State Titles Victoria 6th October 2012


Victoria is buzzing with excitement with the National Championships just around the corner to be held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic centre, 1st & 2nd of December.

Victoria has shown that NAS is the premier multi styled Martial Arts event in Australia.

Over 45 different styles and 245 competitors from all over Victoria and as far away as Tasmania & Mount Gambier attended the Victorian State invitation only championship to do battle

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Mr. James Casey, Vice President NAS welcomed all competitors and family members and then held the Presidents cup high which Victoria won at the NAS Nationals, Gold Coast 2011. All attending cheered and vowed Victoria would be a force to reckon with at the up-coming Nationals in December

After the official bow-in the day began with all four rings in full swing. The standard of competition for Round two was excellent. All who attended showed goodwill and sportsmanship towards each other, which assured the day would be a great success. It was great to see the referees working hard to uphold the NAS tournament rules and the betterment of the competitors.

Junior Demo/creative weapon was well attended and now that everyone understands the concept of traditional v's Demo traditional weaponry the events are even more exciting than ever. The flashiness of creative was won by Francesco Petrolo -Team Pro Active, runner up Patrick Dunn-Revolution M/A whereas the traditional weapon division was won by Andrew Sarah- Zenshin Karate, runner up Patrick Dunn. We are looking forward to what these young athletes will bring in the future at the National Championships in December.

Pee Wee 7 years and under had hug numbers of competitors. These children are the future of our sport and NAS makes every effort to look after the families involved. The energy was high and so were the emotions of both parents and competitors. Taking out first place in forms with an excellent kata/form was Dhruv Gore-Original Okinawa Karate, runner up Caitlin Mantas- Goshin Ryu Karate. In the finals of the point sparring young Nikita Ryan-Revolution M/A was just too classy on the day taking out first place, runner up Jayden Prior-Goju Ryu Karate Mt Gambier.

Finals 16 to 17 years (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) division, forms was taken out by My-Linh Le – Unsu Kai Karate with a polished performance of Seienchin, runner up Joshua Williams Zanshin Shotokan. Finals of the female point sparring saw My-Linh Le out score her opponent Bella Shortpascoe – Bukido Karate to take first place, Bella runner-up.

Veterans divisions had everything, aggression, technique and the occasional bruises. It's great to see these guy's and gal's in action. Forms divisions was an all GKR victory with Clare Sunderland first place, runner up Nick Spanu. Female point sparring saw a tenacious Jillian Cole – Funakoshi Karate keep the pressure on and pull away on points to defeat Lisa Waywell- Winged Dragon M/A. In the men's final there were many cautions given out by the referee asking them to settle the contact down, in the end Christian Hughes –Shin Bu Kai VIC proved too strong and classy on the day taking out first place, runner up Nick Spanu GKR

The black belt divisions brought an exciting day to a close. The standard was extremely high and so was the intensity.

Male black belt forms was taken out by Joshua Suringa-Funakoshi Karate, second place going to Ryan Abramczyk and third place to Luke Campbell-Loong Fu Pai. Finals of the male point sparring division brought the crowd to their feet with loud and enthusiastic support. Mark Farello GKR took the fight to team mate Ryan Abramczyk, throughout the bout points bounced back and forward, nearing the end Mark found his target and scored in quick concession with reverse punches to take out the match and State title.

We wish to personally thank all competitors, parents, coaches for an outstanding year of support to the NAS and good sportsmanship. To all Officials and staff, thank you for making these State titles a great success. To Mr Kayne Dewhurst, Mr Darren Ball and staff (First aid), Action photos supplied by Mr Peter Krombach, many thanks to you all...We look forward to seeing everyone at this years National Championships in Melbourne it is going to be a gala event

Yours in martial arts!

National All Styles

1. Officials of the year 2012

On behalf of the NAS President, Mr. Silvio Morelli and the Chairman of the ARB Mr James Casey we wish to congratulate Queensland's best Official – Referee/Judge & Table official 2007

2012 Official of the year
Mr Peter Smith for his dedication and service to the Victorian ARB

Peter has been involved with the NAS as an Official for the past 4 years. He has officiated at State and National tournaments

2012 Table Official of the year
Mrs Sandra Schmid for her dedication and service to the Victorian ARB

Sandra has worked tirelessly with the NAS as a table official and more recently as VIC Senior Table Official

Mrs Virginia Casey NAS/ WASO National Exec Officer – Director Table officials awarded the plaque to Sandra and thanked all table officials for their dedication and support to the NAS

To our recipients, congratulations on receiving these awards also to all members of the Victorian referees board. I personally wish to thank you and congratulate all of you for an out-standing year of competition

Yours sincerely

Mr James Casey
Vice President, NAS
Chairman ARB

2. Club –Organisation Profile

vicst-12-pic9mINSTRUCTOR NAME: Kancho Nick Habenschuss

STYLE: Sansho-Kan Karate

Sansho-Kan Karate HQ is at 39 Thomas Mitchell Drive Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. Traditional but progressive Karate style comprised of Art, Sport and Self-defence.
Suitable for all ages with the goal of always improve...

How long have you trained? 36 years

Location of club & nights you train?
Wodonga         Mon. Wed 5 to 8pm. Saturday 10 to 12 noon
Beechworth     Tuesday 5:30 to 6:30
Yackandandah Tuesday to 7 to 8pm
Coolamon        Wednesday 6 to 8pm
Albury             Thursday 6 to 7pm
Ganmain         Saturday 10:15 to 11:30am

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
Silvio Morelli invited us when NAS first started and we have been coming back every since.

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition

NAS is a great tournament because of the diversity of styles and accepted techniques allowed in sparring, allowing competitors to show good skills and dynamic action. There are events to suit everyone from demonstrations to non-contact sparring and is great fun for the younger students especially. It is also a great way to meet people from other clubs and make friends.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....
Taylor Emery, Sam Brown, Adrian, Alex Thompson

All are competing well, but need to make some minor adjustments to give the referees what they want in sparring to achieve the top spot on the day. All are gaining experience with each trip to NAS.

The pursuit of a better Kata is never ending and all of the students mentioned are working to mature their understanding and improve.

What are your future goals for your organisation?
We wish to continue to provide a positive and supportive environment for students to practice and enjoy the benefits of Karate. Our organisation is growing where respect, good values and quality of skills are valued and encouraged.

3. Download Tournament Results

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