Rd2 Queensland - 21st June 2015


Action packed day of competition

The day got off to a great start competitors arriving from all over South East Queensland and NorthernNew South Wales. 8.30am all competitors lined up for the official bow in. With excellent numbers ofmartial art schools in attendance, the day was set for a great day of competition.


Black belt divisions were up first with some excellent bouts, in the men’s open black belt point sparring Michael Looke (WSKF) defeated Laurence Smith (KenshinKan Karate) in an intense clash, third place going to Michael Kekewick (KoTora Kai Karate). Black belt forms saw Laurence Smith taking first place runnerup Michael Kekewick.Veteran’s form was another highlight of the morning with some excellent performances. In first place Minoru Yamasaki (WSKF) with a strong kata/form with applause from all attending in second place Julie-Ann Bell (Bubishi Martial Arts) and taking out third place Steve Dare (IGK)


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The pace continued in other rings with Junior and senior demonstrations; there where excellentperformances during these divisions. Junior demos division was taken out by Teams KenshinKan in 0– 12 years & 13 – 17 years divisions (Synchronised team kata/form), Demo 0-12 year: traditional weaponry division was a hard one for the judges to decide winner, eventual winner Rachael Taylor(Seishin Zen Ryoku) second place going to Alexander Storoy (Bubishi Martial Arts). In the seniordivision saw Kristel Suess (Tetsuya Karate) taking first place, second place Dean Pratt (Seito Kai Iaido), third place Patricia Tan (Kyokushin Lismore)

Junior divisions where hotly contested for which kept all referees, judges and parents on their toes. Finals of the 8 to 9 yrs (10th - 6th Kyu) point sparring division saw a David and goliath tussel to see who would take out first place Brayden Garner (Seishin Zen Ryoku) with Gabe McCarthy (WSKF). Brayden’s speed and agility with quick combinations saw him take the match, giving second place toGabe, third place Harriet Knijff (Seishin Zen Ryoku). Finals of the 7 to 9 yrs continuous sparring was areal nail biter with Mahalia Williams (KenshinKan Karate) having to dig deep to defeat a determinedVictoria Knijff (Seishin Zen Ryoku) third place going to Harriet Knijff (Seishin Zen Ryoku) …well done to all the children, win or lose you are all little champions for having a go!

Later in the day saw the female black belt divisions commence with great competition in the female blackbelt forms, Pania Casey-Williams (KenshinKan Karate) getting the nod from all the judges for an excellent form/kata runner up Kristel Suess (Tetsuya Karate), third place Julie-Ann Bell (Bubishi Martial Arts). Point sparring final saw Kahalia Smith (Bubishi Martial Arts) fight out the final with arch rival Nicki Hodkinson (KenshinKan Karate), both girls out to prove a point and wanting the victorythroughout the match points went back and forward with pressure on both girls trying to score the winning point, with seconds to go Kahalia scored with a fast reverse punch taking the point and match,second place Nicki Hodkinson, third place Barbara Wood (Bonsai Karate)

Finally to the NAS officials and staff who put on their black and whites and generously give up their day to ensure the NAS competitor has the best tournament experience possible…thank you all so verymuch.

Mr William Rogers and Mr Aussie Pape senior Officials NAS QLD many thanks…Thanks also to Mrs Caroline Kennedy senior table official and a very special thanks to Caroline Soner for action shots.

Martial art styles/clubs wishing to get on board the NAS, contact me on 0402 695 717 for information on all remaining events. Look forward to seeing everybody at round 3 on the 16th August on the Gold Coast; it’s going to be a big one!On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank orcreed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts



NAME: Chicaine Williams

STYLE: KenshinKan International Karate

How long have you trained? I have trained for about four years 

Where do you train? I train with my Pop & Mum, Kancho Jim Casey and Shihan Pania at the Burleigh Heads RSL, 6th Avenue Miami, Gold Coast

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition? We have a lot of fun with all the kids who come to the tournament playing ball and then we can cheer for our team mates who are competing like they did for me when I competed at my first tournament on Sunday…it was hard but it was fun.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? Watching my mum competing and cheering for my brother Stephen, sister’s Kealy and Mahalia when they compete and now they cheer for me. 

Have you a favourite technique in competition? I like boxing and high round house kicks 

Favourite martial artist... My mum and then Pop.

What are your future goals in the NAS? I don’t know because I got what I wanted and that was first place and a trophy…but maybe be a champion like mum.



INSTRUCTOR NAME: Sensei Phil Dawson


STYLE: Shotokan


How long have you trained? 20 years


 Location of club & nights you train? 


Every Monday - Kids Class 3.45pm - 5.00pm
Senior Class - 7.30pm - 9.00pm Tuesday - Open Class - 6.15pm - 7.30pm
Thursday - Open Class - 6.00pm - 7.30pm Location:
St Bernardines - Sienna Hall, St Bernardines Catholic School 25 Vergulde Rd, REGENTS PARK 4118


How did you find out about the NAS competition?


I first competed in NAS with my previous club that I was training with many years ago. 


What do you like about the NAS competition?


We enjoy the support, sportsmanship and the opportunity that NAS gives our students to showcase their skills. NAS is a fabulous arena for clubs to come together, allowing us to appreciate various styles and skill levels. I do have to say one of the highlights for me in regards to NAS is observing the support given to competitors from not only members of their own club but from complete strangers, especially the encouragement given to the first timers or our little competitors.


Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition…..


As you know Kristel Suess is a well known champion within NAS but I reckon all who compete from Tetsuya are champions, as soon as they step foot on the mat they are winners!


What are your future goals for your organisation? 


"Tetsuya" means = Devotion & Philosophy


Tetsuya Karate Do is family owned and operated with the aim to pass along the timeless tradition of Martial Arts to those willing to embark on a journey of learning and self-discovery. Being family owned and operated we have a very strong awareness of the pressures of living costs. As sports for both adults and children it is very important for social interaction and also very important for playing its part in living an active and healthy lifestyle. With this in mind we have structured our business with keeping costs low without affecting the quality of training that is delivered. Our future plans are to continue the personalised training we offer to all of our students, as we are very passionate in ensuring that all students feel like a part of the Tetsuya family. We have launched a formal instructors training program for our future instructors, allowing us to make certain that students of our future locations will be provided with the very best qualified instructors that we can produce, protecting the style we teach by having continuity across all instructors. Our biggest goal for the future: Is to continue sharing our passion of martial arts with as many people as possible.


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