Rd3 Victoria - 31st August 2014

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Go Victoria NAS!


With well over 200 competitors, ready to do battle in a packed venue… the scene was set for a huge day of competition and the crowed was not to be disappointed… with State Titles just around the corner this was the last chance for all to qualify for invitation


Highlights of the days comp!

The morning began with Veterans point sparring with a vengeance, the speed and strength of the old boy’s/girl’s rivalling that of any younger competitor. Michelle Alfonsi – Winged Dragon M/A won the woman’s division runner up Jillian Cole – Funakoshi Karate Australia, while in the men’s Paul Allwood – Boarder Karate didn’t have it all his own way during the final, facing a determined opponent, Paul rallied on getting in and out quickly, this tactic winning him the match, runner – up Salvy Russo – Unsu Kai Karate 

Some excellent performances from demonstrations/ weaponry divisions; junior traditional weaponry was taken out by Martyn Allwood, runner-up team mate Ashleigh Laird both from Border Karate. Demo/Creative weapons saw good numbers of competitors, taking home first place was Team Kimekai Karate, Tamara Corcoran – Fudo Shin & Frank DeCata - Team F/S Pro active taking home 3rd place.

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Senior Traditional weaponry division, spectators & competitors were entertained with some fine performances. Darren Ball - Fudo Shin taking out 1st place with a traditional Kenjitsu Japanese sword demonstration which won not only the applause from the judges but also spectators and competitors,2nd place going to Ardel Moore, Wushu, 3rd place to Karen Ascension – Ten Shi Do Shito Ryu

Pee wee’s division was one of the biggest divisions of the day which kept the Referees, Judges and parents on their toes. The bouts were fast and furious, round by round as competitors where eliminated there was always mixed emotions however there was always a pat on the back from the coach and a hug from Mum or Dad. In the end it came down to two competitors who would win today’s event, Peas Kemp – Kimekai Karate came up against Cohen Melli – MACE, right from the bell both boys exploded from their corners with a flurry of kicks & punches. Halfway through the match Peas picked his shots and pulled away on points to take out the match, runner-up Cohen & 3rd place going to Matthew Kochuthara.

8 to 9 years (10th to 6th Kyu) was another big division with some excellent stand-outs. Forms were taken out by Vanderlie Kemp – Kimekai Karate, 2nd place going Matthew Murphy – Loong Fu Pai M/A 3rd place Matthew Choureemootoo – Northern Goju. Finals of the point sparring saw a hard fought tussle between Vanderlei Kemp & Matthew Choureemootoo with Vanderlei proving too strong on the day a gallant 3rd place going to Mackenzie Knight – Northern Goju

10 to 11 years (5thkyu to Black belt) point sparring final saw Drew Morey – Loong Fu Pai M/A come up against Daniel Russo – Unsu Kai Karate the bout was fast a furious with both boys exchanging excellent explosive techniques. Towards the end of the match Drew lunged forward scoring with a reverse punch to take the match, 2nd place going to Daniel and 3rd place to Matthew Gouldson – Loong Fu Pai

Men’s novice continuous sparring got under way after a small lunch break; the final was an all Unsu Karate tussle to see who would take out first place. The match was a fiery event with both competitors pushing each other to the limit in the end all judges awarded the final to Christopher Fielder, 2nd place Stephen Farrell, 3rd place Harry Pham – Wing Chun Kung Fu

Special thanks to Mr Gary Palmer, Mr Wayne Morrison, Mr Matthew Bryce for travelling from Sydney and assisting on the day also to all members of the Victorian referees board and staff for making this event a great success. A heart felt thanks to Mr Darren Ball & team of first aiders, Photograhers Mr David Palfreeman & Mr Adrian Delia for supplying action photos…looking forward to seeing everyone on the 4th of October for State championships it is going to be a big one!

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts




NAME: Luke Campbell

STYLE: Loong Fu Pai

How long have you trained? I have been training for over 25 years

Where and or how often do you train? I teach and train 4-5 times a week in a few different places. (Knox gardens, Monbulk and Lysterfield)

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition? I think because NAS is an all styles tournament it is a great place to come and learn about all different Martial Arts and over the years i have made quite a few friends through NAS

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? I don’t really have a best moment although I have had plenty of great moments through NAS. Some of my best memories would have to be fighting it out with my brothers (Beau and Blake) in several finals throughout the years.

Have you a favourite technique in competition? Favourite technique changes from year to year, usually it varies from a back fist to a front kick to a double round house kick

Favourite martial artist... I don’t have a favourite martial artist I enjoy a wide range of styles and martial artist

What are your future goals in the NAS? I am very into teaching our styles new tournament team we have put together. I hope we can make it a lot bigger and I hope I can guide them to a successful tournament life





INSTRUCTOR NAME: Tamara MottramI’m the owner/Instructor of Ishinryu Karate EchucaMy Instructor is Sensei Bruce Hyland who is the head of Ishinryu Victoria.
STYLE: IshinryuExperienced in: Shotokan, GoJu & Muay Thai
How long have you trained?Fourteen years.I started Karate at the age of four under Sensei Bruce Hyland
Location of club & nights you train?My club is located in Echuca (Regional Victoria)We train Monday and Wednesdays with plans on opening a Saturday class.
Tamara how did you find out about the NAS competition?Sensei Bruce Hyland introduced me to NAS at the age of five and I have been competing ever since.
Please tell us what you like about the NAS competitionSince I have been competing with NAS for so many years I have really gotten to know all the referees and competitors. It’s great to see all the new competitors coming through as well as seeing all the old competitors improving and growing as a martial artist. It’s also fantastic to see ALL STYLES coming together learning and experiencing each others style.NAS is such a friendly environment and that is why I haven’t hesitated in introducing my students into the NAS.
Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition…..As we are a very young club my students are very new to the competition world but with a huge group of dedicated and talented students I look forward to the future so keep your eyes open for Ishinryu Echuca
What are your future goals for your organisation?As a personal goal I would love to make my way up the chain and be a referee on the rings giving back to the NAS organisation. In the future I would love to win the champion of champions.As an instructor and with the guidance of Bruce Hyland I would love to see my club grow and eventually move into a full time training facility.

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