Rd1 Victoria 13th April 2013


Simply Awesome… Go Victoria NAS! Melbourne began the year with one of its biggest tournaments held for many years with over 240 competitors attending at Melbourne sports and aquatic centre!

The morning began with some excellent performances from junior demonstrations/ weaponry divisions; Traditional weaponry was taken out by Martyn Allwood-Border Karate, runner-up Patrick Dunne - XFC Bayswater. Demonstrations division saw good numbers of competitors, Team F/S Pro active took the hat-trick, 1st, 2nd & 3rd with some excellent performances and demonstrations. Senior Traditional weaponry was taken out by Ardel Moore-Wushu.

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Pee wee’s division was one of the biggest divisions of the day which kept the Referees & Judges on their toes. With fast and furious bouts, these little pockets of dynamites were like an ever ready battery that just wouldn’t run out. Round by round competitors where eliminated with mixed emotions and a big huge from their coach and parents. Final was a beauty Tyler Damen – Kaizen Kai Karate came up against Ayden Frisina-MACE Academy. Right from the bell both boys exploded from their corners with a flurry of kicks & punches. Halfway through the match Tyler picked his shots and pulled away on points to take out the match, runner-up Ayden.

7 – 9 year continuous final was another heart stopper. Alanah Shankland-Tantis M/A used the ring to her advantage scoring with quick, fast combinations, Frank DeCata-Team F/S Pro Active meet the challenge scoring with some excellent spinning kicks and hand combinations. The bell went, the judges gave their scores and Alanah took the match out on a split decision second place going to Frank.

10 to 11 years (5thkyu to Black belt) final saw Frankie Ferraro - Lion Bushido come up against Samuel Atzil-Trubnik - VGA Karate the bout was fast a furious with both boys exchanging excellent explosive techniques. Towards the end of the match Frankie pulled away on points to take the match, runner up Samuel.

15 to 17 year female continuous sparring division saw good numbers of competitors from various styles do battle in this division. The standard of competition and sportsmanship was excellent with all girls giving it their all, Unsu Kai Karate was too strong on the day taking out the hat-trick My-Linh taking out first place, 2nd place going to Carlyna Yap & 3rd place to Valerie Chau.

Men’s novice continuous sparring final was going to be a fierce battle to see who would take out round 1. William Lewis – Unsu Kai Karate worked his way through a talented field to fight out the finals against Declan Eipper – Wing Chun Kung Fu. Both fighters gave 100% throughout the match exchanging good combinations to the applause of team mates, nearing the end William put the pressure on to take out the match with Declan runner-up.

Male black belt divisions where among the highlights of the afternoon with some fine talent displayed in the forms and point sparring divisions. Finals of the forms competition was taken out by Victor Suturin – Deshi Do M/A, Second place Ardel Moore Wushu and third place Sam Pierce GKR. Finals in point sparring had everything, non stop action with fast and furious techniques with great control which excited the crowd. Taking out the final Alexander Dehaney-Diaz, Te Shin Kai, runner up Victor Suturin – Deshi Do M/A.

Special thanks to Mr Darryn Ball/Team of first aiders to Mr Kayne Dewhurst for supplying mats. Special thanks to Mr Vince Busittill and senior members for their help…much appreciated! To all members of the Victorian Referee’s Board, thank you for an outstanding day of officiating.

. Notice to all martial art clubs/schools: NAS is moving to a new venue (New dates on NAS website)!

Boroondara Sports Complex, North Balwyn … look forward to seeing everybody on the 29th June for round 2 VIC NAS …it is going to be a big one….Go Victoria!

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts

1. NAS VIC Club Profile

Tamara Mottram.
I’m the owner/Instructor of Ishinryu Karate Echuca
My Instructor is Sensei Bruce Hyland who is the head of Ishinryu Victoria.

STYLE: Ishinryu (Experienced in: Shotokan, GoJu & Muay Thai)

How long have you trained? 14 years. I started Karate at the age of four under Sensei Bruce Hyland.

Location of club & nights you train?
My club is located in Echuca (Regional Victoria).
We train Monday and Wednesdays with plans on opening a Saturday class.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
Sensei Bruce Hyland introduced me to NAS at the age of five and I have been competing ever since.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

Since I have been competing with NAS for so many years I have really gotten to know all the referees and competitors. It’s great to see all the new competitors coming through as well as seeing all the old competitors improving and growing as a martial artist. It’s also fantastic to see ALL STYLES coming together learning and experiencing each others style. NAS is such a friendly environment and that is why I haven’t hesitated in introducing my students into the NAS.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....
As we are a very young club my students are very new to the competition world but with a huge group of dedicated and talented students I look forward to the future so keep your eyes open for Ishinryu Echuca.

What are your future goals for your organisation?
As a personal goal I would love to make my way up the chain and be a referee on the rings giving back to the NAS organisation. In the future I would love to win the champion of champions. As an instructor and with the guidance of Bruce Hyland I would love to see my club grow and eventually move into a full time training facility.

2. NAS VIC Competitor Profile

Patreeza (Trish) Baguisi

STYLE: Unsu Kai Karate

How long have you trained?
Two years. However I feel as though I’ve been training for a lot longer.

Where do you train?
In the last year and a half I trained for 6 hours a week, alternating between our Dandenong and Mitcham dojos. This year I’ve cut down on my own training and have been more involved with kids’ classes. I now train 3.5 hours a week and help out for 1.5 hours a week at Mitcham.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
There are a number of things I like about NAS competitions, with particular mention of the support, variety of styles and attitudes displayed on tournament days. I love seeing families, friends and club members gathering together to cheer for and support their fighter through the best and worst of times. I find it very heart warming and encouraging. I also enjoy watching and learning about all the different styles of martial arts that people practice. It’s almost like an action movie or video game brought to life! And lastly, I like seeing the sportsmanship and discipline between competitors, especially between those who are very young of age. It shows that they are not only learning great technique and skill, but also of the traditional values that martial arts stand for.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
In my first season of competition, 2011, I was fortunate enough to win a state title and two national titles. In 2012, I was able to win a state title and four national titles at NAS. Three other members of my club won four national titles each on the same day, so it was a pretty memorable experience for all of us. Our entire team did very well at nationals, taking home over 50 trophies. I don’t think that’s something any of us will forget any time soon!

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
Not in particular, as it seems that all my favourite techniques are ones that I love to watch, but cannot execute well myself. I love seeing hook kicks and round house kicks land, they’re my favourite.

Favourite martial artist...
A great martial artist should not only have to have killer moves. I believe that they should also have a big heart, strong mind and be able to motivate you. You should be able to learn things even when they're not teaching and have a journey or story that inspires. So for me, it would have to be our very own Sensei Kayne.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
Ever since competing, it has always been a dream of mine to wear the prize belt and become the female champion of champions some day. I am also undefeated in point fighting at NAS for my last six tournaments so I hope to keep that up for a while longer

3. NAS VIC Official Profile

Damian Wilson


Zen Do Kai Karate, Rishin Kan Ju- Jitsu, BJC Muay Thai and Doces Pares Eskrima

How long have you trained?:

15 Years

Where do you train?:

All-Active Marital Arts in Epping and Walsh Dojo in Craigieburn.

How long have you been involved in NAS?:

1.5 Years

What made you become a NAS official?:

To support my students who were interested in competing at NAS tournaments. NAS appeared to be a professionally run organisation that I was happy to be associated with and could support.

What level are you with the NAS?:

No level as yet

What are your future goal;s with NAS?:

To continue to support NAS where possible, I will be doing a PhD over the next 3 years which might affect my availability. Would like to continue moving up the NAS levels.

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