Rd2 Queensland 18th April 2010


210 competitors from all over South East Queensland and Northern NSW turned up on the Gold Coast at Carrara Stadium for a great day of competition.  With over 24 different martial art styles attending, it would be fare to say the NAS competition is one of the most sort-after martial art tournaments in Queensland/ Gold Coast.

There was a buzz of excitement before the days competition began. The grand stand was full to capacity with anticipation of a great day competition.

Many of the senior competitors had the chance to shake off pre-competition jitters and check out their prospective opponents prior to competition. Spectators were entertained with some fine exhibitions of martial arts from surrounding martial art schools.

Men's black belt forms competition was a close one with some good standouts...eventual winner Ben Cunningham GKR, runner up Steven Taylor Seishin Zen Ryoku

Senior weaponry, Steven Taylor, Seishin Zen Ryoku gave a dazzling performance demonstrating his skills in weaponry a close second was James Guilar Phoenix Arts

qldrd2-10-pic1Final of the 8 – 9yrs 5th Kyu to black belt, young bomb-shell Aldous McCarthy WSKF came up against Hayley Lewis GKR. Aldous got off to a great start scoring with a number of reverse punches, not to be denied Hayley came back scoring with a high round house kick gaining two points to even the match with ten seconds to go Aldous came forward with a lightning reverse punch to take out the match right on the bell

Final of the 16 – 17 year's male point sparing was a fiery match between Igor Krtolina WSKF Shotokan and Leigh Steeples Damashii which kept the referees and judges on their toes. Igor eventual winner out-scoring his opponent to take the match

Finals male continuous sparring 15 to 17 years Mark Daniels KenshinKan came up against arch rival Reigan Degney Seishin Zen Ryoku; both these boys have fought each other on a number of occasions each winning their fear share of matches...this was to be no different, it was a real nail biter with both competitors understanding each other's game plan, first round was a draw. Extension round was required to find a winner, during the extension it was still evenly matched with both fighters trying to outscore each other. Eventual winner by a split decision was Mark, giving Reigan 2nd place.

qldrd2-10-pic2The female black belt division was a crowd pleaser, Sherry Bower Shotokan Karate continued her dominance of this divisions with 1st in forms and point sparring. Pania Casey KenshinKan Karate 2nd in point sparring & 1st in female advanced continuous sparring. Other female standouts and place getters Slava Komzik and Jo-Anne Abott both from GKR

Special thanks to all coaches, instructors and spectators for attending this great day of competition and showing good sportsmanship. To all our staff and officials thank you for your dedication and loyalty to the NAS, special thanks to Queensland Technical Director William Rogers, Caroline Kennedy and Caroline Soner for photos supplied.

We look forward to seeing everyone at round 3 Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast 31st July.

1. Club/Organisation – Profile

qldrd2-10-pic3Instructor's Name: Slava Komzik

Style: GKR Karate

Slava how long have you trained?

15 Years

Location of club & nights you train?

Belmont State School, Sunday Nights

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

We've been involved with NAS for the last 14 years

What do you like about the NAS competition?

Apart from being enjoyable, tournaments inspire students to train harder and with more focus. They also allow them to test their skills, knowledge and strategy against someone of similar ability. And win or lose, they can learn from this and become better martial artists and people for the experience. While there are many tournaments out there, the NAS stands out for its professionalism. The students also love the fact that they can test their skills against a variety of styles – this teaches them to be more adaptable (an important tool for self-defence)

Please name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

Together with students who have been on the team for number of years, like Sean Hampton, Tim Hunter, Troy Walton, Miroslav Bojic and already experienced success at the NAS competitions, our newest team members who did very well on Sunday were Aldin Kovacevic, Annie Borradale, Bailey Henrickson, Hailey Lewis, Kai Christiansen, Krys Syme and Bec Ryther to name a few.

What are the future goals for your organisation?

I cannot speak on behalf of our organization (as Go-Kan-Ryu is an International Club). I can however share with you some of my goals as the Coach/Instructor of the Queensland State Team. My primary goal is to ensure our students get the best possible knowledge and tools available so they may achieve their absolute potential in karate. This does not necessarily translate to tournament results as I see tournaments as something that helps us achieve our potential (eg motivation to train harder, testing skills, learning to control emotions in a pressure situation etc). When we are on track with our growth, tournament results will lift as a by-product. This year we have already had Sensei Anthony Ryan (4x World Kumite Champion) up to Qld twice to conduct seminars solely for our team. Also, a number of our black belts have qualified to compete in Japan, and we are looking to organise a Japan sightseeing/training experience for the rest of the team.

2. Competitor – Profile

qldrd2-10-pic4Instructor Name: Pania Casey-Williams

Style: KenshinKan International Karate

Pania how long have you trained?

I have trained for 20 years, my rank is 4th Dan and I'm a senior instructor at Honbu...I started training when I was only five years old.

Where do you train?

I train at our family's dojo – Honbu, Burleigh Heads RSL, Gold Coast

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I enjoy the good competition given by other, fantastic martial artists. As you all know I am a mum and my son 7 year old Stephen has been competing since 2007 in the pee wee division and to see him and his fellow competitors grow and improve, they are so cute!.... I have seen a lot of people grow in martial arts and in general through the NAS tournaments in the past 18 years. This is what NAS has given me and it's a privilege to witness so much growth in so many people within their individual art

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

It's a toss-up between winning the Champion of champion and watching Stephen win his first bout in point sparring and hearing his team mates cheering him on...a very noisy 1½ minutes

Have you a favorite technique in competition?

I would have to say my roundhouse kick would be my favorite.

Favorite martial artist...

There are a lot of talented martial artists in NAS but I would have to say my father Kancho Jim Casey is the one that I look up to and always will.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

Maybe to regain the champion of champion title again also to be the best role model I can be to the future karateka's such as my children and others.

3. NAS Official Profile

qldrd2-10-pic5Offical Name: Ettore Senatore

Style: Seishin-Ryu Karate-Do Australia

Sensei Ettore how long have you trained?

13 years

Where do you train?

I train in Brisbane on Wednesday and Fridays. Other days I Instruct.

How long have you been involved with the NAS?

11 years

What made you become an NAS Official?

To officiate all different styles

What level are you with the NAS?

I was accredited level 4 at the 2009 National Championships Melbourne

What are your future goals in the NAS?

My future goals in the NAS is to achieve the highest level of accreditation. To set an example to new officials to be fair and honest when judging and refereeing. To make new friends and share my experience.

4. Download Tournament Results

Click here to download Tournament Results Queensland Rd 2 - 18th April 2010 (PDF 66KB)