Rd2 Queensland 6th May 2012


The day got off to a great start competitors arriving from all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 8.30am all competitors lined up for the official bow in. There where around 17 different martial art schools attending round 2 anticipating a great day of competition.

Black belt divisions were up first with some excellent standouts, in the men's open black belt point sparring Khai Tran (Seishin-Ryu Karate) defeated Brett O'Driscoll (Success Martial Arts, Lismore) in an intense clash. Black belt forms saw Khai Tran taking first place with a polished performance, runner up Christopher Drummond (Go Kan Ryu)

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Veteran's form was another highlight of the morning with some excellent performances. In first place Julie-Ann Bell (Bubishi Martial Arts) with a strong kata (form) with applause from all attending, second place going to Harvey Baldwyn of GKR

The pace continued in other rings with Junior and senior weaponry, there where excellent performances during these divisions. Junior demo creative Weaponry division was taken out by Riley Anderssen (Red Dragon), runner up Ethan Airs (Seishin Zen Ryoku). Junior traditional weaponry division was a hard one for the judges with some excellent stand outs in this event taking out first place Curtis Reck (Bubishi Martial Arts), runner up William St Baker (Seishin Zen Ryoku).

Junior divisions where hotly contested for which kept all referees, judges and parents on their toes. Finals of the pee wee's division saw a David and goliath tussle to see who would take out first place Kade Walkley (Bubishi Martial Arts with Tannin Clough ( Damashii ). Kade's speed and agility with quick combinations saw him take the match, runner up Tannin. Finals of the 10 to 11 yrs continuous sparring was a real nail biter with Mitchell Bucher (Success Martial Arts) having to dig deep to defeat a determined Toby Sexton (KenshinKan Karate)...well done to all the children, win or lose you are all little champions for having a go!

Later in the day saw the male and female divisions commence in all four rings. Great competition in the female black belt forms, with Sherry Bower (JKA Shotokan) getting the nod from all the judges for an excellent form runner up Kristel Suess (Go Kan Ryu) . Point sparring final saw Sherry Bower too classy on the day out scoring her opponents with reverse punches in quick concession, runner up Beatrice Lachenal (Go Kan Ryu)

Congratulations must go to all our officials for an outstanding day of officiating and to Mr William Rogers, Queensland Technical Director, congratulations to you & your team of official. We look forward to seeing every body at Round 3 on the Gold Coast 1st July at the Carrara Sports Stadium. Special thanks to Caroline Soner for photographs of the day of competition.

1. qldrd2-12-pic9cClub/Organisation – Profile


STYLE: Bonsai Karate

How long have you trained? 12 years

Location of club & nights you train?
Chermside – Uniting Church (cnr of Rode & Gympie roads)

Monday & Friday 5:30 – 7:00pm

Aspley – Aspley East State School

Tue 3:15 – 4:15pm & 6:00 – 7:30pm

Thur 3:15 – 4:15pm

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
I was a competitor with NAS at the age of 20 for about 2 years when I was training with my previous club.

What do you like about the NAS competition?
I really enjoy the friendly but highly professional atmosphere within NAS competition, I feel comfortable bringing my students to compete at NAS knowing they will be judged fairly and by non-bias judges. Being involved with the NAS ARB gives me confidence in the quality training of the NAS officials.

Any martial artist looking for a high level of competition should definitely have a look at the National All Styles tournament circuit, the competitors are fierce in the ring, but treat each other with respect & good sportsmanship and are all really good friends.

I also really like the quality Awards & Trophies that NAS gives to it's competitors, even the children who don't place in an event receive a certificate, bringing a big smile to all of the competitors.

2. qldrd2-12-pic9dCompetitor – Profile

NAME: Khai Tran

STYLE: Seishin Ryu Karate Do Australia

How long have you trained?
I started training at the age of 15 and I have been training to 11 years.

Where do you train?
The club that I was training with when I first started karate had dojo's all over my side of town which is Brisbane. I would train at some of these dojo's 3 to 5 times a week.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
I like the NAS cerate because it gives me the opportunity to compete and test out my skills with not just other karate style but with many different styles of martial arts. I think by competing with these different styles of martial arts teaches me to think on my feet and to be able adapt to the competitor, their style and the situation that I face in the ring. I like that NAS have developed a set rule and standard that is fair for everyone and all styles can adapt to.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
My most memorable moments with NAS would have to be in 1999 when I won 1st place in my division for kata and was selected to be in the Queensland Kumite team for State Vs State which we came 3rd at the Australian Title in Homebush NSW and a 1st place for kata later that year at the W.A.S.O World Championship also in Homebush NSW. Another memorable moment was at the 2008 Australian Title at the Gold Coast QLD when I made it into the top 8 in the men's open black belt kata final and missed out on a 3rd place by 0.04, I was very happy with my result. I also got selected represent Queensland in the Kumite team for State Vs State where we came 3rd.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
My favourite technique that I like to use in competition is a lunge punch quickly follow by a reverse punch and if there is enough room a round house or a hook kick.

Favourite martial artist...
My favourite martial artist of all time would have to be the legendary Jet Li and also second to none the drunken master Jackie Chan. I just think they are awesome and I really appreciate their movies because I know that it is real true martial arts that they have developed since a very young age.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
My goals with NAS in the future is to win more titles and try to get as many of my students involve as possible.

3. qldrd2-12-pic9eNAS Official Profile

NAME: Michael Mostyn

STYLE: KenshinKan International Karate

How long have you trained? 18 years

Where do you train? Forest Lake Dojo under Sensei Aussie Pape

How long have you been involved with the NAS?
Competing on and off since the 2005 Qld championships and officiating a little over 1 year

What made you become an NAS Official?
To give something back. It is easy to stand on the side and criticise various decisions but it is a different story when you have to make the decisions. When officiating you focus on both competitors not just one. You develop a real understanding of the competition as well as meeting some really interesting and nice fellow martial artists.

What level are you with the NAS? Level 2

What are your future goals in the NAS?
To continue to compete at all levels

To improve my knowledge of other styles of martial arts in order to be a better and fairer referee

To reach my full potential as a referee and possible future centre referee within the NAS

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