Rd2 Victoria - 29th June 2014


Count down to the States & National Championships

Victoria is buzzing with excitement with the National Championships just around the corner to be held at MSAC on the 29th & 30th of November. The National All Styles is one of the biggest and most professional martial art tournament circuit in the Southern hemisphere. With tournament circuits in every capital city of Australia as well as a number of regional areas, with over 5000 competitors annually as well as the vast number of different martial art organisations competing in the NAS such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, Hapkido, Tai Chi to name just a few is a statement of the popularity and success of the NAS circuit.

Round 2: a great day was had by all

All competitors lined up for the official bow-in, Mr James Casey, President NAS welcomed all attending and wished every all the best for the day, reminding everyone to be a good sport on and off the competition arena!

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Veteran’s divisions got off to a great start attracting excellent numbers of male and female competitors who can still give the younger ones a go for their money…awesome spirit and determination. Forms were taken out by Simon Pedelty (Krishan Pantha Kung fu), 2nd place Nick Spanu (GKR), 3rd place Michelle Alfonsi (Winged Dragon M/A). Female sparring division saw Jillian Cole take 1st place, Jillian Cole (Funakoshi Karate), 2nd place Jennifer Sievers (GKR) in 3rd place Michelle Alfonsi. Men’s final saw Shane Butler (MACE) take 1st place, 2nd place Reece Dunne (XFC Bayswater Simon Pedelty, 3rd place Ivan Kucera (TI-GA Self defense) 

There where some fine performances from junior demonstrations/ weaponry divisions; Traditional weaponry was taken out by Rose Pearce (Kyneton Shotokan), runner-up Martin Allwood (Border Karate), 3rd place Dylan Benjamin (Bugeido Australia). Demonstrations division saw good numbers of competitors buying for first place. The tension was high as each competitor performed for the judges. Eventual winner Team Free style Pro Active, 1st place Frank DeCata, 2nd place Antonia DeCata & 3rd place Kiara Gerada.  

Junior divisions 11yrs & under are always assured to have large numbers of competitors with enthusiasm and attitude sent to test their Officials and this was the fact with the following divisions and although we are unable to mention them all we certainly congratulate them all for a good day of competition and sportsmanship they show to each other.  

Pee Wee’s point sparring final was a division which had mums, dads and coaches sitting on the edge of their seats. Andre Battista (Tantis M/A) was out to make his mark in this division however team mate Joshua Shankland a regular to the NAS had other ideas...both these children where on fire. Andre came out with all guns blazing scoring with a quick concession of punches to take first points. All through the match these boys would score against each other point for point...with seconds to go Andre ducked under Joshua’s defence and scored with a punch to the midriff giving him the winning point, 3rd place going to Alex Kuloski (Original Okinawa Karate).  

10 to 11 years finals (5thkyu to Black belt) saw Nathan Panayi (Wing Chun Kung fu) come up against Ellie Munnery (Rolling Thunder Doreen) right from the bell neither one would give an inch, during the match with seconds to go Nathan put the pressure on out scoring his opponent to take 1st place, 2nd place going to Ellie in 3rd place Zac Cittadini (MACE) 

16 to 17 years (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) was another division hotly contested, forms 1st place going Lachlan Munnery (Rolling Thunder Doreen), 2nd place Rose Pearce (Kyneton Shotokan) 3rd place Tayla Ireland (Winged Dragon Karate). Point sparring divisions – female; saw Samantha Freeman (Goju Ryu Mt Gambier) take 1st place, 2nd place Rose Pearce (Kyneton Shotokan), 3rd place Sasha Jones (Shin Bu Kai) in the males division, In first place Lachlan Munnery (Rolling Thunder Doreen), 2nd place Martin Wood (Loong Fu Pai M/A), 3rd place Dylan Kremers (Winged Dragon M/A)  

Female black belt division; Kendra Tsatsimas (GKR) came up against Kelly Holmes (Loong Fu Pai) both girls showed good ring craft and scored with some good fast hand techniques . Halfway through the match both girls could not be separated, however Kendra picked the right moment and scored in quick succession to gain the points from the judges to take out the match, runner up Kelly Holmes. 

Male black belt divisions where among the highlights of the afternoon with some real standouts. Male black belt forms Luke Campbell – Loong Fu Pai, gave a polished performance to win the votes from all judges and take 1st place a close second was Simon Pedelty (Krishan Pantha Kung fu) in 3rd place Bryce Wood. Male black belt point sparring final was a heated affair with competitors being cautioned for contact. Bryce Wood coming up against Luke Campbell, both fighters exchanged excellent combinations during the bout scoring points from the judges, Bryce proved too sharp on the day scoring in the dying moments to take the match and 1st place, 2nd place Beau Campbell, 3rd place Jack Wareham (Loong Fu Pai) 

Acknowledgement to the following:

We wish to personally thank all attending martial art schools and parents for their support to the NAS competition. To all NAS Officials: Referees/Judges, table Officials and staff we sincerely thank you for making this day a great success, First Aiders, Mr Darrin Ball and team many thanks. Action photos supplied by Mr. David Palfreeman and Mr. Adrian Delia very much appreciated  

We look forward to seeing everybody at round 3 in August 31st …it is going to be a big one! Go Victoria 

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!  

Yours in martial arts, James Casey




NAME:  Damian Wilson

STYLE: Zen Do Kai Karate, Rishin Kan Ju- Jitsu, BJC Muay Thai and Doces Pares Eskrima

How long have you trained?  17 Years

Where do you train?:

All-Active Marital Arts in Epping and Walsh Dojo in Craigieburn

How long have you been involved with the NAS? 3.5 years

What made you become an NAS Official?:

To support my students who were interested in competing at NAS tournaments. NAS appeared to be a professionally run organisation that I was happy to be associated with and could support. 

What level are you with the NAS? Level two

What are your future goals in the NAS?

To continue to support NAS where possible, I will be doing a PhD over the next 3 years which might affect my availability. Would like to continue moving up the NAS levels 


Name: JILLIAN COLE (Middle competitor)pic9

Style: Funakoshi Karate International Australia

How long have you trained? I started training at the beginning of 2010. Before that I was a competitive race walker with my favourite distances 21km or 42km. The reason I started was because of Sensei Peter Conroy. My kids Airlee and Tobi were already training for about a year before myself, I used to just sit and watch them train, Sensei Peter came up to me and said, “you might as well join in, you’re here anyway”, so the rest is history and I haven’t stopped since.

Where and how often do you train? I currently train 3 or 4 nights a week in Terang, Camperdown and sometimes at Hombu in Warrnambool. I also train 3 days a week in the gym and still go out walking or running as I enjoy going out in the open roads with my headphones on.


What I like about NAS. The thing I like most about NAS is that it is a very organised and friendly tournament. All the organisers and officials are approachable and friendly and all the competitors are friendly. I also love that there is so many different styles to watch which was a real eye opener for me when I first started.

 Best memory in NAS. I have two favourite memories. The first one is when my son Tobi won his first ever trophy, not just in karate but in any sport, I was so proud to see him grow and develop and boost his confidence. We have had a long road with Tobi as he was born 13 weeks premature and weighed only 2lbs. My second memory would be my first year at Nationals when I won a few trophies as a novice.






















Instructor name: Kancho Terry Lim


Name of Style: Loong Fu Pai Martial Arts Academy


Please tell us about your style/ organisation?

Founded in 1981 by Master Terry Lim, it is a freestyle blend of Karate/Kung Fu/Aikijutsu. A very family orientated club with annual camps, 4 Tournaments a year and bi-annual overseas trips to Penang, Malaysia where Master Terry began training in 1956.

 Location of club & nights you train? We currently have 14 dojo's up and running across Victoria, 1 dojo in Wangarrata & 1 dojo in Queensland. We have classes available up to 7 days a week.

How did you find out about the NAS competition? LFP was involved in NAS right from the day Silvio first started his tournament In his dojo in London court, Bayswater.

What do you like about NAS competition? Atmosphere and challenges for our members, also to absorb & learn as much martial arts as they can.

Name some of your up coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition?

Luke Campbell is always doing well and leads by example, we have the Whatarau girls the Gouldson family, Nyrie Webb, Jaidyn Ducrow, Kelly Holmes, Anthony Barnewall, Drew Morey, Brandon Townsend and Jacob Barrot all winning in their divisions, also we have a lot more that are not mentioned here that are doing very well and are on there way up… lookout for those people in future.

What are your future goals for your organisation?

My aim for my students are to learn and achieve as much as they can manage; I see tournaments as a good yardstick to the standards of my students (showing crisp technique, good attitude & respect to all at the event are standards we strive for) also to help promote a healthy respect between all Martial Arts.  


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