State Titles Victoria - 3rd November 2013

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VIC State titles: After 26 years the NAS is still as strong as ever!


National all styles is one of the biggest tournament circuits in Australia with NAS circuits in most States of Australia. The vast numbers of different martial arts organisations competing in the NAS is growing dramatically. Karate, Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do, Freestyle, Kickboxing, Silat, Hapkido and Tae Chi are just a few of the different organisations that enjoy the NAS tournament circuit.

Competitors from all over Victoria where fired-up to do battle at the 2013 State championships being held at the Booroondara Sports complex, North Balwyn. Also hoping to qualify and represent their State Victoria at the up-coming National championships being held in Sydney on the 14th & 15th December at Sydney State Sports centre, Olympic Park.

The President Mr James Casey opened the tournament by thanking all Mums, Dads & Instructors for their support this year which ensured NAS Victoria had one of its best years of competition for many years. To the Victorian NAS Referees Board of Officials, referees, judges & Table Officials we sincerely thank you for your support and dedication to the martial arts community officiating at these events.


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First thing in the morning demonstrations and weaponry divisions where held, the spectators where treated to some excellent demonstrations and showed their appreciation by applauding. Junior synchronised team forms and State champion 2013 Team Go Kan Ryu, senior going to Unsu Kai team. Traditional weaponry junior was taken out by Martyn Allwood-Border Karate Sch-Sansho Kan, 2nd place Rose Pearce-Kyneton Shotokan & 3rd place Nikita Ryan-XFC Bayswater. Traditional weaponry senior was taken out by Ardel Moore-Wushu runner up Paul Allwood-Border Karate Sch-Sansho Kan…other standout performances,

The Pee Wee’s 7 year & under division is always a crowd pleaser with mums and dads giving their full support to their children and other competitors. Finals saw Damian Gangemi-MACE Academy come up against Jensen Makin-Unsu Kai Karate. This match went right to the bell, with seconds to go Damian scored with a fast reverse punch to take the point and the match, Jensen taking home 2nd place, 3rd place going to Joseph Younan-MACE Academy

Finals of 10 – 11 years (5th Kyu to Black belt) point sparring Samuel Trubnik-VGA Karate came up against Angelique Incoruaja-Winged Dragon M/A. Right from the bell Samuel exploded out of his corner scoring with fast reverse punches, not to be denied Angelique came back scoring with an excellent round house kick to the head giving her 2 points...Towards the end of the match Samuel put the pressure on and pulled away on points to take first place, second place Angelique, third place going to Frankie Ferraro-Lion Bushido.

Finals 14 - 15 yrs female point sparring had Breanna Stockman – GKR come up against Nyrie Webb-Loong Fu Pai M/A. This was a fiery match with both girls putting 100% to out wit and out score each other, half way through the match the points where even Breanna came in with a lighting fast reverse punch to pull away on points and take the match, gallant 2nd going to Nyrie, 3rd place going to Tanya Jensen-Goju M/A

Continuous sparring is very similar to kickboxing but with more restrained contact. Competitors use all kinds of techniques including legs–kicks making for some dynamic and fierce contest. Female advanced continuous final saw Patreeza Baguisi-Unsu Kai Karate came up against Cynthia Weggelaar-Shiryodo Karate…Patreeza proved to strong on the day taking out 2013 State title

 Male black belt forms and point sparring finals was a thriller with spectators jammed-packed around the ring to see who would take out this State title. Taking out forms competition with a polished performance Ardel Moore-Wushu 2nd place Luke Campbell-Loong Fu Pai, 3rd place Shane Coggins-Loong Fu Pai. Finals of point sparring was a real crowed pleasure with lighting fast techniques, spinning kicks including warnings to competitors for excessive contact, taking out Luke Campbell 2nd place team mate Shane Coggins & 3rd place Jean Vesa-Sendai Karate. Another standout bout was in the veterans division where Salvy Russo-Unsu Kai Karate gave a gutsy effort to take out 1st place and State title for 2013, runner up Reece Dunne-XFC Bayswater

 To the Victorian State team all the best at the nationals, win or lose you have done your clubs and families proud…go Victoria!

 I wish to personally thank the following people, Mr. Darren Ball First aide, Mr. Kayne Dewhurst, Mr. Lucky Pandelidis supplying equipment for running each event and also Mr David Palfreeman for great action shots of so many great competitors 

We look forward to seeing everyone 2014 for a bigger and better NAS… take care and all the best to you and your families…have a very safe and happy Christmas…dates for 2014 will be posted on the website late December

Yours in martial arts always Mr. James Casey on 0402 695 717


Victorian Officials of the year 2013 2013 Officials of the year

On behalf of the NAS CEO, Mr. Silvio Morelli, the President, Chairman of the ARB Mr James Casey wishes to congratulate these ARB Officials of the year– Referee/Judge & Table official 2013 
ARB Official of the year
Lucky Pandelidis for his dedication and service to the Victorian ARBLucky has been involved with the NAS as an Official for the past 8 years and has the respect and admiration from all attending martial art schools 
Table Official of the yearMiss Jennifer Sievers for her dedication and service to the Victorian ARBJennifer usually has a very busy competing schedule but still finds time to assist on the tables.  
To our recipient’s congratulations on receiving these awards also to all other members of the Victorian referee’s board, I personally wish to thank you and congratulate all of you for an out-standing year of competition 



NAS Competitor Profile Competitor profile

NAME: Peter Moore
STYLE:  Funakoshi Karate International Australia ( FKIA )
How long have you trained? I have been doing Karate for Three Years, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I push myself so much. This year alone I did Karate for eight days straight and eleven days straight. After about the fifth day I start feeling the tiredness but I just keep going. Even if I feel like a Zombie.
Where and or how often do you train? I train about three to five times a week a lot of my training I do before my Karate Class starts. Or I train at home in the garage. I train Monday and Thursday nights With Sensei Peter at Camperdown Tuesday nights at Hombu with Sensei Frank or Josh and Wednesday nights at Terang with Sensei Peter
Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition? I enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere along with the strong Comraderie. It is always worth getting out of bed at four in the morning for. Getting to compete at the Nationals and see Karate from all the other styles in Victoria and Australia.
Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? This would have to be the first time I competed, the referees were so supportive and so were the guys I was up against. Also walking into the Stadium when we were at the Nationals sent chills down my spine as I have never competed for Victoria before.
Have you a favourite technique in competition? I have never thought about a favourite Technique, as long as I go into NAS and enjoy myself. Score a point in the Sparring and do my best in the Kata’s I am happy. I also have a focus spirit which is the King Cobra and he helps a lot.
Favourite martial artist... I actually have 6 favourites, so this one is tough. My Sensei Peter Conroy, Jackie Chan, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton.
What are your future goals in the NAS? This would be to keep competing, compete for Victoria in the Nationals. I wouldn’t mind with helping out more by being a Table Official when I can. I like to always give a hand where I can as every little bit helps.


Club/Organisation – Profile Club profile

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Michael Cundari, Anthony Grigoropoulos
STYLE: Australian Freestyle Martial Arts
How long have you trained? Team Freestyle was re-established in 2012
Location of club & nights you train? Thomastown, training Monday-Saturday
How did you find out about the NAS competition? Originally a referral from our principal instructor
What do you like about the NAS competition? The structure, and professionalism of coaches, the wide variety of passionate and dedicated competitors and the opportunity to network with others in the martial arts community.
Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition…..Anthony Grigoropoulos, previous national champion, current state champion in creative weapons Lachlan Bibby, current state champion in creative formsEduardo Novembre, current state champion runner up in continuous sparring Damien Johnson, current state champion runner up in continuous sparring (veterans)
What are your future goals for your organisation? Team Freestyle is looking to reclaim its title as the top competing team in Victoria and push even further to become the top competing team throughout Australia. A few of our top competitors are also looking to represent Team Freestyle and Australia at the World Titles

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