State Titles Queensland - 13th October 2013

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Queensland 2013 State Titles ended on a high for all attending!

Excellent numbers of competitors from all over Southeast Queensland as far away as Lismore from the south, Texas and Toowoomba converged on the Gold Coast for the State championship.  Over 29 different martial art schools attended these championships and made it a great day of competition.

One could feel the excitement with martial artists from all over Queensland hoping to become 2013 State champion and qualify to represent their State QLD at the up-coming National championships in Sydney, 14th & 15th December.  To be held at Sydney Olympic park, Home bush...competitors where reminded to be a good sport on and off the competition arena

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 Highlights and standouts of the day's competition

The day was packed excitement as officials prepared themselves for a long day of non stop action, Male black belt divisions where among the highlights of the morning with some real standouts.  Male black belt forms Khai Tran, Seishin-Ryu gave a polished performance to win the votes from all judges taking first place, 2nd place Garry Edwards, Shito Ryu Redlands, 3rd place going to Craig Knott, Seishin Zen Ryoku.  Male black belt point sparring final was a heated affair with competitors being cautioned to control their contact.  Khai Tran, Seishin-Ryu, came up against Bill Free, GKR, both fighters exchanging good combinations however halfway through the bout Khai stepped into another gear and pulled out some excellent shots scoring the judges flags and taking out the match, 2nd place going to Bill Free and 3rd place to Michael Kekewick, Kotora Kai Karate

Veteran's form division was another highlight of the morning with some excellent performances. In first place Jason King, Shaolin Kung Fu with a polished performance and receiving excellent scores from all three judges, second place Garry Edwards, Shito Ryu Redlands who also gave a polished performance going down by a mere point one, 3rd place Bill Free GKR.

The junior traditional weaponry division had good number of competitors; the standard was very high, in 1st place Ethan Airs, Shito Ryu Redland, 2nd place Raushan Lala, Seishin Zen Ryuoku and 3rd place going to Emily Graydon, ATA Martial Arts.  Final of junior demo/creative weapons was another division that was hotly contested with some polished performances. 1st place Courtney Noble, Success M/A, 2nd place Bailey Warman, ATA Martial arts.  State synchronized team forms saw GKR senior team and junior teams take out state championships, runner up Team KenshinKan

Final of the 8 to 9 years 10th – 6th Kyu division point sparring Keenan Krahl, DAMASHII came up against Jasmine Bacon, KenshinKan, talk about non stop action for 1 & ½ minutes, these pockets of dynamites went point for point right to the bell.  Eventual winner and State champion, Keenan Krahl, 2nd place going to Jasmine Bacon & 3rd place Keagan, Prin, Shiro Ryu

Finals of the 10 to 11 years 5th Kyu – Black belt point sparring was another bout full of action and excitement taking out 1st place, Mitchell Bucher, Success M/A. 2nd place going to William Torto, GKR  3rd place Curtis Reck, Bubishi M/A

Female black belt division was one of the highlights of the afternoon with many spectators gathering around the ring to see who would be 2013 State champion.  The tension was high before the competition started.  Three of NAS Australian Champion of champions where out to prove they still have what it takes.  With a 12 month lay-off from competition & having her 5th child Pania Casey Williams took out the double winning the forms and point sparring divisions, runner up in forms saw Kristel Suess, GKR 3rd place Sherry Bower, Shotokan.  In point sparring 2nd place going to Sherry Bower 3rd place Nicki Kennedy, of the most important things in martial arts is courtesy and respect which all of these competitors displayed towards each other and have built close relationships regardless of styles

Virginia and I would like to thank all martial art schools for their support and loyalty to the NAS competition and we wish each and every one of them the best of success for the 2013 NAS National Championships in December. Go Queensland!

To Mr. William Rogers, Mr Ian Pape & Mrs Caroline Kennedy and all Senior referees and judges, thank you all for an outstanding year of Officiating and making the NAS one of the most sort after tournament circuits in Queensland...To Mrs Caroline Soner a special thanks for providing action photos through out the year

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Nationals

Yours in martial arts

Queensland 2013 Officials of the year Official profile

On behalf of the NAS CEO, Mr. Silvio Morelli, the President, Chairman of the ARB Mr JamesCasey wishes to congratulate Queensland's Official of the year– Referee/Judge & Table official2013
ARB Official of the year: Martyn Fleming for his dedication and service to the Queensland ARBMartyn has been involved with the NAS as an Official for the past 5 years and has the respect andadmiration from all attending martial art schools
Table Official of the year:  Mr Noel Truasheim for his dedication and service to the Queensland ARB Noel works tirelessly with NAS QLD as a table official which is very much appreciated.
To our recipients congratulations on receiving these awards also to all members of the Queensland referees board. I personally wish to thank and congratulate you all for an out-standing year of officiating
Yours sincerely
James Casey

NAS Competitor Profile Competitor profile

NAME: Khai Tran

STYLE: Seishin-Ryu Karate-Do

How long have you trained? 15 years. I train with all the black belts from the club at our Hombu Dojo once a week twice a week at other dojos.

Where and or how often do you train?

Please tell us what you like about the NAS competition: I like competing in NAS tournaments because it gives me the opportunity to test me skills against different martial arts. This means I have to always train hardto keep my Karate at a high level and learn to adapt to all competitors from different martial arts.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS: Wining 1st place for Kata at a WASO tournament when I was younger.

Favourite martial artist... Jet Li and Jackie Chan

What are your future goals in the NAS? At this point, to win first place for male open black belt kata and Champion of Champions 2013.

Club/Organisation – Profile Club profile

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Chief Instructor is Sifu Jason King running Brisbane Kung Fu for over 18years.
STYLE: Predominant style is Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu although this is supplemented by Tai Ji,Grappling and Qin Na.
How long have you trained? I have trained in martial arts for over 25 years. I dabbled in a varietyof styles including Judo, Karate, Jujitsu before spending a few years doing Ninjutsu. When I movedto university, I met my Kung Fu Master Yi-Yen Lee and have so far spent 22 years studying variousChinese Martial Arts, specialising in Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu.
Location of club & nights you train? We have classes at Springwood, Macgregor, Bardon and Beaudesert and most nights through the week. Also weekend classes are available see www.BrisbaneKungFu.comfor further details.
How did you find out about the NAS competition? I first heard about the NAS tournament circuit through the Blitz Magazine back in 1995. I entered with a few students and have competed ever since.
What do you like about the NAS competition? What I like about NAS is that it gives you the opportunity to perform under pressure. If we ever need to use our martial arts in real life we’ll beunder pressure so it’s a chance to see what is consolidated within our repertoire and what needsmore ingraining. Also the opportunity to compete and experience against unknown opponents/stylesgives variety to our practice.
Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition? Simon Hu and Vince Constantinou are new to the blackbelt divisions and are enjoying thechallenges of facing high ranks from other styles. They are both displaying their proficiencyparticularly in the forms (kata) and weapons divisions
What are your future goals for your organisation? I am planning for Brisbane Kung Fu academyto expand to more locations and also to have more specialised classes. Also, there are already stepstowards books, DVD’sand online tuition.


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