Rd3 New South Wales - 1st July 2018


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1. Cold winters day did not dampen the spirit of all attending round 3.

2. Great day had by all

NAS delivers the ultimate competitive experience for martial artists of all ages and backgrounds, from the young and enthusiastic Pee Wees through to veteran and adult divisions.

Round 3 Tournament saw good numbers of competitors attend. A number of clubs travelled lengthy distances from around the state to be there. It was great to see mum’s, dad’s and grandparents in the grandstand supporting their loved ones throughout the day’s competition. Big numbers in the Junior Divisions meant we were in for a fun day of martial art competition which kept all the referees and judges on their toes throughout the day

At the official bow-in, Mr. James Casey, President NAS welcomed all attending and wished everyone the best for the day, advised Mrs. Alexandra Nitis was unable to attend event due to being in hospital expecting her first child … we are proud to congratulate Alexsandra and John on the arrival of their little baby boy, Nathaniel … Congratulations from all NAS families from around Australia

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High lights of the days competition;

Male black belt divisions where first up in the morning 8.30am with some real standouts. Male black belt forms David Rush: South Coast Shotokan SKIA, gave a polished performance to win the votes from all judges and take 1st place a close 2nd Christian Harada: SKIA, 3rd place going to Ross Waddell: Kaishin Taekwondo. Male black belt point sparring final was a heated affair with competitors being cautioned for contact, Paul Odendall: Kinetic M/A coming up against Ross Waddell: Kaishin Taekwondo, both fighters where evenly matched however Paul pulled away on points nearing the bell to take the bout and victory, 2nd place Ross in 3rd place Christian Harada: SKIA

Demonstrations got off to a great start and the spectators were treated to some excellent performances from various styles. Junior synchronised team forms were taken out by Team Seigokan Australia, 2nd place Team Munen Muso M/A and 3rd place going to Team Double Dragon. The senior team division had in 1st place Team Double Dragon in 2nd place Bujutsu Martial Arts. Creative Weaponry Extreme 0-12yrs, had Benjamin Thompson: BBMA in 1st place, Alexander Church: Munen Muso M/A in 2nd place. Creative Weaponry Extreme13-17yrs, Saw Nick Wangmann: Munen Muso M/A in 1st place. Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, team mates from Bujutsu Martial Arts in the following order taking out 1st place & 2nd places, Jessica Graydon and Zali Blackman, 3rd place was taken out by Safiah Sawal: Shinwa-Kai. Traditional Weaponry Traditional Weaponry Senior, once again team mates from Bujutsu Martial Arts in the following order taking out 1st place & 2nd places, Mark Szalajko and Shane Stoddart with Scott Greentree: Black Belt M/A in 3rd place

Junior divisions 11yrs & under are always assured to have large numbers of competitors with enthusiasm and attitude sent to test their Officials and this was the fact with the following divisions and although we are unable to mention them all we certainly congratulate them all for a good day of competition and sportsmanship they show to each other.

Finals of the Pee Wee’s forms and point sparring saw all Instructors and parents from various martial art codes cheering and supporting all these children regardless of their style. Finals of forms division saw some up and coming champions of the future even with all the nerves and jitters; 1st place going to Marley Fawcett: Munen Muso, 2nd place Justin Wilkinson: GKR, 3rd place Thomas Arivin: Shotokan Karate. In the point sparring final young Marley Fawcett: Munen Muso proved too strong on the day defeating Thomas Arivin: Shotokan Karate placing him in 2nd place, 3rd place going to Justin Wilkinson: GKR

Form finals 10 to 11 years (10th to 6th Kyu) saw some fine performances from these youngsters. In 1st place was Ellie Jones: Liverpool Lions Shotokan, Patrick Bannon: GKR in 2nd place, 3rd place going to Shane Tjoa: Black Belt M/A.  Point sparring finals Jovan Gagic: Liverpool Lions Shotokan come up Kalvyn Chandra: Tora Martial Arts, right from the bell neither one would give an inch with seconds to go Jovan put the pressure on out scoring his opponent to take 1st place, 2nd place going to Kalvin in 3rd place Shane Tjoa: Black Belt M/A

Female black belt point sparring division; Kym Housden: Kaishin TKD came up against Denise Fung: Japanese Academy of M/A, both girls showed good ring craft and scored with some good fast hand techniques. Halfway through the match both girls could not be separated, however Kym picked the right moment and scored in quick succession to gain the points from the judges to take out the match with 2nd place going to Denise in 3rd place Tatum Sinclair-Harris: Double Dragon

3. Acknowledgement to the following:

We wish to personally thank all attending martial art schools and parents for their support to the NAS competition. To all NAS Officials: Referees/Judges, table Officials and staff we sincerely thank you for making this day a great success, First Aiders, big thanks you guys did a great job

We look forward to seeing everybody at round 4 on August 19th …it is going to be a big one! Go New South Wales

On a final note…martial arts begin and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts 

James Casey

New South Wales - National All Styles - Referees Board:

All our Officials, referees, judges and table officials are volunteers who donate their time unselfishly to our sport so our event may run smoothly. We are fortunate to have some fine martial artists officiating who donate their time and services to the NAS … we sincerely thank you all.

New South Wales NAS ARB could not run these events without the services of our table officials … mums, dads, sons/daughters & competitors who give their time freely to manage table official duties, again thanks so very much for your support.

Coaches, competitors & parents be a good sport!

The sport we love relies on volunteers, Officials, Table officials, Staff and helpers who give their time freely for no reward beyond our thanks. Volunteers are worth their weight in gold. They share their time and talents without any compensation, so it’s crucial to acknowledge their contribution and let them know they are valued. Thanking them can go a long way towards accomplishing this goal, so it’s worth taking the time to find just the right words to show appreciation … like THANK YOU!

Become a NAS Official or Table Official

The NAS prides itself as among one of the most professional tournament circuits in the Southern hemisphere with over 4000 competitors competing throughout Australia each year. The NAS Australian Referees Board sets one of the highest standards of officiating & accreditation criteria within this country and abroad, adheres to strict guidelines regarding rules & regulations. The NAS code of conduct is to provide all participants with some simple rules concerning the standard of behavior within the NAS competition.

We invite you to become an NAS Official

Instructors, black belts & veteran competitors are welcome to join the NAS referees board and gain State, National and International recognition as an NAS Official 

  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time. These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct.
  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition. Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals
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Note! State Director will choose a different Official each tournament

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NAS Officials Oath

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