Rd3 New South Wales - 21st June 2015


 Great Day...Great Skill and Spirit!


Over 35Martial Arts clubs and organisations from all over the state converged on Netball Central Stadium in Olympic Park for the NAS NSW Round 3 Tournament on June 23rd. With every round this year we have seen the wonderful skills of our local competitors, everyone giving their best with spirit, teamwork and sportsmanship. There is no doubt New South Wales will be staging a very strong State Titles and fielding a dynamic team to contest the NAS National Championships on the Gold Coast in Queensland this December.  

The tournament got off to a great start with the Weapons and Demonstration events first up

Spectators and judges alike were thrilled by some tremendous displays of skill, poise and artistic interpretation. Joshua Carrier (Tora Martial Arts) claimed the prize in the Junior Weapons 13-17yrs with a strong display with Jarrod Abbott (Fighting Fit Martial Arts) very close in claiming second place. In the Senior division; Matt Bryce’s (Chikara Kenpo Karate) deft bo kata took the win, with Wayne Abbott and Nigel Ridgeway (Fighting Fit Martial Arts) taking home the medals for second and third. The Junior Demonstrations 0-12 years was a real crowd pleaser as Team Go Kan Ryu turned in a finely tuned display of martial skill to take first place. Team Tora Martial Arts claimed second with their polished synchronised kata while new-comers Team IMC Australia took out third place with an impressive performance. What a way to start the day!! 

The Pee Wee’s (7yrs & under) always provide terrific entertainment with lots of support from coaches plus excited Mums & Dads and this event was no exception. The Forms event saw Kiedis Huhndorf (Chikara Kenpo Karate) impressing the judges in first place closely followed by IMC Australia team-mates Kai O’Brien and Ella-Jay Nuttall taking out second and third. These young mighty mites certainly put in a huge effort! Well done guys! Overcoming nerves with practise and dedication, the contestants in the 8-9yrs 10thkyu-6thkyu Forms impressed the judges and the crowd with examples of their art. The determination was obvious as young Amelia Primerano (Double Dragon Shotokan) got the nod from the judges, very closely from Noah Ellis-Helmers (Northern Lakes Martial Arts) with Brodie Wensley (Northern Lakes Martial Arts) showing skill in third place. The 12-13yrs 10th-6thKyu was another extremely close division with some classy displays from all competitors. Shonique Goossens (Imugi Taekwondo) produced a crisp form to claim the gold medal narrowly from Luke Genovese-Kollar (Yees Progressive Martial Arts). Ana Nikolovski (Double Dragon Shotokan) focused, in third place. It was great to see the determination in the Female Advanced 5thkyu-1stkyu event with some sharp and focused talent on display. Charmaine Huhndorf (Chikara Kenpo Karate) showcased her art to claim first with Sian Fawcett (One Martial Arts) in close pursuit, a strong performance from Mariane Hardie (Filo Do Karate) taking third. Experience came to the fore in the Female Black Belt Forms with some very sharp, controlled techniques on display for the judges. Kelly O’Brien (Imugi Taekwondo) claimed three in a row this year to take the gold medal. Lihnida Veleski (SKIA Liverpool Lions), sharp and focused in second place, with first time competitor Josephine Ngan ( Shotokan Epping) impressing all to take the bronze medal. 

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The tension, focus and sheer speed of the Sparring divisions always provide some of the highlights of the day! The 10-11years Male Continuous event produced more than a few close decisions. Cal Dengate (World Taekwondo Federation) winning in a split decision over Liam Baxter (One Martial Arts), Brett Hahn (Aussie Martial Arts Academy) getting the nod for third place. Proving they were just as quick, the fired up young ladies of the 15 – 17 years Female Continuous put on a great show for all the supporters and spectators. Clare Ham’s (One Martial Arts) use of great kick-punch combinations saw her score the win over a determined Shonique Goossens (ImugiTaekwondo). Samantha Middleton (Go Kan Ryu Karate) showed her speed and ringcraft in taking out third place. Whist in the 15-17 Male event, the action was ‘fast & furious’ with a number of warnings for excessive contact handed out by the judges. Joshua Carrier (Tora Martial Arts) and Dayne Souter (Budo Ryu Kempo) went toe to toe in the final with neither giving an inch, on the bell, Joshua claimed victory in a split decision, with Pakhawat Vongsouvanh (Tora Martial Arts) taking third place in this popular event. 

Over on the other rings, their adult counterparts weren’t to be outdone! There were some tenacious battles with combatants standing their ground and fighting hard. The Male Novice Continuous was such an event. The final was fought out between first timer Timothy Audsley (Smiling Tiger Kung Fu) showing his the skills to claim a split decision from the talented Damien Henwood (Imugi Taekwondo). The Female Veterans Points saw Laura Walker (Shotokan Karate) claim the gold from Patricia Diaz-Harada (SKIA) in a fast paced final full of great techniques and speed, with Vicki Chase (One Martial Arts) taking home the bronze. Undoubtedly, the 'signature' event of the day was the Mens Continuous Open, bringing the crowd to their feet. Tony Gillespie (Imugi Taekwondo) faced off against Ben Cunningham (Go Kan Ryu Karate) in the final. Both fighters using the entire ring and all their skills, a time extension was needed to separate a tie. Tony swayed the judges to claim victory on the day in a close battle. Ed Bateman (One Martial Arts) had a great bout with Loren Druzinec (Chikara Kenpo Karate) to claim third place. A power-packed day and another exciting day of competition for NAS NSW! Great talent on show and tremendous spirit and sportsmanship!

A round of applause and a HUGE ‘thank you’ goes to our great team of Ring & Table Officials who worked hard in a great team effort to produce a successful day. Much appreciated!     

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Four on Sunday August 23rd , the final preliminary round of the year and the last chance to qualify for the State and National Championships! Any club or instructor wanting to get involved, please give me a call on 0410 335 937.      Go NAS New South Wales!!


Name: Kiedis Huhndorf   

Style: Kenpo Karate

How long have you trained?

I have been training for about 4 years.

Where do you train?

I train at Chikara Kenpo Karate in Baulkham Hills

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I like that I can compete with others and to be able to show my skills.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

My best memory is winning first place in my first competition, especially because I had been practising so hard to be ready.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

My Senpai Vincent’s secret’ kick, I hope I can do this technique myself one day.

Favourite martial artist...

My favourite martial artists are all my teachers and teammates at Chikara because every one of them has helped me to get better. My Senpai Ricardo especially helped me with getting my kata ready for NAS. I would like to be as skilled as my Shihan and Senpai Matt.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

My future goals with NAS are to become a State Champion and then perhaps a National Champion. 

CLUB PROFILE: Tora Martial Arts Centre  pic39


Alexsandra Nitis


Tora Shintai Karate-Do

(Tora Martial Arts Centre)


How long have you trained?

I have been training for 23 years.

Location of club & nights you train?

We train at Wetherill Park Monday to Thursday and also on Saturday.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

We discovered NAS through Blitz Magazine.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

NAS is a fair and great Competition. Professionalism (an important aspect as we have encountered biasness at other tournament circuits and found NAS to be the fairest and most professional) all Rules and Regulations are followed and enforced.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition…..

Joshua Carrier – first place.

Pakha Vongsouvanh – first place.

Daniel Zappia – second place.

Francisco DeLaFaunte – second place.

Noah Flynn – our little man to look out for for the future.

What are your future goals for your organisation?

1.   Attend the NAS Aust Championships in QLD at the end of the year with the hopes that ALL of our current team rank and have the opportunity to represent NSW.

2.   We would like to hit the international circuit once again. Possibly plan a visit to the USA or Japan in the future.

NSW Referees, Judges and Officials;  pic40


I personally wish to thank all members of the NAS NSW Referees Board and pass on my gratitude and congratulations to all of you for an outstanding job of Officiating and supporting NAS! You really are the best of the best! We have had a tremendous start to the year, made possible by your contribution. Your efforts have earned the respect of all the attending martial art schools, coaches and competitors. By putting others first you have displayed dedication, professionalism and true martial spirit! I am really looking forward to working with you at this year’s Tournaments and at the State and National Championships in Queensland. Thank you for all your hard work, it wouldn’t happen without you!

We invite YOU to become a NAS OFFICIAL

Instructors, Black Belts & Senior rank competitors are welcome to join the NAS Referees Board and gain State, National and International recognition as a NAS Official.

  • The NAS conducts seminar/workshop prior to each event for all NAS Officials and new Instructors attending for the first time. These seminars will cover all rules, regulations and guidelines on NAS competition including code of conduct.


  • The State Technical Director and his team of senior referees/ lecturers will conduct these seminars going over rules and regulations relating to the NAS competition. Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Forms, Demonstrations/ Weaponry, ring craft, referees/ judges gestures and signals.


  • The Chairman NAS/WASO & Executive committee - NAS Referees Board is responsible for overseeing all State/ National & International events, at all times maintaining the highest standard of officiating.


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