Victoria State Titles 2011


Victoria's main event of the year
The state championships for Victoria were held on the 15th October 2011 at MSAC, Albert Park. An awesome day was enjoyed by competitors, spectators and organisations with an extremely high standard of Martial Arts displayed by all in attendance.

Mr. James Casey, Vice President NAS and Victorian Directors Con and Adriana Lazos ensured the day was one to remember with everything working like clockwork. NAS prides itself as one of the only competitions which begins promptly and runs smoothly throughout the day. The newly updated referees were a fresh welcome to the officials who have been putting in such hard yards over the years. The standard of refereeing seems to be a huge bonus to the NAS events.

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As always the veterans and senior black belts were up first before the official bow in to ensure that they are then able to look after their clubs and competitors. The Male black belt continuous sparring final was a match which was held to extreme standards, as it was a tough division to get through. Eventually the eclectic style of Malcolm Ayles -Shiryodo Karate, out-did the strong Karateka style of Cliff Pierce- Go Kan Ryu Melbourne. Smiles were had all around with a crowd roaring for their successes.

At the official bow two awards were given out. The first went to Mrs Cynthia Weggler for 2011 Official of the year, whilst 2011 Table Official of the year went to Mrs Helen Derzsi. Both of the ladies have really shown full dedication and service to the Victorian ARB and well and truly deserve the awards.

The remainder of the day saw the 2011 State Titles lift the standard to a new high. The speed and sharpness in movement, dedication to the cause, and intensity in the game plans were all evident in all the divisions. Some matches were really tough to judge but luckily NAS has some of the best trained referees around. A particularly tough, finals match was the continuous black belt open sparring between David Auty from Revolution Martial Arts and Victor Suturin from Deshi-Do Martial Arts. Hook kicks from David, pressure tactics from Victor and the footwork of true black belt champions kept the crowd entertained. David came through with the goods in the end winning the division and becoming the state champion of 2011.

NAS Victoria wishes to thank all competitors, parents, coaches and officials for an outstanding 2011 year of sportsmanship. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Nationals on the 3rd and 4th of December. Gold Coast watch out as the Victorians are coming to take out all divisions.

NAS Victoria is currently accepting enquiries from new clubs wishing to compete with us in 2012. If this sounds like you please phone Mr. Con Lazos on Mobile: 0414 325 671. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

1. vicst-11-pic9bClub/Organisation – Profile

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Sensei Shannon Van Den Berg

STYLE: Bu-Geido Shotokan Karate – Kyneton Dojo

How long have you trained?
I commenced training in Tasmania back in 1985 – confirmed as Black Belt in 1990. Current Rank 3rd Dan

Location of club & nights you train?
Kyneton Dojo – Monday nights

Kayne how did you find out about the NAS competition?
Kyneton was a new club – opened with all beginners in 2004 – 2 years ago with some senior Belts it was decided to expand their understanding of Martial Arts generally and find a safe and controlled environment to compete against peers from all styles of Martial Arts. Being Taswegian I did not have any "main land" contacts so I researched the options on the Internet – made contact with Jim Casey and we have been competing in the Tournaments ever since.

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition
NAS provides a great platform for beginner and experienced Martial Artists alike to test their skills and knowledge against a wide range of styles, age groups & skill levels. The Tournaments are well run and the overall atmosphere is one of friendly hard fought competition.

Having quite a young group of students I am mindful of the safety aspects and comfortable with the NAS code of conduct in this respect.

I recently became an accredited official for NAS and have enjoyed the "other side" and continue to have full respect for the guys and girls that have been dedicating their time to officiating the events – some for many years – helping to maintain a high level of professionalism and standards making the NAS a success for all participants.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....
We have been fortunate to place in several events this year and to have two "State Champions" come out of 2011 :-

Rose Pearce (Black Belt) – several top 3 finishes in all Rounds this year – State Champion 6th to Black Belt Female Continuous Sparring

Yvonne Pearce (Brown Belt) – Competes in both Veteran and Advanced sections, also has several podium finishes for the year and crowned State Champion in one of her forms sections.

Lucy Pearce (Purple Belt) – Keeping with her family tradition has performed very well this year placing in Forms section across a number of Rounds and in the State Championships

Lucy Morgan (Blue Belt) – Has competed all year, gaining some top 3 finishes in Forms and placing first in a forms section earlier this year

Luke & Laura Crozier (Blue Belt), Hugh & Hayley Elliott (Blue and Green Belts), Jett Van Den Berg (Orange Pee Wee), Sebastian Smith (Orange Pee Wee), Brooke Dinwoodie (Blue Belt Pee Wee) – all these students have competed in NAS – some for the very first time in competition and are building their skills and i look forward to seeing them grow further next year in 2012 when Kyneton Shotokan are back in force at NAS.

As for me – having turned 40 this year i am looking forward to expanding my events to include the Veterans section next year as well as continued assistance with official duties to (hopefully) help keep the Tournaments running smoothly and safely as possible.

What are your future goals for NAS Victoria?
The short term future includes a team of 6 of us travelling to Gold Coast in December for the Nationals – this will be a great experience for all my students to put their skills to the ultimate test – win lose or draw – the experience will be invaluable.

Next year we will be back in the Victorian Rounds – a combination of all students being awarded higher grades and ages over the previous threshold will see them further challenged by a new group of peers.

I'd like to thank Jim Casey for his continued support and dedication to the NAS Competition especially his assistance in Victoria over the past 2 years that i have been involved.

Finally – to Con and his lovely wife Adriana – I'm sure the challenge that awaits you is in great hands and confirm that Bu-Geido Shotokan Karate - Kyneton Dojo will continue to support you and your team during 2012 and beyond.

2. Competitor Profile

NAME: Sensei Malcolm Ayles

STYLE: Shiryodo Karate

How long have you trained?
I first started formal martial arts 20 years ago.

Where do you train?
I run Shiryodo Karate in Geelong.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
I have been involved with NAS for around 15 years. I like the professionalism of the NAS in providing an even playing field for competitors from many styles and disciplines within the martial arts. It gives my students of all ages and levels an opportunity to compete against other martial artsists in a safe, friendly environment.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
Have many great memories from the last 15 years. Winning the Black Belt – Light weight division and then fighting off in one of the first Champion of Champions events back in 2001 was a great experience.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
In point sparring my favourite technique is lead leg side kick, a lot of competitors don't deal with this very effectively.

Favourite martial artist...
There are many great martial artists I've trained with and been inspired by over the years, it's difficult to name one but Bruce Lee was definitely the first to inspire me when I was a teenager.

What are you future goals in the NAS?
I use to compete lots, now I compete a lot less, to be honest I achieved my goals as a competitor a long time ago and now just compete for 'fun'. Being in the veterans division I find it inspiring to have competitors who are 20 years my senior still competing. I hope in 20 years I'm still able to compete.

3. vicst-11-pic9cOfficials Profile

VIC Officials of the year, dedication and service to the NAS

On behalf of the NAS President, Mr. Silvio Morelli, the Chairman of the ARB Mr James Casey wishes to congratulate VIC Officials of 2011

2011 Official of the year
Mr Cynthia Weggler for her dedication and service to Victorian ARB

Cynthia has been involved with the NAS as an Official for the past 3 years and has done an outstanding job Officiating

2011 Table Official of the year
Mrs Helen Derzsi for her dedication and service to the Victorian ARB

Helen works tirelessly with the National Director of Table officials, Mrs Virginia Casey and travels 3 and a half hour each way to attend the NAS competitions

To our recipients congratulations on receiving these awards
To all members of the Victorian referees board I personally wish to thank you and congratulate all of you for an out-standing year of Officiating and supporting the NAS and we look forward to seeing you in 2012

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