Rd4 Queensland 1st September 2013

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QLD gearing up to the 2013 State Championship!

Queensland NAS competitors, some having to travel a good 5 hours attended round 4 at the Tallebudgera Action Recreation centre on the Gold Coast.  All attending this tournament anticipated an intense day as this being the final event for one to qualify for invitation to the 2013 State championship in October at the Carrara Indoor sports stadium.

Mr Casey welcomed all thanking everyone for their attendance and once all information regarding the States and the National titles was given the official bow-In was done, Mr Casey instructed all Officials to get their rings organised and going.

New clubs attending for the first time displayed excellent talent in both forms and sparring, this really kept a lot of the regular attendees on their toes.  There was no doubt that they will be a force to be reckoned with.

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High lights of the day...Male black belt open forms competition as usual had the highest of standards.  Vincent Constantinou - Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu had all judges agree his performance was the best of the morning awarding him scores to put him into first place, not too far off the mark and in second place was Anthony Nunn – Zendo Kai.  Taking first place in the point sparring division was a very experienced Jason Parker – Institute of Modern TKD utilizing his fast leg techniques to outscore and therefore put in second place Brian Donaldson – Success M/A. 

Senior traditional weaponry saw some excellent performances from various martial artists.  In the senior division, Vincent Constantinou - Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu gave a polished performance giving him first place, in second place a new entrant to NAS Dean Pratt – Seito Kai Iaido took out the silver.

The aged divisions between 11yrs down to under 7 years Pee Wee's are always assured to have large numbers of competitors with enthusiasm and attitude sent to test their Officials and this was the fact with the following divisions and although we are unable to mention them all we certainly congratulate them all for a good day of competition and sportsmanship they show to each other.  The Pee Wee's point sparring final was such a division which had mums, dads and coaches sitting on the edge of their seats.  Chicaine Williams - KenshinKan was out to make his mark in this division however Tannin Clough- DAMASHII a regular to the NAS had other ideas...both these children where on fire.  Chicaine came out with all guns blazing scoring with a quick concession of punches to take first points.  All through the match these boys would score against each other point for point...with seconds to go Chicaine ducked under Tannins defence and scored with a punch to the midriff giving him the winning point.

Final of the 10 to 11 yrs continuous divisions had team mates from Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate win first place in both the male and female divisions, Vincent D'Amico and Bethany Morris both had to compete a large number of children within these divisions to be victorious, we had team mates from KenshinKan take home second place, Alec Webster & Liliana Martin-Rampton. 

14 – 15 year's (5th Kyu to Black Belt) female finals kept all the parents and Officials on their toes with big numbers of competitors, round by round they where eliminated with mixed feelings.  In the final Kasey Wolfenden - JKA Shotokan vs. Emily Graydon – ATA Martial Arts...talk about a nail biter, this match had everything, excellent ring craft, spectacular kicking combinations even warnings issued for contact.  Eventual winner Kasey Wolfenden 

These next divisions are what our junior ranked and aged groups aspire to as they are very strong and pressies in their actions while performing wither it be in forms or point sparring. The female black belt forms which was taken out by Sherry Bower - JKA Shotokan, 2nd place going to Pania Casey Williams – KenshinKan, 3rd place going to Karen Young ... point sparring final saw Sherry Bower too classy on the day out scoring her opponents with reverse punches in quick concession, 2nd place going to Nicki Kennedy – KenshinKan, 3rd place going to team mate Pania Casey Williams.

Finally to the NAS officials and staff who put on their black and whites and generously give up their day to ensure the NAS competitor has the best tournament experience possible...thank you all so very much.  To Mr William Rogers and Mrs Caroline Kennedy for over-seeing these ring and table officials, many thanks! 

Special thanks to Mrs Michelle Evans for all action photos provided to the NAS

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Queensland State Titles on the 13th of October, Gold Coast QLD where the team will be selected to represent their State against all other states at the 2013 National Championships being held on the Sydney 4th & 15th of December...it is going to be a big one...go Queensland!!!

Yours in martial arts, Mr James Casey - NAS Queensland

Official – Profile Official profile

NAME: Diane Hinson 
STYLE: KenshinKan Karate 
How long have you trained? I have trained in a number of styles over the past 14 years and most recently with KenshinKan Karate & Shihan Aussie Pape for the past 2 years 
Where do you train? KenshinKan Karate, Forest Lake Dojo 
How long have you been involved with the NAS? I have been involved with the NAS for 5 years as a competitor and now as an Official
What made you become an NAS Official? I became a NAS Official due to my love of martial arts, as a practitioner, as a coach and as a spectator.Being a NAS Official helps me raise my standards for my own training and this helps me be my best.What I love about being an Official is the contribution to the sport, my "give back" to the art that has helped me grow as a person. 
What level are you with the NAS? Level 1 Official. 
What are your future goals in the NAS? I have some future aspirations as an Official and as a competitor.As a competitor my holy grail would be to achieve National titles champion in Continuous sparring, I'd also like to do a demonstration or creative weapons category.As an Official I would like to achieve level 3 down the track.

Competitor – Profile qld 7


NAME: Chicaine Williams 
STYLE: KenshinKan International Karate
How long have you trained? I have trained for about one year now
Where do you train? I train with my Pop & Mum, Kancho Jim Casey and Shihan Pania at the Burleigh Heads RSL, 6th Avenue Miami, Gold Coast
Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition? We have a lot of fun with all the kids who come to the tournament playing ball and then we can cheer for our team mates who are competing like they did for me when I competed at my first tournament on Sunday…it was hard but it was fun.
Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? Watching my mum competing and cheering for my brother Stephen and sister Kealy when they compete and now they cheer for me.
Have you a favourite technique in competition? I like punching
Favourite martial artist... My mum and then Pop.
What are your future goals in the NAS? I don’t know because I got what I wanted and that was first place and a trophy…but maybe be a champion like mum. 

Club/Organisation – Profile Club profile

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Sensei Nick Noordink & Senior Instructor, Martyn Fleming
STYLE: Bonsai Karate
How long have you trained? 14 years
Location of club & nights you train? Chermside – Uniting Church (cnr of Rode & Gympie roads)Monday & Friday 5:30 – 7:00pmAspley – Aspley East State SchoolTue 3:15 – 4:15pm & 6:00 – 7:30pmThur 3:15 – 4:15pm
How did you find out about the NAS competition? I was a competitor with NAS at the age of 20 for about 2 years when I was training with my previous club.
What do you like about the NAS competition?I really enjoy the friendly but highly professional atmosphere within NAS competition, I feel comfortable bringing my students to compete at NAS knowing they will be judged fairly and by non-bias judges. Being involved with the NAS ARB gives me confidence in the quality training of the NAS officials.Any martial artist looking for a high level of competition should definitely have a look at the National All Styles tournament circuit, the competitors are fierce in the ring, but treat each other with respect & good sportsmanship and are all really good friends. I also really like the quality Awards & Trophies that NAS gives to its competitors, even the children who don’t place in an event receive a certificate, bringing a big smile to all of the competitors.

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