Rd3 Victoria 6th August 2011


Round 3 for Victoria has now grown to over 200 competitors sealing the stamp as the most successful multi-styled event. Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre filled with spectators and competitors alike with a totally positive vibe.

Mr. James Casey, Vice President NAS and Victorian Director Con Lazos ensured a smooth running of the competition ensuring that coaches, athletes and spectators have an awesome experience. Being the last round before the State Titles NAS Victoria knew the standard was going to be of a high level.

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The day began with the Black Belts and Veterans up first. It's a great way to get the event going as it allows instructors to participate with peace of mind. After the official bow-in the day began with all four rings in full swing. The standard of competition for Round three was brilliant. All who attended showed goodwill and sportsmanship towards each other, ensuring the day was a great success. It was great to see the referees working hard to uphold the NAS tournament rules and the betterment of the competitors.

As usual the black belts and veterans divisions were first up in the morning, keeping all spectators entertained during competitor registration. The Male black belt forms was taken out by Victor Suturin from Deshi-Do Martial Arts, with second place going to Cliff Pierce from Go Kan Ryu Melbourne. Standard of the patterns was exceptionally high this time around with hardly any difference in points for the first four places in the division. The Male Black Belt Open sparring division was something special to watch with 12 contestants battling it out with intense yet controlled sparring. David Aughty from Revolution took out 1st place after a super match with Nick Kourtessis from Australian Go-Ju Karate. An awesome display of skill from both exponents will be talked about for a few more months to come.

One of the biggest divisions for the day was the ever popular continuous 7-9 years sparring division. With 23 competitors in strong yet inspiring competition, it was always going to be tough to win. Toby Cross from Revolution Martial Arts was eventual winner over Lucas Petrovski from Zen Do Kai with the crowd cheering for the boys louder than ever witnessed before. Awesome kicks were displayed from both competitors and courage seemed to be the virtue of the match. We love seeing this division continue to grow as the future is bright for all competitors who never quit.

One of the main highlights of the day however came from a demonstration team e vent. Darren Ball and his team from Fudo Shin put on an awesome display of martial arts skills that even I as the director of NAS Victoria was inspired by. At the end of the day we all need inspiration and I strongly encourage other instructors to do the same for the future generations of martial artists. Not everyone knows exactly what each other has to offer to the wider martial arts community and I feel that this is the best way to display some of those skill sets. Also a special thanks Mr Darren Ball and his team for offering their services to NAS for First Aid.

NAS wishes to thank all competitors, parents, coaches for an outstanding day of sportsmanship and to all officials for a great day of officiating. We look forward to seeing everyone at the State Titles on October 15th at MSAC.

Enquiries from new clubs wishing to compete with the NAS Victoria please phone:

Mr. Con Lazos on Mobile: 0414 325 671.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

1. Club/Organisation – Profile

vicrd3-11-pic9bINSTRUCTOR NAME: Kayne M. Dewhurst

STYLE: Unsu Kai Karate: CKE Team

How long have you trained?

Kayne began training in traditional karate in 1993
He currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan.

Location of club & nights you train?
Unsu Kai Karate has seven branches in Melbourne's eastern suburbs,
All under the direction of Kayne M. Dewhurst. Our dojos spread from
Camberwell all the way to Dandenong. The Unsu Kai students who
Compete at NAS are part of team CKE (Centre for Karate Excellence.)
CKE training is conducted every Sunday evening in Mitcham. CKE members
Are some of our hardest working students.

Kayne how did you find out about the NAS competition?
Kayne started competing as a15 year old at NAS in 2000, as part of his former club's tournament team.

He has maintained continuous support ever since.

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition
It is my opinion that the NAS is the premier all styles competition in Australia.
The scoring system is balanced and easy to apply. The judging is generally unbiased
and there is no ambiguity. When NAS is running well it is a sensational tournament.
Unsu Kai Karate have had tremendous success at NAS, particularly in the last two years.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

Unsu Kai's CKE has had a tremendous season. We have already won 153 trophies and medals this year so far.
In round 3, our 15 competitors took home 27 trophies, 12 first place. We had four members competing for the first time. They were Shabnam, Patreeza, My-Linh and
Kane (Bruce). All did sensational with 7 trophies between them, 4 first place.
Some outstanding performance this season, come from Connor Pye, Daniel Russo,
Bec Munro, Chris Bullock and Thu Pham. Giulia Tillack has also been unstoppable as of late,
With no one being able to score a single point on her this round. My advice for anyone
Who may come across Giulia at nationals is to start training harder. A lot harder!

What are your future goals for NAS Victoria?
With state and national titles still to go, the team intends to get over the 200 trophy mark for the season.
We have around a dozen competitors set to fly to the Gold Coast and represent Victoria in December.
For the future, we will continue to support NAS in 2012. just in time for a national titles in Melbourne.
As we're a young club with few black belts, we haven't had much of a chance to compete in the black belt opens. However this is going to change from next year. I'm confident we're about two years away from Unsu Kai having our first champion of champions. Save a spot on the cover of Blitz!

2. Competitor Profile

vicrd3-11-pic9cNAME: Prue Stevenson

STYLE: Taekwondo WTF

How long have you trained? 5 years

Where do you train? Fusion Martial Arts and Fitness Centres

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
I love watching all the different martial arts. The quality is awesome and I love to see where my skills lie. It's a great growing experience for myself as a competitor.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
When I copped an awesome punch from a Karate girl. I walked into it and it winded me. It's a non contact competition but I misjudged her reach. As it was my first continuous sparring fight it shocked me.

Have you a favourite technique in competition? Side kick from the front foot.

Favourite martial artist... Ip Man

What are you future goals in the NAS?
I want to see if I can be a National Champion in the 3 different divisions in 2012. I believe I can!

3. NAS Victoria Official Profile

vicrd3-11-pic9dName: Shane Wescott

Style: Shotokan Karate

How long have you trained?
4 years as a teenager in the early 70's, when Bruce Lee was God and Martial Arts was not for the faint hearted, and then since 1997 when my kids started training.

Where do you train?
I started martial arts back as a teenager in the early 70's when Bruce Lee was God, and training was not for the faint hearted.
My first real Sensei was Frank Palmieri, and expert in Kata Bunkai, and training with him gave me the opportunity to train with some international Martial Arts legends like Dan Inosanto, Wally Jay, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, and Erik Paulson. I've also been lucky enough to train with local Martial Arts experts like Bruce Hyland, Jim Casey, Graham Slater, Kevin Walsh, Edji Zenel and Joe Thambu .
While Shotokan Karate has been my main form of training, I've also trained in Jeet Kune Do, JuJitsu, and Aikido. I love learning new things, seeing how different Martial arts work, and passing that knowledge on.

How long have you been involved in NAS?
As a competitor, from 2002 - 2007, as an assistant coach from 2005 - 2008, and as an official from 2005. I enjoyed competing, but had enough trophies gathering dust and wanted to focus full time on being the best Official I could be. I enjoyed coaching and was involved with coaching 2 National Champions and a bunch of State Champions.

What made you become a NAS official?
I wanted to give back to Martial Arts because it has given so much to me over the years. I enjoyed the involvement with the young martial artists and had a laugh with the older competitors and wanted that to continue past my competition years. I would encourage all instructors to get involved, it's fun and you can always learn from others and learn more about yourself in different situations. Learning from the pressure of officiating has helped me deal with other situations in life and business - it's win - win for me.

What level are you with NAS?
I am at Level 4, and I am currently the State Technical Director for Victoria.

What are your future goals with NAS?
To be the best Official I can be, to see Victoria back as the Premier state for NAS Australia, and the see all the Victorian officials respected as the best in the country.

4. Download Tournament Results

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