Rd 4 New South Wales - 20th August 2017


1. Great Action, Great Spirit!!

National All Styles Tournaments attracts the very best martial artists, of all ages, from all around the state to put their skills to the test in a safe, friendly and exciting atmosphere!

The NAS NSW Round 4 Tournament on August 20th at the Genea Netball Central Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park saw practitioners from over 40 different clubs pull out all stops for the last opportunity to qualify for the prestigious State and National Championships. Loud and enthusiastic cheering from proud Mums, Dads and club supporters provided the back-drop for a thrilling day of competition. 

2. After the official welcome and bow-in


the 7-9yrs (Pee Wee) divisions always get the day off to a great start. First up came the Forms event, it’s so great to see the depth of focus in these little ones. Taking first place with a precise performance was Michael Mirandilla of PDK Dojo, close behind was Terrence Li from Double Dragon Shotokan. The dedicated efforts of Hamilton Seoung of GoKanRyu NSW saw him nab third place.


The 7-9 yrs Continuous Sparring is one of the most popular events of the whole calendar and this day was no exception. The judges were impressed by their fighting skills, the crowd, from grandparents down to little brothers and sisters voicing their support. In the final, Priya Fawcett from Chikara Kenpo Karate, got the nod from a spirited Ethan Biton representing Kinetic MartialArts. A determined Umyna Coyle, Ethan’s Kinetic team-mate battled it out with a skilful Adrian Beaini from Evolution Gym to takeout third place in a very exciting division.


The Veterans provided some entertaining displays over on Ring 2.  Let me tell you, the standard is extremely high and level of competition is tenacious. Taking the prize in Forms was Wayne Abbott from Fighting Fit Martial Arts with an impressive performance, from Andrew Towler from Tao Gung Fu  and a very strong kata from Trevor Lonstein of Go Kan Ryu to claim third place. It was hard to split these experienced, dedicated artists in a very talented field. 



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3. A definite feature this year has been the growth in numbers and popularity of the Demonstrations and Weapons Divisions;


A crowd favourite, competitors in the Junior Demo's get the chance to show just how entertaining they can be. Again, poise and teamwork was the focal point. Taking the prize this day in the Junior Synchronised event with an impressive display was the team from Double Dragon Shotokan. Claiming second spot was the young team from Black Belt Martial Arts. The scores were tied after their first performances, so a second go was needed to break the deadlock! The judges and crowd alike appreciating the hours of training that goes into synchronised team kata.             Finely tuned skills were on show in the Senior Traditional Weaponry event, the crowd applauding this level of expertise.  Danny Goding from Isshin Ryu Australia marked his return to competition by claiming first place with a precise display from father and son Wayne and Jared Abbott of Fighting Fit Martial Arts taking second and third spots. Celebrating his birthday on the day, Jared was proud to share the podium with his Dad!


As I've mentioned earlier, the standard of competition has been extremely high this year and the young martial artists of New South Wales are placing the other states on notice...they'll be there at the Nationals to win! Some standout performances on the day came in the Male 12-14yrs 10th-6thKyu Male Continuous Sparring where Mason Carnevale of Evolution Gym snatched a close win over the high-kicking Daniel Blanch from Imugi Takwondo in an exciting final, third place going to the hard fighting William Drakeford from Mudgee Martial Arts. These guys are ones to watch!


The 'never give in' attitude of Chloe Vance of Kyokushin Milperra saw her grab victory in the Female 10-11yrs Open Continuous Sparring. Charlie Kabos of Evolution Gym in second with the quick hands of Caitlin Bunney representing Kumiai Ryu One Martial Arts snared her third place. Whilst the young ladies in the 12-14yrs 5th-Black Belt division 'owned' the floor with some powerhouse battles. Taking the points with a split decision was Mia Gillespie of Imugi Taekwondo showing great ringcraft in an extremely close final with Antonia Roberts from Pro Martial Arts Academy. Showing great tenacity and determination, Chloe Partic-Gray of Tora Martial Arts Centre claimed third spot.


Notable performances for the 'big guys' came with some hard, fast action from team mates Paul Odendaal and James Fisher from Kinetic Martial Arts, Ed Bateman from Kumiai Ryu One Martial Arts and Kishen Kartages of Shaolin Kung Fu in the Mens Advanced 5th-1st Kyu Continuous event, certainly ones to watch for the future. Whilst in the 'signature' event of the day, the Mens Black Belt Open, had the crowd on their feet. Extra loud whistle blasts were needed from the judges to be heard over the roar that accompanied every point. Ben Cunningham of Go Kan Ryu faced off against Vincent Xu from Chikara Kenpo Karate. Both fighters using the entire ring and all their skills, in a point for point encounter! As ‘time’ was called, the scores were locked at 4 all. A sudden death point was needed to decide the match. The Referee called ‘start’, both fighters attacked, but Ben’s straight punch had an inch more depth and scored him the win! Both combatants hugged in great sportsmanship! The battle for third was a great struggle with Ed Bateman of Kumiai Ryu One winning out over the tenacious Kyle Thew of Isshogai Do Kai Karate to claim the place.


Some tremendous focus, skill and power on display across all age groups and all divisions, another fantastic NSW tournament, setting the stage for the State Titles on October 15th and the great honour of hosting the Nationals in Sydney in December! I give out a hearty warning to all the other states; you had better be on your game, because New South Wales will be out to win!!


My thanks go out to all competitors, instructors and parents for an awesome day of exciting competition, conducted with great spirit, sportsmanship and camaraderie. My thanks and gratitude to all the hardworking and dedicated Officials and helpers..it just wouldn't without you!!  GO NAS NSW!!


Any club or instructor interested in getting involved and joining the NAS family; give me a call at any time. Gary Palmer NSW Director/Asst National Director:  0410 335 937

4. Competitor Profile  pic58

Name: Larissa Govender

Style: Double Dragon Shotokan

How long have you trained?

I am 8 years old and started karate when I

was 5, so I have been training for 3 years.

Where do you train?

I train 3 days a week at our two dojos:

Hurstville and South Sydney.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I like that is fun competing with all the other kids. I have fun trying out all my moves and

hopefully I get a medal. J I also enjoy how the competition is run, the referees always

give amazing feedback and encouraging compliments.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

I have a lot of great moments at NAS!! From having no idea where to stand on the mats

and to having cold feet and butterflies in my stomach, to competing in both Queensland

and Victorian National Championships, and winning in Team Kata and individual Kata at                          

the Nationals!

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

Yes, I love doing a doublehand combination punch with a maegeri kick. (front kick)

Favourite martial artist...

Well, I look up to my Sensei as an amazing role model, but I also like the Karate Kid movie! J

What are your future goals in the NAS?

To be a National Champion in Kata, Team Kata and Kumite (Sparring), and even, if possible

I would love to represent Australia!.....watch this space! J


Competitor Profile

Name: Michael Mirandilla


Style: For the past 3 years, I was training in the style of Shotokan. In the last 4 months I switched to the style of Shito-Ryu.

How long have you trained? I have been training a little over 3 years now

Where do you train? I train at the PDK Dojo in Seven Hills. But I have also trained in other PDK dojo locations as well in Kellyville and North Ryde.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?  Every tournament so far, I always come out learning something new about my performance. Whether it’s in forms, where my arms or hands might not be in the right place, or my stances may not be as it should be. In point sparring, I get to compete against martial artists of different kinds, which I don’t get to see when I am at my dojo. What I get out of it is that I am starting to learn different strategies on how to score points off my opponents.  

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?  In the most recent NAS Tournament, Round 4 for NSW, I won Gold in Forms, and my first medal in Point Sparring in NAS was Silver!  

Have you a favourite technique in competition?  For forms, I like any kata where I can do a ‘kata no janpu’ (jump in kata); and in points sparring, I love doing the Ura Ushiro Mawashi Geri (spinning heel kick)  

Favourite martial artist?  Rika Usami because she is the queen of kata and a former world champion, Kiyou Shimizu cause she is a two time reigning world champion in kata and my Sensei Ricky cause he is my sensei and is also our NSW coach, and always demands the best from us 

What are your future goals in the NAS?  To win Gold in the National Titles for both Forms and Points Sparring

New South Wales NAS-ARB: Referees, Judges and Official,


All our Officials, Referees, Judges and Table Officials are volunteers who donate their time unselfishly to our sport so our event may run smoothly.  We are fortunate to have some fine martial artists officiating who we include in this report;

Technical Director Mr Wayne Morrison, Senior Referees Mr Matthew Bryce, Mr Mark Porreca, Mr Graeme O’Donnel, Mr Tony Gillespie, Mr Chris Luafalealo, Mr Vincent Xu. Referees/Judges Mr Andrew Vrachnos, Ms Penny Gulliver, Mr Lucas Palmero, Mr Richardo Khonasty, Mr Ed Bateman, Mr Zach Boys, Mr Paul Fawcett, Ms Clare Ham, Mr Stavros Vergados, Mr Paul Odendaal, Mr Garth Schwartz, Mr Peter Clarke, Mr Chris Blunt.To all our NAS Table Officials, we wish to thank you all for your services to NAS. Without your contribution, giving your time unselfishly, the events would not run as smoothly as they do! 

A big thank you to Senior Table Official Ms Natasha Kempers, Table Officials Ms Jennaya Palmer, Ms Charmaine Huhndorf, Ms Atousa Masoudi Ms Laura Walker, Ms Sian Fawcett, Ms Donna Ham & Mr David Huhndorf.

Become a NAS Official or Table OfficialThe NAS prides itself as among one of the most professional tournament circuits in the Southern Hemisphere with over 4000 competitors competing throughout Australia each year. The NAS Australian Referees Board sets one of the highest standards of officiating & accreditation criteria within this country and abroad, adhering to strict guidelines regarding rules & regulations.

The NAS Code of Conduct provides all participants with some simple rules concerning the standard of behaviour within the NAS competition.

We invite YOU to become a NAS OFFICIAL
Instructors, Black Belts & Senior rank competitors are welcome to join the NAS Referees Board and gain State, National and International recognition as a NAS Official.
  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time.  These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct.
  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition.  Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals.
  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating.

Incentives joining NAS Australian Referees Board:

  •  The NAS sets one of the highest standards of officiating in this country.
  •  Officials Level of Accreditation range from Level 1 through to Level 4 & National Trainer.
  •  Your school will gain first-hand knowledge on Rules & Regulations of the NAS competition.
  •  Official’s Accreditation, Certification and tie are free of charge.
  •  Free lunch provided for Officials/ Table officials on the day.
  •  Family member’s free spectator entry into NAS competition.

NAS Officials Oath

We, the NAS Referees and Judges, will strive to always uphold the highest standard of integrity, honesty and independence in all matters connected to the NAS tournaments. Amongst other things we shall conscientiously study the NAS rules in order to fully understand and correctly interpret them in the most professional manner. At all times when officiating for the NAS, we will be independent, impartial, objective and fair; on and off the competition arena.No joining fee - for membership or accreditations into the NAS-ARBCall me regarding joining the NAS ARB and becoming an NAS Official or Table Official: Mr. Gary Palmer 0410 335 937

Join our team of highly qualified NAS Officials!


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