Rd2 New South Wales - 29th May 2016


Great Day, Great Skill, Great Spirit and Fun!!

Over 35 Martial Arts clubs and organisations from all over the state converged on the Netball Central Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park for the NAS NSW Round 2 Tournament on Sunday May 29th. Both the opening two tournaments this year have provided a tremendous showcase of the talent of our local competitors. The many new athletes entering the circuit for the first time also made their presence felt from the first moment they stepped onto the mats. If this is any indication of what NSW has to offer, then there is no doubt we will be a main contender and a powerful force at this year’s National Championships in Melbourne in November. There was a buzz of excitement with teams getting together warming-up, going over strategies with their coaches and over-coming pre-competition nerves.

The tournament got off to an exciting start with the Synchronised Teams and Demonstration events first up.

Spectators and judges alike were rewarded by some tremendous displays of skill, poise and the results of the obvious hard work in training. Double Dragon Shotokan took out the Junior Synchronised Team Kata event with some wonderful and closely scored displays also from Team St Scholastica/Hoshin Jitsu, Tora Martial Arts Centre and Goju Ryu Panania. The Junior Traditional Weapons event had the crowd cheering for more as brothers Hugh and James Matthews of Isshin Ryu Australia claimed first and second places from Tao Gung Fu team mates Kristian Carter and Lincoln Vaughan. Some polished and precise performances from all and what a great way to start the day!


Our very youngest competitors always provide terrific entertainment with lots of support from Coaches plus excited Mums, Dads and Grandparents and this event was no exception. The 8-9yrs 5thKyu-Black Belt Forms event saw Mia Heran (Northern Lakes Martial Arts) impressing the judges in first place closely followed by Hiyori Sakurai (Shotokan Epping Dojo) and young Brandon Samuel (Go Kan Ryu Karate) taking out third. Lachlan Bunney (One Martial Arts) was very close in forth spot. These young mighty mites certainly put in a huge effort! Well done guys! Overcoming nerves with practise and dedication, the contestants in the 10-11yrs 10thkyu-6thkyu Forms also impressed the judges and the crowd with examples of their art. The determination was obvious as young Sean Govender (Double Dragon Shotokan) got the nod from the judges, closely from Kenya Brown (ImugiTaekwondo) with Marc Mory (Filo Do Karate) skilful in third place. Young Evie Rowe (Shotokan Nowra) in her first tournament was hot on their heels in fourth place.

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Experience and years of dedicated training came to the fore in the Female Black Belt Open Forms event with some sharp and focused talent taking centre stage. Lihnida Veleski (SKIA Liverpool Lions) showcased her skill to claim first place with Kym Housden (Kaishin Taekwondo) in close pursuit. A consistently strong performance from Denise Fung (Japanese Academy of Martial Arts) took out the third place medal with an impressive kata from Amanda Baker (Shotokan Nowra) claiming fourth. These world class performances were continued into the Mens Black Belt Division with stunning crisp, tight performances from all competitors. Vincent Xu (Chikara Kenpo Karate) taking out first place from Ben Cunningham (Go Kan Ryu Karate) second, David Rush (Shotokan Nowra) and Samuel Gosling (Black Belt Martial Arts) third and forth. It was a difficult task indeed for the Judges to separate these top class practitioners. 

The Sparring divisions always provide some of the highlights of the day! The tension, focus and sheer speed of the pumped up combatants combined with enthusiastic cheering and applause creates an incredible atmosphere. The 7-9years Continuous Sparring was a huge division and produced more than a few close decisions. The hard fighting Chloe Vance (Goju Ryu Karate Panania) winning in a split decision over Lachlan Bunney (One Martial Arts) with One Martial Arts team mate Samuel Bateman getting the nod for third place from Ryan Stokes (Goju Ryu Panania) What a thrilling event with so many rising young stars! Proving they were just as quick, the fired up young ladies of the 12 – 14 years Female Continuous put on a great show for all the supporters and spectators. Paige Nassis’s (Kinetic Martial Arts) use of great kick-punch combinations saw her score the win over Kinetic team mate Maria Vergados. Chloe Partic-Gray (Tora Martial Arts Centre) showed great speed and ringcraft in taking out third place from the hard fighting Tabytha Sellick (Isshogai Do Kai Karate).

Over on the other rings, their adult counterparts weren’t to be outdone! There were some tenacious battles with no-one giving an inch. The Male Advanced 5thkyu-1stkyu Points was such an event. Places were taken by the focused competitors set to make their mark on the NAS stage. Paul Fawcett (One Martial Arts) showed he has the skills to perform and win. Ian Tolnay De Hagy (Tao Gung Fu) equipped himself extremely well to take second place in a very close final, whilst the quick and crafty Guy Moore (GLMA) claimed third place from Roger Pecnik (Kinetic Martial Arts).                                                   The Novice Sparring divisions have become increasingly popular in recent years and this round provided lots of ‘thrills and spills’ with plenty of action for the appreciative crowd! The Men’s Novice Points was a tremendous mix of varied and different styles coming together in great spirit. The final saw Philip Millikin (Isshin Ryu Australia) face off against Neer Sengupta (Goju Ryu Panania). Philip’s tenacity claimed the win, but I’m sure Neer has a big future. Alex Grant (GLMA) taking third is also set to make an impact! In the Female division, Tora Martial Arts Amy Melville and Imugi Taekwondo’s Nicole Gentle fought out the final. Amy winning out on the bell in an extremely close bout. Jennaya Palmer (Chikara Kenpo Karate) was skilful in claiming third place. All are certainly ones to watch for the future!

A power-packed tournament and another exciting day of competition for NAS NSW! Great talent on show and tremendous spirit and sportsmanship! A round of applause and a HUGE ‘thank you’ goes to our tireless team of Ring & Table Officials who really pulled out all stops in a great team effort to produce a successful day. My thanks to Alexsandra Nitis of Tora Martial Arts Supplies, our tremendous sponsor and to John Nitis (in a leg cast) for the great action shots! Much appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Three on Sunday July 10th, the next preliminary round of the year, and your next chance to qualify for the State and National Championships! Any club or instructor wanting to get involved, please give me a call on 0410 335 937.    Go NAS New South Wales!!






Name: Clare Ham


Style: One Martial Arts


How long have you trained?


I’m 17 years old and I have been training for 8 years. 

Where do you train?


I train with Renshi Chris Luafalealo and Sensei Ally Dietrich at One Martial Arts. We do a mix of Shotokan and Kyokushin. I am very lucky and proud to be a part of the One Martial Arts family as their support has allowed me to achieve and continue to grow. 


Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?


I like that at NAS competitions I am able to compete against a range of different people and styles, which increases my abilities and skills. 


Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?


My best memory at NAS is stepping on the mats at my first ever Nationals, just last year, and being able to represent not only my state but my club, I was able to walk away with a 3rd place in point sparring at National Level.


What are your future goals in the NAS?

I wish to develop my skills, continue to coach and expand my knowledge and experience as a referee. NAS is a great, safe and community friendly competition, that lets everyone grow and develop their skills and knowledge, allowing you to see and experience new styles, whilst making new friends.


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NSW Referees, Judges and Officials




I personally wish to thank all members of the NAS NSW Referees Board and pass on my gratitude and congratulations to all of you for an outstanding job of Officiating and supporting NAS! You really are the best of the best! We have had a tremendous start to the year, made possible by your contribution. Your efforts have earned the respect of all the attending martial art schools, coaches and competitors. By putting others first you have displayed dedication, professionalism and true martial spirit! I am really looking forward to working with you at this year’s Tournaments and at the State and National Championships in Melbourne. Thank you for all your hard work, it wouldn’t happen without you!


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  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time. These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct. 


  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition. Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals.


  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating. 


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