Rd4 Queensland 15th August 2010


29 martial art schools turned up for an action packed day of competition....traveling from as far as Toowoomba, Brisbane, North Coast and as far south as Lismore NSW, hoping to qualify for invitation to QLD's State championship.

8am sharp the men's open black belt divisions were in full swing with some fiery encounters. Finals Laurence Smith (Hoshindo Karate) came up against Mark Stone (Seishin Zen Ryoku) ....Both guys started the match cautiously hoping to find an opening. Laurence looked in control scoring with effective strikes while Mark was looking to counter but could not find his distance being the taller opponent...with a few seconds left; Laurence came in with a barrage of punches and scored the winning point to take out the match.

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Demonstration and weaponry... Standouts in the junior weaponry Domonik Lowe (TKD Aust WHDGD Fed) outclass his opponents with a fine performance taking out first place runner up Ethan Airs (Seishin Zen Ryoku Karate). Junior demonstration was taken out by Alyssa Fenton (Red Dragon) runner up Team (KenshinKan).

Female Black belt forms were taken out by Pania Williams Casey (KenshinKan Inter Karate), runner-up Sherry Bower (Japan Karate Association, Beenleigh). Female black belt point sparring finals Sherry Bower maintained her dominance in this division throughout the year defeating Pania Williams Casey. Continuous sparring was taken out by Rebecca Rogers (KenshinKan Inter Karate)... runner up Alex Mills (Go Kan Ryu).

Junior's 8 to 9 year old finals kept the referee and judges on their toes, these kids where pumped-up and couldn't wait to get in the ring. Chelsea Hobday (Freestyle Kungfu Academy) came out with all guns blazing scoring in quick succession, team mate Travis McMillan caught onto Chelsea's strategy scrambling out and countering with high round house kicks to even the match...towards the end of the bout Chelsea came in fast with a flurry of punches scoring the winning point to take out the match.

Congratulations must go to all our officials for an outstanding day of officiating. Mr William Rogers, Queensland Technical Director; congratulations to you & your team of officials. We look forward to seeing every body at the Queensland State Titles on the Gold Coast 17th October at the Carrara Sports Stadium...it is going to be a big one!

Special thanks to Caroline Soner for photographs from the day of competition.

1. Competitor – Profile

competitorName: Ardel Moore

Style: Wushu

How long have you trained? I started at the age of 19 years old (in 1997). I am now 32 years old with 12 years of martial arts experience. (4 years in Karate) (2 years in Capoeira) (7 years in Wushu)

Where do you train? Sunnybank, Queensland.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition? I enjoy competing against different martial arts style. NAS for me is like a measurement of your skill level against other style. I often ask myself questions; "Is my WUSHU is good enough against KARATE? TAEKWONDO? etc..." I love being around with competitive friends it brings my skills to the next level.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

I have been involved with NAS since 1998. My best moments are when I became Australian Champion at the National All Styles in 2001, which was held in Gold Coast, Queensland. I couldn't wipe off the smile on my face for nearly 36 hours.

I have been competing on/off in the Tournaments due to busy work commitments, However I only ever entered 4 times in the Australian Championship – National All Styles and the results were:

  • 2008 – 2nd in Australian Championship (Gold Coast, QLD)
  • 2007 – 3rd in Australian Championship (Sydney, NSW)
  • 2002 – 2nd in Australian Championship (Melbourne, VIC)
  • 2001 – 1st in Australian Championship (Gold Coast, QLD)

Every time, I entered the Tournament I always treat it to be the very best performance and memorable at all times.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

Front Kick and Reverse Punch, many more for different martial arts opponents, but I will keep it a secret.

Favourite martial artist...

Jackie Chan and Jet Li – the two "Wushu" Masters.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

To see my daughter and son compete in the NAS and be proud of their achievements

2. NAS Official Profile

officialName: Laurence Smith

Style: I am currently training in Ho Shin Do Karate

How long have you trained?

I began training in 1997, so I've been around for approx 13 years.

Where do you train?

My Dojo is at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

How long have you been involved with the NAS?

I began with NAS in 2000 as a competitor, and started refereeing in 2002.

What made you become an NAS Official?

There are lots of reasons to become a NAS Official. One is my belief that the better referee you are, the better competitor you are, and vice-versa. Another is that I believed I could make it a better competition all round, while gaining my own confidence. It gives a whole new perspective when you are inside the ring as an official, and the competitors can sometimes be very judgmental. We have to train very hard because there will always be competitors, relatives, or coaches who are at tournaments with a video camera searching for any kind of mistake. Being a NAS judge means that I've developed the confidence to know that more often than not, I make the correct decision, even within the pressure cooker of a National Titles. It's a great feeling to be able to think that way.

What level are you with the NAS?

I am a level 3 referee and judge.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

I'm having a great time working with all the fantastic referees and judges in the NAS, and I wish to keep up the positive relationships that I have with those people. Like lots of aspects of life, there are always aspects to improve within your refereeing and judging skills, so there is plenty there for me to stay interested. Ultimately, the way to look forward with NAS is to be committed to making the competition as satisfying as possible for every single competitor on the day, and to be able to do it consistently into the future.

3. Club/Organisation – Profile

clubInstructor Name: Petrus van der walt

Style: Shotokan (JKA Japan Karate ASS)

How long have you trained?

I have been training continuously for 39 years

Location of club & nights you train?

I have three clubs Logan central,

Beenleigh (Windaroo State valley high) Mondays and Wednesdays 7.00 to 8.30 pm

Gold Coast (Runaway Community Centre) Tuesdays 6.30 to 8.00

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

In 1994 upon arriving in Australia from South Africa I was introduced to NAS through MR James Casey My students entered and later I did winning a few state titles and coming second in Perth(1996 Veterans 35 years )and winning in 1997 (Veterans. Gold Coast)

What do you like about the NAS competition?

I like NAS because I must keep teaching my students different techniques to combat the different forms of martial arts they come upon.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

  • Sherry Bower Women's open black Forms and Points Sparring
  • Karra Evans Girls Brown black belts 12year olds points Sparring
  • Elaine De Klerk continuous sparring and points sparring

To name a few.

What are your future goals for your organisation?

To introduce more kids to martial arts

4. Download Tournament Results

Click here to download Tournament Results (PDF 87KB)