Rd1 Queensland - 10th April 2016



Queensland round one got off to a great start!

Good numbers of competitors turned up for round one at Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium, for another exciting year of NAS competition.

Mr. James Casey NAS President welcomed everyone also congratulated everyone for a fantastic effort at last year’s Nationals and winning champion state once again!


First up in the morning:

Male black belt open forms competition was in full swing, 2016 saw junior black belts moving up into the adult divisions with some fine kata/forms taking out first place Mikey Fleming: Bonsai Karate with Blayd Tunstall: Kenshinkan Karate second place, third place Michael Kekewick: Kotora Kai Karate.

Spectators where entertained with some excellent martial arts by all participants in this division. Male black belt open points sparring finals Jake Noble: Success Martial Arts was too classy on the day out scoring his opponents and taking out first place, a spirited second going to team mate Jason Paterson, third place Michael Kekewick

Male veteran point sparring was another keenly fought division, however the finals saw Tony Taylor: Seishin Zen Ryoku, taking out first place, second place going to Bill Free – GKR, third place Matt Duff: Success Martial Arts

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Demonstrations got off to a great start and the spectators where treated to some excellent performances from various styles. Junior synchronised team forms were taken out by A-team KenshinKan, 2nd place B-team KenshinKan, 3rd place Team Seishin Zen. The senior male team division withdrew due to injuries. Extreme Creative Weaponry 0-12yrs, 1st place Levi Vereyken: MD Martial Arts & Boxing, 2nd place Hunter Gammel: traditional Korean Karate, 3rd place Axel Vereyken: MD Martial Arts & Boxing. Extreme Creative Weaponry 13-17yrs, 1st , place going to Marcus Bryant: ATA Martial Arts. Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, taking out 1st place Rachael Taylor: Seishin Zen Ryoku, 2nd place going to team mate Michaela Soner, 3rd place Hunter Gammel: traditional Korean Karate. Traditional Weaponry 13-17yrs taking 1st place Tiana Sing: Gold Coast Martial Centre, 2nd place Damien Prins: Seishin Zen Ryoku 3rd place to team mate Jasvanti Lala. Traditional Weaponry Senior, 1st place went to Kristel Suess Tetsuya Karate,

8-9 yrs (10th to 6th Kyu) final forms and point sparring: Finals forms saw Jack Dennis: Brisbane Kung Fu take first place to team mate Seth Pinnow, in third place Victoria Knijff: Seishin Zen Ryoku, Finals point sparring saw an all victory to Seishin Zen Ryoku 1st Victoria Knijff, 2nd Samantha Densmore in 3rd place Oliver Lowery 

Female black belt-open division where among the highlights of the day, Female Black belt forms was taken out by Kristel Suess: Tetsuya Karate with a polished performance, second place Cassidy Hooson: KenshinKan Karate & third place going to Kathryn Stockwin: Kotora Kai Karate 
Female continuous sparring final was hotly contested; Cassidy Hooson: KenshinKan was relentless in her attack against Kathryn Stockwin: Kotora Kai Karate winning majority of points from all judges, gallant second going to Kathryn, third place Barbara Wood: Bonsai Karate  
We wish to personally thank all competitors, parents, coaches for an outstanding day of sportsmanship and to all officials, congratulations for a great day of officiating.
We look forward to seeing everyone at round two on the Gold Coast, Carrara Sports Stadium. 22nd May….. Special thanks to Cassidy Hooson for photographs taken on the day 
On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!Yours in martial arts 
Enquiries from new clubs wishing to compete with the NAS Queensland, phone Mr. James Casey on 0402 695 717 or befriend me on face book: Jim Casey National All Styles … where you will find up-dates and what is going on in the NAS around Australia 
Look forward to hearing from you.

NAS Competitor Profile pic47

NAME: Bevan Bell 
STYLE: Seishin Ryu Karate-do 
How long have you trained? I have been training for a little over four years. This year is my fourth year of competing. 
Where and or how often do you train? I train three to four times a week. Monday night training is held at the Jamboree Heights dojo, Tuesday and Thursday nights are held at the Camira dojo and Wednesday night training is held at the Middle Park dojo.
 Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition? What I like about the NAS competition is the chance to compete against so many different people who train in such a wide range of styles. It is a good opportunity to test yourself, test your nerves and see how you react when put under pressure, whether it is when presenting your kata or facing an opponent in kumite. Along with this it is also a great chance to meet new people who all share a common interest, and develop new friendships. 
Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? My best moment in NAS competition so far would be winning a national title in Sydney, 2013, in male intermediate kata.
 Have you a favorite technique in competition? Not at present. I try to not rely too much on any one technique. I like to use many different techniques when I compete. 
Favorite martial artist... My favorite martial artist is Jackie Chan. Watching his movies always inspired me to return to training, but it also showed me that you didn’t have to be the biggest guy to be able to defend yourself. 
What are your future goals in the NAS? My future goals in NAS would be to continue competing, while demonstrating a high level of sportsmanship. To inspire the junior competitors coming through the divisions to win and lose always with respect, for all their competitors.

NAS Australian Referee’s Board pic0

ARB Officials & Table Officials

The NAS prides itself as among one of the most professional tournament circuits in the Southern hemisphere with over 4000 competitors competing throughout Australia each year. The NAS Australian Referees Board sets one of the highest standards of officiating & accreditation criteria within this country and abroad, adheres to strict guidelines regarding rules & regulations. The NAS code of conduct is to provide all participants with some simple rules concerning the standard of behavior within the NAS competition We invite you to become an NAS Official Instructors, black belts & veteran competitors are welcome to join the NAS referees board and gain State, National and International recognition as an NAS Official


  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time. These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct. 
  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition. Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals  
  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating.  
  • Join our team of highly qualified martial art instructors/ NAS Officials

 Incentives joining NAS ARB:

a/    The NAS sets one of the highest standards of officiating in this country.
b/    Officials level of accreditation range from Level 1 through to Level 4 & National trainer
c/    Your school will gain first hand knowledge on rules & regulations of the NAS competition
d/    Officials accreditation, certification and tie are free of charge
e/    Family members free spectator entry into NAS competition
f/     Free lunch provided for Officials/ Table officials onlyg
/    Your style/ club promoted in the Blitz magazine, Official of the month for recognition within the Australian Referees Board (ARB) Note! State Director will choose a different Official each tournament 
No joining fee .... For membership or accreditations into the NAS-ARB 
Call me regarding joining the NAS ARB and becoming an NAS Official/ Table official….. Mr. James Casey 0402 695 717


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