2009 State Title Results Queensland


Simply awesome! The biggest and best ever! 2009 State Titles, Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast.

Over 230 competitors from all over Southeast Queensland as far away as Lismore from the south, Texas and Toowoomba converged on the Gold Coast for the State championship.  Over 36 different martial art schools attended these championships and made it the best ever held in Queensland.

8am sharp the men's black belt divisions kick started the morning. The pressure was on who would be 2009 State Champion? Mark Stone, Seishin Zen Ryoku & Delio Senatore Seishin-Ryu Karate fought out the final, the crowd were well entertained by this match....eventual winner Delio. Men's black belt forms was also taken out by Delio with a polished performance, runner up Garry Edwards Shito Ryu Redlands Karate.

Demonstrations/ weaponry divisions had one of the biggest numbers of competitors in years...traditional Chinese schools with polished performances and a vast array of weapons certainly kept everyone on their toes. Junior weaponry was taken out by Jacky Chen - Southern Shaolin Inter Wushu winning the applause from spectators and competitors, runner up Steven Taylor - Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate... Demonstration finals was taken out by Peterfort Gappi - Factor 10 Martial Arts Hapkido runner up Jorjina Humphreys ATA Martial Arts.

10 – 11 years (10th 6th Kyu) Forms division was an all traditional Chinese battle to the end, not only where the crowd entertained, so where the Officials at ring side. First place was taken out by Nate Wade - Chen Jun Li Wushu & Tai Chi, runner up Alexander Gradin Southern Shaolin Inter Wushu.

Mid morning saw the finals of the women's black belt forms and point sparring with some excellent standouts. Forms final was taken out by Pania Casey Williams – KenshinKan Karate with a polished performance, runner up was Sherry Bower - JKA Shotokan. The finals of the point sparring was a nail biter with Sherry Bower JKA being undefeated all year out to make it 5 in a row...the pressure was on, round by round Sherry would come up against formidable opponents her speed and agility outscoring them each time to take out 2009 State Championship, runner up April Youngberry - Seishin-Ryu Karate.

qldst-09-pic1After lunch male intermediate point sparring finals where in progress Ashley Densmore – Seishin Zen Ryoku came up against Greg Wildman – DAMASHII, both men worked the ring well exchanging flurries of kicks and punches, towards the end of the match both fighters where even on the score card with 10 seconds to go Ashley scored with a round house kick to take the victory and State title.

Virginia and I would like to thank the following. To all clubs, Instructors, competitors and parents thank you all for your support and making 2009 one of our biggest years ever. Special thanks must also go to the QLD Technical Director Mr. William Rogers, all officials and staff for their outstanding work this year...2010 promises to bigger and better.

1. Club/Organisation – Profile

qldst-09-pic2Instructor Name: Sifu Robert Chen Jun Li

Style: Wushu and Traditional Kung Fu

How long have you trained?

21 years

Location of club & nights you train?

Our training centre located in between Arundel / Labrador opposite Harbour Town Shopping Centre. We operate 6 days a week.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

I competed in NAS back in 2001, taking out 1st place in both State and National Titles for forms. It was a great experience and I would like my students to experience a similar journey.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

It is great for the students to gain competition experience as well as appreciate and gain an understanding of other schools and martial arts disciplines.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

Tom Ly Chi Cuong and Nate Wade are placing well in forms achieving first places, as well as Siobeal Foran and Kodii Rayson in the under 7 Pee Wee division whom also won first nd second place awards. Demonstration Duo Armin Eminovic and Curt Hall are also giving powerful displays of fight sequences.

What are your future goals for your organisation?

To continue to share the true spirit of Chinese martial arts.

2. Competitor – Profile

qldst-09-pic3Name: Delio Senatore

Style: Seishin-Ryu Karate-Do Australia

How long have you trained?

I started my martial arts training at an early age of 5. Now at the age of 19, I have trained for 14 years.

Where do you train?

I train throughout the week whether that be at home, classes or attending special seminars. My main Dojo's are located at Jamboree Heights Monday night, Camira on Tuesday and Thursday and Redbank Sport Centre on a Saturday morning. Four weeks before each NAS Tournament, State team training is held on a Sunday afternoon at Jamboree Heights State School.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I like NAS because it is an all rounded tournament where different styles of martial arts can come together in a fair and fun environment and compete against one another. The NAS tournament allows me to test my skills in an event which is ever changing as each opponent has a different fighting style or comes from different martial arts. This keeps the tournament interesting and gives me something to work on so that I am able to adapt to each opponent I face.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

My most memorable moment in NAS was the World Titles in 2006 at Carrara Stadium Gold Coast. I achieved both the kata and sparring title in the 14-15 years 3rd kyu and above division. I will never forget the announcer calling my name for the finals fight with thousands of people cheering. The feeling was astonishing and after winning and receiving my trophy I felt the greatest satisfaction of accomplishment as all my hard work had paid off. Recently I competed in the QLD NAS State Titles in the black belt opens division. I achieved both 1st place for Kata and Sparring, with my finals fight being one that I will never forget.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

My favourite technique in competition would be a hook kick closely followed by a round house and side kick.

Favourite martial artist...

Since I was young I have idled Bruce Lee. I always use to watch his movies and was amazed at how fast and powerful he could be for a small statured person.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

I have been competing in NAS for over 10 years winning World, National and State Titles within each age division. In 2008 I ended my junior career on a high taking out both kata and kumite in 16-17 years National Titles Division. I remember my very first Nationals watching the champions of champions male black belt opens and ever since then my dream has been to achieve a champion of champions at a Nationals and one day a World Title event. Other future goals for NAS are to involve as many of my students as possible.

3. Officials Profile

qldst-09-pic4National All Styles Best Officials 2009

On behalf of the NAS President, Mr. Silvio Morelli, the Chairman of the ARB Mr James Casey and Mr. Gerard West, National Technical Director Australian Referees Board we wish to congratulate Queensland's best Official – Referee/Judge & Table official 2009

Best Ring Official 2009

Mr Michael Mostyn for his dedication and service to the Queensland NAS ARB

Michael has been involved with the NAS as an Official for the past 4 years and has the respect and admiration from all attending martial art schools

Best Table Official 2009

Mr Dean Baericke for his dedication and service to the Queensland NAS ARB

Dean has worked tirelessly with the NAS QLD as a table official,

Mrs Virginia Casey NAS/ WASO National Exec Officer – Director Table officials awarded the plaque to Dean and thanked all table officials for their dedication and support to the NAS.

To our recipients congratulations on receiving these awards also to all members of the Queensland referees board. I personally wish to thank you and congratulate all of you for an out-standing year of competition.

4. Download Tournament Results

Click here to download State Titles Results Queensland - 11th October 2009 (PDF 47KB)