discipline and to learn the values of life. It is my hope that as they become adults they can make the right decision and follow the right path. It would be a great achievement for me if I could see some of these students receive their Black Belts and be able to hopefully one day become an instructor themselves and be able to teach others what I have been able to teach them.

I also hope that the academy aims to keep kids off the street where they may get into trouble and teaches them about ‘stranger awareness’ and the different self defence techniques they can utilise.



NAME: Damian Wilson


STYLE: Zen Do Kai Karate, Rishin Kan Ju- Jitsu, BJC Muay Thai and Doces Pares Eskrima


How long have you trained? 17 Years


Where do you train?: All-Active Marital Arts in Epping and Walsh Dojo in Craigieburn


How long have you been involved with the NAS?: 1.5 years


What made you become an NAS Official?:  To support my students who were interested in competing at NAS tournaments. NAS appeared to be a professionally run organisation that I was happy to be associated with and could support.

What level are you with the NAS? Level 2


What are your future goals in the NAS? To continue to support NAS where possible, I will be doing a PhD over the next 3 years which might affect my availability. Would like to continue moving up the NAS levels  

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