2009 State Title Results New South Wales


The excitement in the stadium was a physical force, the very air was charged with adrenalin, power and nervous energy! The culmination of a year of hard training and thrilling competition was at hand.

nas-st-09-pic1At stake, the honour of becoming State Champion and the pride of representing our state at the National Titles in Melbourne in November.

In four preliminary rounds this year, NAS New South Wales has grown bigger, better and stronger with each event, stamping our mark as the martials arts tournament in this state. New clubs, new competitors and dedicated, professional officials ensuring we move strongly into the new year.

A feature of this year has been that quite a number of competitors and their families had travelled many hours from the far reaches of the state for the chance to take part. Their dedication to their art evident in their skill and spirit. Lining the width of the stadium, competitors and officials showed their mutual respect for each other with the traditional bow-in and as the Referees called "Start" a day of high powered martial arts action was under way! A day like this creates many memorable moments; I wish it were possible to mention them all.

Kicking off the day, the 'little guys' once again reminded us that the future is in strong, young hands. Stamping her mark on the 7-9 yrs Continuous title was Taylah Stevens of GKR Karate. Challenging hard was Riley Florentine of Combined Self Defence & Fitness who had journeyed all the way from Coffs Harbour and taking third place with her high, fast kicks was Bonnie Grosvenor of Chikara Kenpo Karate. Look out Melbourne...these guys will be hard to beat!

Proving that power and speed knows no gender, the young ladies in the 12-14 Female Continuous provided a thrilling display. State Champion in her first titles, Alice Carrett of Black Belt Martial Arts was too strong on the day. Danielle Spice of Mudgee Martial Arts showed some terrific ringcraft in

second spot over Olivia Mostogl representing Isshogai Do Kai Karate in third. Congratulations ladies, again, their sights are set on Melbourne!

Their older 'sisters in the arts' in the Female Novice Continuous (10th-6thKyu) commanded loud spectator support as they battled for the crown. In a close decision, Helena Sly of GKR Karate claimed victory over a valiant Tracey Hanscombe from One Martial Arts. Fighting hard to grab third was Donna Chapman from Arjuken Karate.

nas-st-09-pic2The Point Sparring events bring to the fore all the speed, focus and timing that our young artists train so hard to achieve. The 10-11 yrs 10th-6th Kyu saw brother and sister Rahul and Simran Naidu face off to see who would be State Champion, support and encouragement from their team mates urged them on. Rahul claimed victory on the bell, whilst a determined and focused Blake Benson from Northern Lakes Martial Arts took home third place.

Not to be outdone, the big guys had the crowd on their feet yelling for more! The Mens Advanced Open was decided at a furious pace. Ashley Fleming of GKR proving too strong to claim first place. Gavin Heriot from James Sheedy Personal Defence taking second in his first titles appearance, with William Roberts of Mudgee Martial Arts showing he has all the skills to claim third position.

As always, the Female Black Belt Open is a crowd favourite and this years State Title decider was a thrilling encounter. Speed and accuracy were the tools used by Claudine Chicheportiche of GKR Karate to claim victory over a determined Jamie Palmer of Chikara Kenpo Karate. The quick hands of Jody Whitely from Combined Self Defence & Fitness assured her of third spot.

nas-st-09-pic3Demonstrations and the creative events are certainly entertaining and fast becoming a crowd pleaser as these talented artisans display their skills! Delighting all with their imaginative performances were Lincoln Parr and Hakan Manav, both of Australian Martial Arts in first and second spots, jumping and leaping into third spot was Adem Bektasovski of PMA Wollongong.

Also a feature of the State Titles are the Synchronised Team Forms events. This event demands teamwork and many hours of practice to 'get it right!' Claiming the title of State Champions in the Junior Division came the team from Chikara Kenpo Karate, narrowly winning out over the talented team representing Black Belt Martial Arts, whilst the polished performance of the GKR Karate team earned third place.

nas-st-09-pic4nas-st-09-pic5What a great day and an absolutely fabulous year of competition and martial spirit for NAS New South Wales!! It has been an honour and a privilege to be involved in such a wonderful event and to see so many talented and focused athletes practising the art they love!

It has also been a great pleasure to work so closely with the dedicated and professional men and women that make up our Ring and Table Officials. My sincere thanks to you all for a job well done!

My sincere thanks also to James Carrett, Josef Eberl and Farzin Fardin whose talents with the camera has captured all the action!

Now, it is off to Melbourne for the 2009 NAS National Championships!

New South Wales has gathered some superb martial artists from many and varied styles and disciplines and have bonded into a powerful and focused team...TEAM NEW SOUTH WALES.......the reigning CHAMPION STATE!!

Let all states and regions beware...we are coming to Melbourne to do what we do best.....WIN !!!


nas-st-09-pic6Instructor Name: Geoff and Jacqueline Spice

Style: Bushido Budokan International

How long have you trained?

Geoff started training 1976

Jacquie started training 1982

Location of club & nights you train?

Catholic church hall, Church St, Mudgee, NSW

We train 4 nights per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings, a total of 11 classes per week.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

We first heard about NAS competitions through Blitz magazine.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

We like the professional approach in running and organising the tournaments.

Minium politics, easily approachable officials and a broad range of different Martials Arts competitors for our students to compete against.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

  • William Roberts..................3rd place continuous sparring, senior male
  • Kelvin Baldacchino.............1st place point sparring 16-17y male 2nd place Kata, 16-17y male
  • Marischka Baldacchino.......2nd place point sparring, 16-17y seniors girls
  • Danielle Spice.....................2nd place continuous sparring,15y girls
  • Jarrod Baldacchino............3rd place continuous sparring, u/15y boys
  • Ceri Williams.....................1st place point sparring, 16-17y seniors girls
  • Alyssa Fitzgerald..............1st place Kata & point sparring16-17y junior girls
  • 3rd place Kata & point sparring16-17y seniors girls

What are your future goals for your organisation?

Short term goal is to hopefully have some of our students place in the top 8 in Melbourne in their respective events. This being their first National event.

Long term goal is to have the Mudgee Martial Arts Club image continue and our students grow with an open mind and attitude towards all things.

2. Competitor Profile - Taylah Stevens

nas-st-09-pic7Name: Taylah Stevens.

Style: Go-Kan-Ryu (GKR).

How long have you trained?

I started training when I was four and a half years old. So it has been nearly 5 years.

Where do you train?

Monday and Wednesday nights at St Clair with my Dad. Sunday nights at Quakers Hill with the NSW state team, coached by Sensei Anthony Ryan.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I like NAS because you get to compete against different styles of martial artists. It forces me to constantly change my own kumite style depending on the style I am competing against.

I have also made lots of friends competing in NAS (except in the ring of course!).

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

I have many, but by far would have to be winning both forms and point sparring at the 2008 Australian NAS titles in Queensland.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

Yes I like to do a round kick, step forward with a lung punch to the face and then a reverse punch to the stomach, but don't tell anyone.!!!!!

Favourite martial artist...

My favourite martial artist would have to be my State team coach, Sensei Anthony Ryan.

He is so fast and has awesome techniques. He is also a fantastic teacher. I have learnt so much and have him to thank for my achievements so far. He has taught me that it doesn't matter if you win or lose in tournaments, it is more important that you continue to learn and grow in karate.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

When I am old enough I want to be a future Champion of Champions. So look out ladies!

3. Officials Profile

nas-st-09-pic8National All Styles NSW Best Officials 2009

On behalf of the NAS President Mr. Silvio Morelli, Chairman of the ARB Mr. James Casey and

Mr. Gerard West National Technical Director Australian Referees Board, we wish to congratulate the New South Wales best Ring Official & Table Official for 2009.

Best Ring Official 2009

Mr Glenn Valiukas for his dedication and service to the New South Wales NAS ARB.

Glenn has been involved with NAS as an Official in various roles for many years and has earned the respect of his fellow Judges as well as that of all competitors this year.

Best Table Official 2009

nas-st-09-pic9Ms Natasha Bryce for her dedication and service to the New South Wales NAS ARB.

Natasha has worked tirelessly with NAS NSW as our Senior Table Official, not only on the day, but also behind the scenes, making sure the Tournaments run smoothly.

Mr Gary Palmer, State Director NSW and Director ARB, awarded the plaques to Glenn and Natasha and also thanked all our Officials for their dedication and support to the NAS NSW. Their professionalism and hard work throughout the year ensures a great event each time for all competitors and marks NAS as the premier martial arts Tournament in this country.

4. Download Tournament Results

Click here to download Tournament Results New South Wales State Titles - 18th October 2009 (PDF 84KB)