Rd3 New South Wales - 2nd July 2017


1. Non-stop action!!

It was tremendous to experience the excitement and see the support for our future stars as well as our returning champions as they all battled for a chance to represent New South Wales when we host the 2017 National Championships in December.  Our Round 3 Tournament on Sunday July 2nd marked the most exciting event so far in this year’s calendar with nearly 40 different clubs in attendance, a number of who had travelled lengthy distances from around the state to be there. Big numbers in the Junior Divisions meant we were in for a fun day, whilst the adrenalin charged Black Belt action was eagerly anticipated.

2. The efforts of our juniors are a thrill to watch, especially when you add in the vocal and encouraging support from Coaches, club mates, and of course, proud Mums & Dads.

Mature beyond their years with loads of determination and competitive spirit to boot, they have an exciting martial arts journey ahead of them. The Forms Divisions are always a pleasure to judge. A classy display from Michael Mirandilla from PDK Dojo proved to be too strong in the Pee Wee Forms. Terence Li of Double Dragon Shotokan showed his talents in claiming second spot while the focused performance from Hamilton Seoung of Go Kan Ryu Karate NSW took out third place. Marley Fawcett, Independent, was hot on their heels in fourth place. Also impressing the crowd and judges alike, the contestants in the 16-17yrs 5thKyu-Black Belt division showed their dedication with very focused performances. Taking first place was Harrison Hewgill of Black Belt Martial Arts with Akira Yamauchi of PDK Dojo in second place and Natasha Clement of Go Kan Ryu Karate NSW in third by the narrowest of margins. Adriano Herrera from Tora Martial Arts close behind in fourth spot. Leaping several decades in years and experience, the Veterans Forms provided us with an exhibition of skill, poise and excellence. Jacqueline Spice from Mudgee Martial Arts in a strong display claimed first place over the polished performance from Andrew East from Shotokan Karate Nowra. The articulate moves of Mark Mikha from PDK Dojo assured him of third place ahead of an impressive kata from Paul Fawcett, Independent, in fourth place.

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3. Both the Extreme and Traditional Weaponry divisions;

brought loud applause as the audience were treated to the skills of the talented competitors. The 0-12yrs Creative division saw Destiny Collier from IMC Australia grab the top spot while in the 13-17 yrs division, the skilful display from William Brittain of Black Belt Martial Arts took the day. Proving just what a variety of talent there is on show at NAS tournaments, a fine performance from Lincoln Vaughan of Tao Gung Fu took out the 0-12yrs Traditional Weapons division. Amanda Birmingham of Budo Ryu Kempo claimed the day in the 13-17yrs event with BBMA team mates William Brittain and Teneke Gascoigne taking second and third. Hot on their heels was Emma Dezius from Isshogai Do Kai Karate, whilst the Senior division was won by a precise katana display from Laura Wenham representing Kinetic Martial Arts. The judges were impressed by the talented practitioners in these divisions, all with bright futures ahead.

4. The Continuous Sparring events;

are an extremely popular feature of NAS Tournaments, and the action this week-end was no exception with many bouts bringing loud and enthusiastic support from the crowd. Stand out battles in the Junior Divisions came in the 10-11 years Male event which saw Evolution Gym take a clean sweep of all three places! Kane Rancic showed he has all the skills, winning the favour of the judges on the day over the fast hands of team mate John-Carlo Beaini.  The hard fighting Ali-Tahj Timus took out third spot from Ryan Stokes of Goju Ryu Karate Do in a thrilling event. Some ferocious battles raged in the Male 12-14yrs 5thKyu-BlackBelt event dividing the judges in a number of very close fights, Daniel Brightman from Kinetic Martial Arts claimed victory over the high kicking Chase Thoburn of Imugi Taekwondo and in a great battle for third place Jett Brown of Kinetic Martial Arts took the win in split decision from the hard fighting Lochlan Garrett of Toogee Taekwondo.

Some tough ‘in close’ encounters highlighted the Female 15-17yrs 5thKyu-Black belt event. Turning in a strong performance, Carmen Lia of Hoshin Jutsu was not to be denied on the day with Natasha Clement from Go Kan Ryu NSW showing great skills in second place. Hoshin Jutsu team mate Ruby Farquahar from fought out a great battle for third place with Shonique Goossens of IMUGI Taekwondo.

The Male Advanced Open division had everything! Speed, power, determination, focus and control in a great display of continuous fighting. Jack Stevens from Pro Martial Arts Academy in his return to NAS competition took out the final in a great battle with Ed Bateman of Kumiai Ryu One Martial Arts. John-Thomas Rasmussen of Go Kan Ryu NSW also making a return, claimed a split decision victory for third place from the tenacious skills of Paul Odendaal from Kinetic Martial Arts. 

An absolute highlight of the tournament is the Point Sparring events. The action is hard and exciting and is shaping up to be a great proving ground for all age groups and rank divisions. Some standout events were the young combatants in the 8-9yrs 10th-6thKyu where Ethan Biton of Kinetic Martial Arts battled Destiny Collier of IMC Australia in the final. Amy Fraser of Seigokan Australia fought it out with Ethan Myton-Pleffer of PDK Dojo for third place. The final of the Female 12-13yrs 5thKyu-BlackBelt event was a seesawing struggle between Lara Chaaban, Go Kan Ryu NSW and Hana Kim of Taikudo Academy, the sudden death decision going to Lara on the day. Sascha Amberger of Kumiai Ryu One Martial Arts grabbing a point on the bell to take third place from the consistent Abby Gillon-Smith from Double Dragon Shotokan. The Male Black Belt Open event had the crowd on their feet as skills were tested to the limit in some nail-biting action! Claiming victory on the day was John-Thomas Rasmussen of Go Kan Ryu NSW in a lightning fast final with Paul Odendaal of Kinetic Martial Arts. Just as tight, with loud crowd support was the battle for third between Lucas Palmero from Chikara Kenpo Karate and Daniel Harada from SKIA Bondi. The appreciative crowd was treated to some great displays of fighting skill and timing from some of the best martial artists in the country! I can’t wait for the Championships to get underway!

A day of non-stop action and martial arts thrills…and loads of fun as well!! 

Special thanks goes to our great team of Ring and Table Officials and volunteers for a terrific job on a busy and demanding day..your professionalism and dedication made it all possible.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to our terrific state sponsor TORA MARTIAL ARTS SUPPLIES.

Many thanks also to John Nitis for the terrific action shots; it’s great to have you back on deck!!

Any instructor or club who would like to become part of the exciting NAS action give me a call anytime.

5. Gary Palmer NSW State Director 0410 335 937.

I look forward to seeing you all again for another exciting day at Round 4 on August 20th.

This will be the last chance to qualify for the State and National Championships..be there!! 


6. Competitor Profile  pic46



Shonique Goossens   


Imugi Taekwondo 

How long have you trained?

I have been training for 4 years. 

Where do you train?

I train at Imugi’s Dojang in Port Stephens NSW 

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

What I like most about NAS is that you get to show your club’s style and to view

other styles and disciplines. I also like the sportsmanship of all the competitors. 

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

My best memory would be when I moved up to compete in the higher division than my

regular division. It was the 15-17 Open Continuous and I took out second place! 

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

I would have to say my favourite technique is a high section turning/roundhouse kick. 

Favourite martial artist...

My instructors; Chung Sa Nim Tony and Kyo Sa Nim Kelly. 

What are your future goals in the NAS?

My goals are to win a NAS National Title...or three! J



7. Competitor Profile     pic47

Name:  Phillip Millikin 

Style: Isshin Ryu Australia 

Time in training:  I have been training for 2 years. 

Where:  Our club is located at Ashcroft High School, Ashcroft  

Can you tell us what you like about NAS:

I like the great camaraderie amongst competitors from many different styles. It's an excellent competition with a great sense of accomplishment at the end of each Round. 

Best memory:

My best memory in NAS would be placing 1st in the 2016 NAS State Titles and earning my place to represent the NSW State Team at the Nationals in Melbourne. 

Favourite technique:

I find there’s nothing like the old fashioned left jab and right reverse punch! 

Favourite martial artist:

Steven Seagal and Jet Li 

Future goals at NAS:

My goal is to continue working hard and hopefully take home 1st place at the Nationals this year!


           New South Wales NAS-ARB Referees, Judges and Official


New South Wales - National All Styles - Referees Board:

All our Officials, Referees, Judges and Table Officials are volunteers who donate their time unselfishly to our sport so our event may run smoothly.  We are fortunate to have some fine martial artists officiating who we include in this report; Technical Director Mr Wayne Morrison, Senior Referees Mr Matthew Bryce, Mr Mark Porreca, Mr Graeme O’Donnel, Mr Tony Gillespie, Mr Chris Luafalealo, Mr Vincent Xu.

Referees/Judges Mr Andrew Vrachnos, Ms Penny Gulliver, Mr Lucas Palmero, Mr Richardo Khonasty, Mr Ed Bateman, Mr Zach Boys, Mr Paul Fawcett, Ms Clare Ham, Mr Stavros Vergados, Mr Paul Odendaal, Mr Garth Schwartz, Mr Peter Clarke, Mr Chris Blunt. 

To all our NAS Table Officials, we wish to thank you all for your services to NAS. Without your contribution, giving your time unselfishly, the events would not run as smoothly as they do!  A big thank you to Senior Table Official Ms Natasha Kempers, Table Officials Ms Jennaya Palmer, Ms Charmaine Huhndorf, Ms Atousa Masoudi Ms Laura Walker, Ms Sian Fawcett, Ms Donna Ham & Mr David Huhndorf. 

Become a NAS Official or Table Official

The NAS prides itself as among one of the most professional tournament circuits in the Southern Hemisphere with over 4000 competitors competing throughout Australia each year. The NAS Australian Referees Board sets one of the highest standards of officiating & accreditation criteria within this country and abroad, adhering to strict guidelines regarding rules & regulations. The NAS Code of Conduct provides all participants with some simple rules concerning the standard of behaviour within the NAS competition. 

We invite YOU to become a NAS OFFICIAL                                                                                  Instructors, Black Belts & Senior rank competitors are welcome to join the NAS Referees Board and gain State, National and International recognition as a NAS Official.

  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time.  These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct.
  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition.  Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals.
  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating.


Incentives joining NAS Australian Referees Board: 

The NAS sets one of the highest standards of officiating in this country. 

Officials Level of Accreditation range from Level 1 through to Level 4 & National Trainer 

Your school will gain first-hand knowledge on Rules & Regulations of the NAS competition

Official’s Accreditation, Certification and tie are free of charge

Free lunch provided for Officials/ Table officials on the day

Family member’s free spectator entry into NAS competition

NAS Officials Oath

We, the NAS Referees and Judges, will strive to always uphold the highest standard of integrity, honesty and independence in all matters connected to the NAS tournaments. Amongst other things we shall conscientiously study the NAS rules in order to fully understand and correctly interpret them in the most professional manner. At all times when officiating for the NAS, we will be independent, impartial, objective and fair; on and off the competition arena. 

No joining fee - for membership or accreditations into the NAS-ARB

Call me regarding joining the NAS ARB and becoming an NAS Official or Table Official…..Mr. Gary Palmer 0410 335 937

Join our team of highly qualified NAS Officials!



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