Rd4 New South Wales - 24th August 2014


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“Skill and dedication on display....


I find it incredibly exciting to be on the floor during any NAS Tournament...I've said this many times, but when competitors tell you that they love the atmosphere, spirit and camaraderie, instructors say they like the professionalism and the fairness and the spectators cheer...well, you know the formula is right! NAS provides the perfect opportunity for martial artists from around the state to put their training, skill and dedication on show!



The business end of the season is upon us, the State and National Championships are looming on the horizon, so the NAS NSW Round 4 Tournament on August 24th at the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre was the final opportunity for competitors to qualify for these prestigious events. Talented and pumped-up martial artists representing over 40 different clubs and organisations from all over the state formed up for the official bow-in. The excitement and the pride in their clubs and their state were obvious for all to see. Sensei's Martial Arts store, our terrific sponsor, had set up another great display helping to create a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium. Everyone was ready; we all knew we were in for a day of 'over the top action!'

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The Black Belt divisions provided some early entertainment in getting the day off to a great start. Let me tell you, the standard is extremely high and level of competition is tenacious. Taking the prize in Forms in the Male event, was Adrian Huber of Double Dragon Shotokan narrowly over Lucas Palmero from Chikara Kenpo Karate with Tony Gillespie of Imugi Taekwondo hot on their heels in third place. Whilst in the Female division Kelly O’Brien claimed the day just ahead of Alisha Rasmussen of Go Kan Ryu, with the experienced Denise Fung of Japanese Academy of Martial Arts taking out third spot. It’s great to see such a variety of styles competing at this level.

Next, the 'signature' event of the day, the Mens Black Belt Open, had the crowd on their feet. Extra loud whistle blasts were needed from the judges to be heard over the roar that accompanied every point. Current National Middleweight Champion Vincent Xu of Chikara Kenpo Karate faced off against Wayne Vella of Goju Ryu Bushido an ex Heavyweight Champion in the final. Both fighters using the entire ring and all their skills, going point for point in a fast and tough encounter. On the bell, it was a 5 all draw with a sudden death point to decide the outcome. Both fighters were lightning fast but Vincent’s straight punch claimed the point and both fighters hugged in true sportsmanship!

Now the 'little guys' took to the floor and got stuck into the action! The 7-9yrs Continuous is one of the most popular events of the whole calender and this day was no exception. The judges were impressed by the fighting skills of one’s so young, the crowd, from grandparents down to little brothers and sisters voicing their support. In the final, Aaron Corby of Fire Phoenix Martial Arts got the nod from a spirited Mena Moosawi representing AAHYA Kung Fu. Young Ethan Hewett from Fire Phoenix Martial Arts fought out a great tussle with Emma Hawkins from Mudgee Martial Arts to take home the third place medal.


A definite feature this year has been the growth in numbers and popularity of the Demonstrations and Weapons Divisions. A crowd favourite, competitors in the Junior Demo's get the chance to show just how entertaining they can be. Again, poise and teamwork come to the for in some impressive displays. Taking the prize on this day with a polished sword display was Jared Abbott of Fighting Fit Martial Arts. Grabbing second spot, Jasmine Green and her team from Northern Lakes Martial Arts showing great timing and co-ordination, while Jennifer Wood and the Double Dragon Shotokan Team showed their skill with their synchronised kata. The crowd appreciating their level of expertise and the hours of training that had gone into producing such great displays!


The standard of competition has been extremely high this year and really shows the great skills of martial artist of all ages and disciplines right across the state. Some standout performances on the day came in the 10-11yrs 5th-B/Belt Point Sparring where Joseph Young of One Martial Arts snatched a close win over Jeremy Seoung of Go Kan Ryu , third place going to Monet Stevenson of Black Belt Martial Arts. The 'never give in' attitude of Christopher Athanasakopoulos of Budo Ryu Kempo saw him grab victory in 14-15yrs 10th-6th Male Sparring. Taylor Windle of Imugi Taekwondo in second with the quick hands of William Dezius representing Isshogai Do Kai Karate grabbed third. Whilst the young combatants in the 12-13yrs 10th-6thKyu division 'owned' the floor in some powerhouse battles. Taking the points was Tobey Watkins of Chikara Kenpo Karate showing great ringcraft in a close match with Alex Assaf of Evolution Gym Martial Arts in his first tournament. Showing tenacity and skill, Adam Biha of Budo Ryu Kempo claimed third spot on the bell from Stefano Athanasiou from Isshin Ry Australia.


Notable performances for the 'big guys' came with some hard, fast action from Damien Henwood of Imugi Taekwondo, Sayed Mehdi Jaafari of AAHYA Kung Fu and Chia Tran, a Kung Fu Independent in the Mens Novice Continuous, certainly ones to watch for the future. The Veterans proving they still have what it takes with some tough battles. Aaron Baker from Arjuken Karate taking out the Vets Continuous from Sudha Sudharshan of United Taekwondo with Kane Timmins, Isshogai Karate claiming third in a split decision with Ross Burden of United Taekwondo. Whilst in the female division, a tenacious struggle ensued between Sandra Stenardo of United Taekwondo and Julie Maher from Mudgee Martial Arts to decide the final with Sandra claiming victory on bell!


Poise and power ...on show across all age groups and all divisions, another fantastic event for NAS NSW, setting the stage for the State Titles on October 12th and then on to the Nationals in Melbourne in November! An early warning to all the other states.....New South Wales will be hard to beat!!


My thanks to all competitors, instructors and parents for another great day. Thanks to Leigh and Jennaya Bowman for the terrific photography and last, but not least, my gratitude to all the hardworking and dedicated Officials and helpers..it just wouldn't happen without you!!


See you all at the State Titles in October!



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NAME: Randall Jones


STYLE: United Taekwondo


How long have you trained?
I have been training for 38 years, 35 of them have been as an Instructor


Where do you train?
My training centre is in Muswellbrook at the PCYC


How long have you been involved with the NAS?
I have been involved with NAS for about 5 years. Our Master Instructor attended a tournament while in Queensland and thought it looked good. It would give our students an arena to compete against all styles and a safe environment for our younger students.


What made you become an NAS Official?
I could see that more officials would help with the running of such a large event, my Master Instructor had become an official, so I spoke to Gary Palmer to see if I could help out with NAS. I thought if my students are going to compete it was only fair that I lend a hand. After all with no officials there is no tournament.


What level are you with the NAS?
I have progressed now to Level Two Centre Referee and am very much enjoying the role.


What are your future goals in the NAS?
My future goals are to continue as a ring official and my progression, but also to talk to as many Instructors and Black belts as possible to convince them that we need their help to make this great event even bigger and stronger.

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NAME: Adrian Huber


STYLE: Shotokan Karate


How long have you trained? I have trained for 10 years and achieved Ni-Dan grading (2nd Dan) with Sensei Les Smirski, who has given me the best possible training and helped developed my love for karate.


Where do you train? I train at Double Dragon Shotokan Karate twice a week at Hurstville and every Saturday at South Sydney Juniors.


Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition? I love how NAS has such a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of community off the mat but as soon as I am at the side of the ring the pressure and intensity of competition kicks in. I find NAS helps to develop my speed and techniques.


Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? I don’t particularly have a best moment, although every competition is enjoyable and all the competitors are so nice and it’s great to have a chat with them after competition. I have also found my first year in the open competition a big step up from the juniors. This has helped me develop and improve a lot and I look forward to continue and develop as martial artist.


Have you a favourite technique in competition? Favourite technique would be a superman or a Kazamizuki then followed by a Gyaqu-zuki (head then body punch) I love these in this competition as they are quick and good distance techniques.


Favourite martial artist... Kancho Nobueki Kanazawa who performs and demonstrates Shotokan Karate at the highest level. Sensei Darren Brailey 2006 World Shotokan Karate Champion and that one day through hard work and dedication I can achieve what Sensei Darren has achieved.


What are your future goals in the NAS? My goals is to continue to compete in NAS competitions and to achieve consistent high results. One day my goal is to become Open National Champion, but I know this will take a lot of hard work and dedication and a number of years but I look forward to the challenge I have set myself.




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STYLE: Northern Lakes Martial Arts Club. Australian Shotokan Karate-Jutsu


How long have you trained? I have been training in martial arts for 40 years.


Location of club & nights you train? We have classes everyday at Budgewoi on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW.


How did you find out about the NAS competition? Originally, I viewed a story of a past tournament on SBS television.


What do you like about the NAS competition? We really enjoy the mixture of styles and technical ability. This gives the opportunity of greater experience to our competitors.


Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition… All of our competitors do very well in NAS competition and are usually on the Dais.


What are your future goals for your organisation? Our future goal would be to continue to provide a healthy sport alternative to kids and to carry on with our self-defence focus for our older students.





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