Rd1 New South Wales - 29th March 2015


We are certainly off and running with an exciting year of competition ahead!

Firstly though, huge congratulations to all our dedicated members of the NSW State Team at the 2014 NAS National Championships held in Melbourne in November. We captured 20 Individual National Titles, 4 Team Titles plus 45, 2nd & 3rd places! These great results were spread from Pee Wees to Veterans & beginners to Black Belts!  Well done to all who competed so strongly. You represented your club and your state proudly. This year, the Nationals will be held on the Gold Coast and I can't wait for NSW to show their strength and skill to the rest of the country.

New South Wales also fielded some extremely strong competitors to the inaugural Arnold Classic World All Styles Martial Arts Festival held in Melbourne in March. We took away an impressive number of titles and medals. What an awesome weekend of thrilling martial action that was! Can't wait for next year's event too! The results from both the Nationals Championships and the Arnold Classic Festival are now up on the NAS website.

The excitement continued as we kicked off the New South Wales 2015 season with Round 1 on Sunday March 29th at our new venue; Netball Central Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park. What a stunning, brand new home for our tournaments! The response and feedback shows that competitors, instructors and Mums & Dads are thrilled with the new facilities. The opening address gave me the opportunity to welcome over 30 different clubs, some travelling considerable distances to be part of the action with an ever increasing number competing in NAS for the very first time. It was great to see the familiar faces and the new comers made welcome with so many families in support. I was also very pleased to welcome a number of new additions to the ranks of our dedicated Referees and Officials.

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Enthusiastic support greeted the nervous competitors in the Pee Wee Forms event, some of whom were first time competitors. These little guys always impress and today was no exception. Kiedis Huhndorf from Chikara Kenpo Karate in his debut tournament took out first place in a close call from Northern Lakes Martial Arts first-timer Cody Reeley with Hamilton Seoung from Go Kan Ryu in third place. Big futures are in store for these talented artists. Whilst next door on Ring 2, the Veterans turned in some classy performances with strong competitor Richard Chang of SKIA claiming the win with first – timer Ian Baddock of Chidokai Karate in second and Laura Walker of Shotokan Karate taking home third place.

A highlight of the morning was the Demonstration events. These dynamic, skilful displays are always popular and make everyone stop and watch. In the Juniors, Team Northern Lakes Martial Arts impressed the judges with the precision of their Synchronised Kata , while Bryce Garmaise from Meibukan Australia showed dexterity with his Bo in the Junior Traditional Weapons.  In the Senior Traditional Weapons event, the enthralled crowd were treated to the skills of Terry Roy from Shito Ryu and his Sai display and Stephen Atkinson from Ta Mo Tao Martial Arts who produced a dynamic display with the rare walking cane. Wonderful and diverse performances!

The Continuous Sparring divisions always bring the crowd to their feet and keep the judges on their toes!!       The 7-9 years Continuous was action-packed and as popular as ever. Some fast combinations and evasive   skills were a feature of the final between Faria Moosawi of AAHYA Kung Fu and another first-timer, Brett Hahn from Aussie Martial Arts Academy with Faria just winning out on the day. Samuel Bateman from One Martial Arts also in his first NAS tournament took out third place. In the Female 10-11 years event, young Danielle Summerell of Isshogai Do Kai Karate edged out a determined Mia Gillespie of Imugi Taekwondo with Ashley Metters of Kinetic Martial Arts in third place. All three girls fighting strongly and giving their all, well done!!  Over on Ring 4 the big guys weren't to be outdone, the Male 15-17yrs continuous provided some tenacious battles. The crowd was right behind this one with the competitors standing toe to toe and no-one giving an inch. Good manoeuvring and ringcraft saw Dimitri Vergadosof Kinetic Martial Arts overcome the fast hands and high kicks of Dayne Souter from Budo Ryu Kempo . Talented competitor Taylor Windle of Imugi Taekwondo showed he has all the skills in taking third place.

The 12 –13 years 5th Kyu-Black Belt Point Sparring produced some nail biting action. NAS regular Luke Clemente of Arjuken Karate winning on the bell over the quick hands of Nicholas Goh of SKIA. Chase Thoburn of Imugi Taekwondo fought hard in taking the points for third place. Proving they were just as quick, the Male Novice Points resulted in some close decisions.  Damien Henwood fought his way through to score the win over Shingo Enomoto of Kei Shin Kan Karate. While Jay Weber of United Taekwondo proved he's one to watch for the future in taking home third place.

Some other stand-out events of the day included the popular Men's and Women's Advanced Divisions. In the Female Avanced Points the experienced Dawn Uchida of Kei Shin Kan Karate battled it out with the tenacious Charmaine Huhndorf of Chikara Kenpo Karate in the final. Whilst in the Mens event, some sudden death points decided some close tussles. Endre Eross of Kei Shin Kan Karate getting the nod from Joshua Tolmie of Kinetic Martial Arts in a close final.  Taking home third place was a new comer, Independent - Jeremy Weyers.

Thrilling the crowd with their skill, power and determination the Male Continuous Advanced event was not to be missed. The action was tight and fast and close decisions to resolve the out-come. Winning out on the day was Matt Bryce of Chikara Kenpo Karate from Tony Gillespie of Imugi Taekwondo. Claiming third spot in his first year Black Belt event was Ed Bateman from One Martial Arts.  Giving it their all, Kelly O'Brien of IMUGI Taekwondo and Amanda Baker, Shotokan Nowra, fought out a terrific battle in the Female Black Belt Open. High flying kicks and great footwork from both ladies made for a close bout, Kelly taking the win to claim triple gold on the day.                                               

A power-packed day and a fitting start to an exciting year of competition for NAS NSW! A round of applause and a HUGE 'thank you' goes to our tireless team of Ring & Table Officials and all those who so willing give of themselves to make such a tremendous day possible. Thanks also to Senad Hatic from Sports Medicine Australia for his terrific attention on the day.

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Two on Sunday May 17th; the excitement continues. Go NAS NSW!!


NAME: Jeannie –Belle Mason

STYLE: Imugi Taekwondo

How long have you trained? Since October 2013 

Where do you train? Sandy Hollow in country NSW 

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?

I enjoy the atmosphere within NAS, the sense of family and inclusive nature of the organisation.NAS NSW upholds a reputation for unbiased referring which allows non-mainstream schools like Imugi the opportunity for success. And of course, like all competitors, I enjoy the thrill of winning.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?

The moment that holds the greatest significance for me would be placing third when I was a white belt in my first ever tournament against black belts in Continuous Open Sparring.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?

My strength would have to be the reach and flexibility I have in my legs. My favourite technique and one that pays off for me often in both sparring, tournaments and in class is a Low/High Turning Kick.

Favourite martial artist...

What can I say, I cannot choose just one. Chung Sa Nim and Kyo Sa Nim have given me so much. They inspire me to become the best martial artist I can possibly be every day. The support they both offered me and my fellow Imugi’s goes well beyond that of Dojang Instructors. Their belief in us and dedication to our training and development is second to none.

What are your future goals in the NAS?

In the short term I am focused on earning my advanced colour belt and developing my skills to be competitive in the Open Women’s Divisions. My long term goal is simple in essence however will take incredible dedication to my training and personal development both in body and mind. In the future my goal is to become NAS Champion of Champion! 



Name of Instructor or Instructors: 

Chung Sa Nim: Tony Gillespie 

Kyo Sa Nim: Kelly O’Brien 

Style is called: Imugi Taekwondo 

How long have you trained? 

Imugi Taekwondo began in January 2014 however the combined experience of both instructors exceeds 40 years. 

 Location of club & nights you train? 

Imugi has two Dojangs,  

Sandy Hollow (country NSW) where we train on Wednesday evening 

Medowie (north of Newcastle) where we train Tuesday and Thursday evenings 

How did you find out about the NAS competition? 

Chung Sa Nim had competed in NAS as a child and a few students had previous experience competition experience. 

What do you like about the NAS competition? 

There are a number of reasons Imugi compete with NAS, but most notably is NAS’s open minded approach to all martial arts schools and their willingness to allow all styles to become NAS Referees. NAS maintains a very professional approach towards their tournaments and therefore attracts the highly skilled competitors. 

Name some of your up-coming champions and how they are placing in the NAS competition….. 

Imugi currently hold three NAS NSW Titles, three NAS Australian Titles and seven WASO World Titles, all have been achieved in our first year. 

In 2015 Imugi looks set to field a NAS Tournament team of 20-25 competitors which is easily double the size of our 2014 tournament team. 

Some Imugi’s new to NAS in 2015: 

Codi Marsh (12-14yrs) Rd1 Gold; Forms, Points and Continuous 

Samantha Owen (15-17yrs) Rd1 Gold in Forms and Points 

Michael Owen (Male Novice) Rd1 Bronze in Continuous 

Sebastian Owen (12-14yrs) Rd1 Gold in Points 

Bryce Tupperainen (12-14yrs) Rd1 4th in Continuous 

Will McKenzie (10-11yrs) Rd1 Silver Points, Bronze Continuous. 

What are your future goals for your organisation?

The future of Imugi within NAS is looking ever brighter. We have established high technical standards which in turn attracts dedicated students with strong self discipline, who hold the tenets of Taekwondo in the highest regard.

Imugi has excelled in our first year well beyond our expectations. We are now focussed on the continued evolution of our style, the opportunity to defend our current titles and possibly of achieving more in the future. 

Imugi’s live by our motto: “TRAIN HARD, FIGHT EASY”!!



NAME: Vincent Xu 

STYLE: Chikara Kenpo Karate

Vincent has been training with Chikara Kenpo Karate and competing in NAS Tournaments for nearly 12 years now … since he was 8 years of age! 

He trains at Chikara’s Dojo at Baulkham Hills in Sydney’s North West on Tuesdays and Saturdays Vincent is a Nidan (2nd Dan) Black Belt and really enjoys competing and testing his skills on the mat.

Vincent is the current 2014 NAS Continuous Sparring Open Champion and most recently, the World All Styles Heavyweight Point Sparring Champion, having won this title in Melbourne in March this year. He also has a keen eye on the coveted title of NAS Champion of Champions.

You can read a great interview with Vincent in the current issue of Blitz Magazine. 

The opportunity to give back to arts is something Vincent holds in high regard. He assists with instruction in the Dojo and contributes to the tournaments as an excellent judge and is now qualified as a Level 2 Centre Referee. He certainly knows what it’s like from both sides of competition. He credits his success and love of the arts to the support of his family and dedicated team-mates.



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