Rd3 Queensland - 13th July 2014

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A great day had by all

Round 3 of the NAS for Queensland region saw a great response from both near and far with many new styles enjoying the concept of NAS competition for the first time. Special mention must go to all those Instructors/competitors and families who made the long journey from Lismore, Brisbane and Gympie for a great day’s competition, great to see martial artists so keen.

After debriefing with all coaches, Instructor and officials regarding the day’s event everyone lined up for the official bow-in.

Action started off with male black belt and veterans divisions. Male black belt forms divisions where well represented with some excellent standouts, taking out 1st place, Jason Mannix (Yamaguchi Goju Kai), 2nd place Steven Taylor (Seishin Zen Ryoku) & 3rd place Mark Stone (Seishin Zen Ryoku). Point sparring finals was a hard fought bout between Mark Stone (Seishin Zen Ryoku) & Shannon Baker (JKA Shotokan), both guys wouldn’t give an inch throughout the match however Marks experience and reach advantage gave him the edge to out score Shannon to take the match, 3rd place going to Richard Marlin (Success Martial Arts). Veterans form division was taken out by Garry Edwards (Shito Ryu Redlands Karate) with a polished performance, 2nd place taken out by Scott Hampson (Seishin-Ryu Karate Do) & in 3rd place Bill Free (Go Kan Ryu Karate). Finals men’s veterans point sparring was an excellent bout with both men showing their experiences of many years of training also had the crowd going with some fiery encounters, eventual winner taking out 1st place Richard Marlin (Success Martial Arts), 2nd place Bill Free (Go Kan Ryu Karate) & in 3rd place Frank Mechler (Freestyle Kung-fu Academy)

Continuous sparring is always an exciting division to watch, very similar to kick boxing but without the unrestrained contact and competitors are able to use all kinds of techniques, including leg-kicking, which makes for some very explosive matches. The 7 to 9 year old division kept the referees on their toes with these future up-coming champions. Taking out first place with a hard fought final was Rachael Taylor (Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate), 2nd place Steele Dwyer Freestyle Kung-fu Academy 3rd place going to Darcy Gilbert (Freestyle Kung-fu Academy), to those who did not make the final there was an encouragement certificate for trying and a hug from Mum & Dad

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Demonstration is always a crowd pleaser with many different styles demonstrating their skills on weaponry and self defence. The Junior Demo/creative weapons were taken out by Domonik Lowe (Haidong Gumbo TKD), 2nd place Samantha Ellis (ATA Martial Arts) & 3rd place Gabrielle Uren (Phoenix Arts). Traditional weaponry saw some fine display of skill & balance of weaponry. Taking out 1st place with an excellent bow kata Ethan Airs (Shito Ryu Redlands Karate), 2nd place Raushan Lala (Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate) & 3rd place Madelyn Mechler (Freestyle Kung-fu Academy

Male 14 – 15 year’s (5th Kyu to Black Belt) finals kept all the parents and Officials on their toes with good numbers of competitors, round by round they where eliminated with mixed feelings but there was always a pat on the back from the Coach after trying. Finals of the point sparring was full of non stop action with Ethan Airs (Shito Ryu Redlands Karate) proving too strong on the day out scoring his opponent to take 1st place with runner-up Julian Joachim (JKA Shotokan), 3rd place going to Lachlan Teale (Freestyle Kung-fu Academy) 

Spectators where treated to some fine performances from the Female black belt forms competition, taking out 1st place with a fine form/kata, Pania Casey-Williams (KenshinKan Karate) a close second Kristel Suess (Tetsuya Karate) 3rd place going to Kathryn Stockwin (Kotora Kai Karate). Finals point sparring saw some fiery encounters from all participating giving it their all. In the end Pania Casey-Williams proved too strong on the day out scoring her opponent Kahlia Smith (Bubishi Martial Arts), 3rd place going to Skye Clements (Loong Fu Pai). Female advanced continuous finals saw Nicki Hodkinson (KenshinKan Karate) taking out 1st place, 2nd place going to Kathryn Stockwin, 3rd place Monica deVerteuil (Bonsai Karate) 

We wish to thank all attending clubs and families for making this day a great success and look forward to seeing you al at round 4, Sunday 14th September on the Gold Coast. 

Special thanks to all the officials & staff for an outstanding day of officiating. Thank you to Qld Technical Director Mr. William Rogers and Senior table official Mrs. Caroline Kennedy. Many thanks to Cassidy Hooson for supplying action photos 

Martial art schools wishing to get on board the NAS competition – contact QLD State Director, James Casey on 0402 695 717.  

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NAME: Bill Free

Please tell us about yourself! I am 57 years old, married with four children. I am a second Dan black belt with Go Kan Ryu karate. I live in Brisbane and train three nights a week – for me, competing is part of my training.

STYLE: Go Kan Ryu karate

How long have you trained? 10 years

Where do you train? Personally, I train three nights a week – twice with our regional instructors and once with our national team. I also teach two classes a week. 

How long have you been involved with the NAS? I started competing in NAS in 2006 - I remember competing in the 2nd WASO competition.

What made you become a NAS Official? I’ve always tried to help out where I can – if I’m going to be there all day at a competition, I might as well be doing something. Being an official, I can learn the rules and pass on this information to my team mates. 

 What level are you with the NAS? Level 2

 What are your future goals in the NAS? My next goal is to get Level 3 NAS accreditation.  

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NAME: Richard Marlin

STYLE: Arjuken Karate 

How long have you trained? 37 years

Where and or how often do you train? I train and teach at Success Martial Arts in Lismore 4-5 days per week.

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition? NAS provides many opportunities for my team to compete relatively close to home. I also appreciate the friendly environment. 

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? I have many memorable moments thanks to NAS, but my most successful outing was the 2013 Australian Titles where I won the veterans point sparring division and placed third in the black belt lightweights.

Have you a favourite technique in competition? As I am a firm believer in constant and never-ending improvement, my favourite technique is the next one I try that I’ve never used in competition before. 

Favourite martial artist... I have many favourite martial artists, each of whom is a role model and an inspiration for others. Liz Mahler, Luc Battistello, Edji Zenel, Fari Salievski, Bruce Hyland, Antonio Oliva, Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and All my students.

What are your future goals in the NAS? To continue to compete, experiment and challenge myself and lead by example for my students.


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INSTRUCTOR NAME: Sifu Frank Mechler

STYLE: Freestyle Kung Fu 

How long have you trained? I have trained in Martial Arts for 35yrs

Location of club & nights you train? We Train Richlands East SS Hall in Richlands and we train Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights… Kids and Adults train separately. 

How did you find out about the NAS competition? I found about NAS through Blitz Magazine and was also aware of some local clubs that get involved.

What do you like about the NAS competition? I like that it gives our students the opportunity to test their skills against other credible styles not just Kung Fu. I also feel it bridges the gap between schools and offers a safe and fair environment for our students to grow. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun and a great team building day.

 Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition….. Firstly our SiBak (assistant instructor) Maddi Mechler 16yrs, she is a level 2 Black Sash and competed in 3 events achieved the gold medal in the black belt point sparring and 2 bronze medals in weapons and continuous sparring. Phoebe Mechler 12yrs achieved gold in the 12-13yr black belt division. When phoebe was 9 she won 3rd at the Nationals in continuous sparring she was 1st out of girls only to be beaten by 2 boys. Nathan Teale is up and coming in the 12-13 boys blackbelt division receiving a hard earned second in points and continuous. Steele Dwyer one of our newest students in the 8/9 points and continuous received 2 second places in his first comp… he has a bright future.


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