Rd3 Queensland 20th June 2010


38 different martial art schools attended round 3's competition at Carrara Sports Stadium with over 220 competitors from all over Southeast Queensland.  There was a buzz of excitement with teams getting together warming-up, going over strategies with their coaches and over-coming nerves prior to competition.

Instructors, coaches and officials were debriefed regarding the day's events prior to official bow-in. The Queensland Director Mr. James Casey welcomed all competitors, coaches and spectators, wishing them luck for the day.

1. Standouts on the day!

Demonstrations and weaponry where among the highlights of the day, senior weaponry, Tomas Williams, Zen Chi Ryu gave a polished performance taking out first place, runner up Steven Taylor, Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate.

Junior Demo/Creative weapons were an all Kung Fu final which won the applause of all spectators...awesome and colourful! In first place Nate Wade's team defeating team mates lead by Curt Hall both from Chen Jun Li Wushu, third place Alyssa Fenton from Red Dragon Kung Fu

One of the biggest divisions of the day was the Pee Wee's and their following of parents, grandparents etc...all you could hear was yelling and screaming from mums, dads and team mates. Round by round they where eliminated till it came down to the final two. Stephen Williams, KenshinKan Karate and Bailey McClean, Damashii. Determination and spirit right from the start of this bout was evident from both boys...point for point was scored with ten seconds to go Stephen scored with a high round house kick giving him 2 points and the match. Congratulations to all children, they did their clubs proud!

qldrd3-10-pic110 – 11 years Continuous sparring division was taken out by Gabriel Soner, Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate defeating team mate William St Baker...both boys used the ring well executing good combinations and ring craft.

The male advanced division didn't disappoint anyone who stayed back in the afternoon; these guys meant business right from the start of each match. Competitors where warned by officials to control their contact during competition. The male advanced continuous had everything, aggression, and ring craft also excellent leg and hand techniques; in the final it came down to Matthew Rogers & Joel Fullerton both from KenshinKan Karate, these guys have fought against each other on many occasions...this match was a real crowd pleaser with both men going blow for blow right to the end eventual winner Matthew Rogers.

qldrd3-10-pic2Congratulations must also go to all the officials & staff for an outstanding day of officiating. Special thanks to Qld Technical Director Mr. William Rogers and Senior table official Mrs. Caroline Kennedy. Note! Many thanks to Caroline Soner for action photos.

Martial art schools wishing to get on board the NAS competition – contact QLD State Director, James Casey on 0402 695 717. Look forward to seeing everybody at round 4 on the Gold Coast 15th August, it is going to be a big one!

2. Club/Organisation – Profile

qldrd3-10-pic3Instructor Name: Si-Fu Chen Jun Li

Style: Traditional Kung Fu & Modern Wushu

How long have you trained?

At the age of 7 I began learning Chinese Martial Arts from my father a tradition that has been passed on from my Grandfather Chen Guo-Dong a Kung Fu Master from Hubei Province, China. I continued to study various styles of Chinese Martial Arts over the years in China and Hong Kong.

Location of club & nights you train?

Our club is located in Labrador across from Harbour town on the Gold Coast at 17/19 Ereton drive off Brisbane Rd (Gold Coast Hwy). We are a full time training centre open every weekday, mornings and evenings.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

I was introduced to the NAS many years back and brought my students down to take part in it who'm are all loving it.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

The NAS has assisted in creating a closer bond in our martial arts school with students helping each other and promoting good sportsmanship. I have observed a lot of personal growth in my students and at times students with once quite shy personalities have displayed new found confidence after competing at the NAS which they have then brought into their everyday lives. I found the NAS also gives the participants a chance to see other styles of martial arts and find a new found respect and understanding of all the different arts and disciplines displayed. There are very few tournaments out there in the world like this and we are very grateful to have access to a competition of this calibre. The tournament is very well organised with a team of official judges whom are firm but fair. We also found the NAS to be a great platform to meet new friends from other clubs. With all the competitors with different coloured uniforms in the crowd it helped to make the NAS a colourful vibrant event.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

Our teams are placing very well in the Demo/ Creative Weapons with Team A: Nate Wade, Tye Wilkie & Liam Morley taking our first place as well as Team B: Curt Hall & Ben Hall taking out Second place in the Junior divisions with Choreographed fighting routines. Sascha Newman and William Helmrich also took out first place in Demo/Creative Weapons Senior Division with a convincing display of techniques. We always tell our students that an amateur will practice till they get it right where as a professional practices till he never gets it wrong, on this occasion I believe the team delivered and we were very proud of them especially those whom were fairly new to martial arts. Special mention should go to Nate Wade who took out another first place in Forms.

What are your future goals for your organisation?

We look forward to returning to many more NAS competitions and compete at the finals in Sydney. Our goal is the same as most other styles and that is to promote our style and represent it to the best of our abilities. While showing a good display of good sportsmanship and the idea that all martial arts are one family, we hope to demonstrate the true meaning and spirit of martial arts.

3. Competitor – Profile

qldrd3-10-pic4Instructor Name: Kristel Suess

Style: GKR Karate

How long have you trained? 14 years

Where do you train? Belmont, Brisbane, QLD

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I have been involved in NAS for 12 years and have always found it to be a rewarding experience. At NAS I feel all martial artists are judged and respected for what they do, rather than on what uniform they wear. From my very first tournament I have felt that a strong camaraderie develops between the various styles and we see what we have in common as martial artists rather than our differences, it's about promoting something we are all passionate about and not about any style being better than another.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

I have two, winning my very first World Title back in 2000 at the WASO championships. The second was winning Weaponry at the 2005 Nationals, this meant a lot to me as my weapons training is self taught.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

Snap front kick off the front leg.

Favourite martial artist...

Too numerous to mention, in my early days as a martial artist I had many role models that I looked up too for inspiration, and they shaped my development to a large degree. But these days I believe in a more unique approach where I prefer to develop my own individual style to suit my personal body type and strengths.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

To continue to enjoy competing, I believe as long as you enjoy what you do you will be successful.

4. NAS Official Profile

qldrd3-10-pic5Name: Martyn Fleming

Style: Bonsai Karate

How long have you trained?

Judo in my early teenage years. Studied a little GoJu Karate at the age of 18, before I went into the Australian Defence Force. For the last four years, I have trained under Sensei Nick Noordink and Bonsai Karate.

Where do you train?

On the north side of Brisbane (Aspley, Wavell Heights, Carseldine and soon to open a new dojo in Kedron).

How long have you been involved with the NAS?

3 years as a competitor, 2 years as a judge.

What made you become a NAS Official?

As a NAS Official, you get the best seat in the house!! You're so close to the action and constantly watching each event on your ring. This insight has helped develop my understanding of the various martial arts, as well as tactics that work and don't work in the tournaments. On top of this, I get to support the tournament that gave me a chance to compete at all levels (regional, state and national), which is a great feeling.

What level are you with the NAS?

Level 1 – Keen to learn more and develop my skills as a referee.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

Although I've had some success in the mainstream events (point-sparring, continuous and forms), I'd like to get involved in creative forms, demonstrations and some traditional weaponry for next year's NAS tournaments. Beyond my own goals, I'd like to encourage and support our students to participate. It's very rewarding to see our young talent getting involved and learning more about the different styles that NAS attract to their tournaments. As far as I'm concerned, if one of our students takes their first brave step into the ring, they're already a winner!

5. Download Tournament Results

Click here to download Tournament Results Queensland Rd 3 - 20th June 2010 (PDF 79KB)