Rd1 Victoria 2nd April 2011


Victoria kicked off round 1 with excellent numbers of competitors travelling from as far away as Wodonga and ACT Approximately 29 martial art schools turned up for an action packed day of competition at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Mr. James Casey, Vice President NAS welcomed all attending round 1 also introduced Mr Con Lazos newly appointed VIC State Director.  Mr Lazos is looking forward to the challenge of taking NAS VIC to the next level.

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After the official bow-in the day began with all four rings in full swing.  The standard of competition for Round one was excellent. All who attended showed goodwill and sportsmanship towards each other which assured the day would be a great success

Male black belt and veterans divisions where first up in the morning keeping all spectators entertained during registration,  Male black belt forms was taken out by Paul Holtziger - Cranbourne Karate, second place Alexander Ovari, Goshin Ryu Karate.  Point sparring finals Alexander Ovari was too classy on the day out scoring Leight-Jay Ascension who took home second place

Veterans divisions saw big numbers of competitors attending round 1.  Their spirit and determination was obvious as they tried to out-physic each other before the match. Forms division was taken out by Wayne Newton, point sparring had Nick Spanu GKR out scoring his opponent in the finals to take home first place, runner-up team mate Cliff Pierce

The referee and judges where kept on their toes throughout the day with big numbers of junior competitors, these kids where pumped-up and couldn't wait to get in the ring and when they did there was the parents, grand-parents and team mates yelling and screaming, "come on, come on" and when the match went the wrong way there was disappointment, with a supporting hug from mum and dad and a pat on the back from their coach they vowed they'd be back for round two

Stand-outs in the junior events, young Daniel Russo from Unsu Kai Karate fought out the finals of the Pee Wee's point sparring against Samuel Fitzgerald of Revolution M/A, this was a well fought match with both boys going point for point right to the end, taking out first place Daniel.

The junior traditional weaponry division had good number of competitors, the standard was very high, Samuel Waite, Border Karate Sch – Sansho taking out first place.  Runner-up team mate Jemma Johnston.  The final of demo/creative weapons was another division that was hotly contested with some polished performances.  First place Josh Harwood - Revolution Martial Arts runner up Matthew Conroy – Funakoshi Karate

We wish to personally thank all competitors, parents, coaches for an outstanding day of sportsmanship and to all officials, congratulations for a great day of officiating.  We look forward to seeing everyone at round two VIC MSAC. 4th June 2011..... Special thanks to our first aiders Mr Darryn Ball and his team

Enquiries from new clubs wishing to compete with the NAS Victoria, phone Mr. Con Lazos on Mobile: 0414 325 671.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

1. NAS Official Profile

vicrd1-11-pic8NAME: Peter Smith.

STYLE: Zenshin Karate.

How long have you trained? Nine years.

Where do you train?
Ballarat Martial Arts Centre, under Kyoshi Dick Bartel in our own dojo, right in the middle of Ballarat.

How long have you been involved with the NAS?
Approximately seven years.

What made you become an NAS Official?
My son and wife were competing at one of the rounds at Geelong and I was watching the point sparing and decided to compete in that at the next round, after competing and not going as well as I thought I started talking to one of the judges at the time and I found that I was very interested in that side of NAS, I think that it was Gerard West that I spoke to and he was the one that got the ball rolling so to speak and the rest as they say is history.

What level are you with the NAS?
Level two

What are your future goals in the NAS?
...Future  goals? Well I guess that it would be to go as far as I possibly can and to improve my skills in the ARB, also to enjoy the friendships with my fellow officials that I have made along the way.

2. Club - Organisation Profile

vicrd1-11-pic9INSTRUCTOR NAME: Kancho Nick Habenschuss

STYLE: Sansho-Kan Karate

Sansho-Kan Karate HQ is at 39 Thomas Mitchell Drive Wodonga, Victoria, Australia. Traditional but progressive Karate style comprised of Art, Sport and Self-defence.
Suitable for all ages with the the goal of always improve...

How long have you trained? 36 years

Location of club & nights you train?
Wodonga - Mon. Wed 5 to 8pm. Saturday 10 to 12 noon
Beechworth - Tuesday 5:30 to 6:30
Yackandandah - Tuesday to 7 to 8pm
Coolamon - Wednesday 6 to 8pm
Albury - Thursday 6 to 7pm
Ganmain - Saturday 10:15 to 11:30am

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
Silvio Morelli invited us when NAS first started and we have been coming back every since.

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition
NAS is a great tournament because of the diversity of styles and accepted techniques allowed in sparring, allowing competitors to show good skills and dynamic action. There is events to suit everyone from demonstrations to non-contact sparring and is great fun for the younger students especially. It is also a great way to meet people from other clubs and make friends.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....
Taylor Emery, Sam Brown, Adrian, Alex Thompson

All are competing well, but need to make some minor adjustments to give the referees what they want in sparring to achieve the top spot on the day. All are gaining experience with each trip to NAS.

The pursuit of a better Kata is never ending and  all of the students mentioned are working to mature their understanding and improve.

What are your future goals for your organisation?
We wish to continue to provide a positive and supportive environment for students to practice and enjoy the benefits of Karate. Our organisation is growing where respect, good values and quality of skills are valued and encouraged.

3. Competitior Profile

vicrd1-11-pic9aNAME: Wayne Newton

STYLE: Kung Fu

How long have you trained?
23 years first with Goju Ryu then Kung Fu

Where do you train?
Now I train with GKR Nick Spanu

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
The NAS is great as it's fair and Safe great people on both sides competitors and referee

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
Winning best referee in 2009

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
Hook kick

Favourite martial artist...
Bolo young

What are your future goals in the NAS?
To win vet continuous points and forms at the national and be best referee again

4. Download Tournament Results

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