Rd3 New South Wales - 22 June 2014


 NEW SOUTH WALES: ROUND 3, “Non-stop action!!”

 NAS delivers the ultimate competitive experience for martial artists of all ages and backgrounds, from the young and enthusiastic Pee Wees to the powerful and fast paced adult divisions

 June 22 marked our Round 3 Tournament, and with 38 different clubs in attendance, the most exciting event so far in this years calender.

A number of clubs travelled lengthy distances from around the state to be there.It was tremendous to experience the noise and excitement and see the support for our future stars and the returning champions as they all battled for a chance to represent New South Wales at this year’s National Titles in Melbourne. Big numbers in the Junior Divisions meant we were in for a fun day, whilst the adrenalin charged Black Belt action was eagerly anticipated. 

Aided by their vocal and encouraging supporters, the efforts of our juniors are a thrill to watch, mature beyond their years with loads of determination and competitive spirit to boot. The Forms Divisions are always a pleasure to judge. A classy display from Mia Heran from Northern Lakes Martial Arts proved to be too strong in the Pee Wee Forms. Nelson Lee of Praying Mantis Kung Fu showed his talents in claiming second spot while the focused performance of Amy Lee from Budo Ryu Kempo took out third place. 


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Impressing the crowd and judges alike, the contestants in the 16-17yrs 5thKyu-Black Belt division showed their dedication with very focused performances. Taking first place was Jessica Valiukas of GoKanRyu Karate with Despina Veleski from SKIA Liverpool Lions in second and Brenden Williamson of GoKanRyu Karate in third by the narrowest of margins. Leaping several decades in years and experience, the Veterans Forms provided us with an exhibition of skill, poise and excellence. Paul Mitchell of United Taekwondo in a strong display claimed first place over the polished performance from David Rush from Nowra Shotokan. The articulate moves of Laura Walker from Shotokan Karate assured her of third place ahead of a very impressive field.
Loud gasps punctuated the applause as the audience were treated to the skills of the competitors in the Demonstration and Weapon divisions. Still young, but already a seasoned performer, Jared Abbott from Fighting Fit Martial Arts drew loud whistles and cheers to claim first place in the Junior Demos before joining his Fighting Fit team mates for a dynamic co-ordinated display. The extreme bo skills of Noah Elchaar representing Fire Phoenix Martial Arts nabbed third spot. Proving just what a variety of talent there is on show at NAS tournaments, a fine performance from Nicola Perry from GLMA took out the Senior Traditional Weapons event ahead a skilful exhibition from Guy Moore representing Newtown Martial Arts.
The Continuous Sparring events are an extremely popular feature of NAS Tournaments, and the action this week-end was no exception with many bouts bringing loud and enthusiastic support from the crowd. Stand out battles in the Junior Divisions came in the 10-11 years Male event. Jackson Stair from IMUGI Taekwondo showed he has all the skills, winning the favour of the judges on the day over the fast hands of Chase Thoburn his IMUGI Taekwondo team mate. The hard fighting Gordon Clarke from Isshogai Do Kai Karate took out third spot from Arman Sahdeva of Tao Gung Fu in a true ‘all styles’ event. Some ferocious battles raged in the 12-14yrs Female event dividing the judges in a number of very close fights, Stacey Thompson from Isshogai Do Kai Karate claimed victory over the high kicking Breana Gilroy from International Goju Karate Do and proving she is one to watch for the future, Abbie Saunders of Ta Mo Tao Martial Arts took out third place from Gabriela La Cava from Budo Ryu Kempo in a tight tussle.
Some tough ‘in close’ encounters highlighted the adult events. Turning in a strong performance in the Female Continuous Advanced Open, Alisha Rasmussen of Go Kan Ryu Karate was not to be denied on the day with Natalie Wilson from United Taekwondo showing great skills in second place. Danielle Spice from Mudgee Martial Arts fought out a great battle with team mate Julie-Anne Maher to claim third. An absolute highlight of the tournament is the Point Sparring events. The action is hard and exciting and is shaping up to be a great proving ground for all age groups and rank divisions. Some standout events were the young combatants in the 8-9yrs 10th-6thKyu where Alvin Zhang of Double Dragon Shotokan battled Rhys Davey of Northern Lakes Martial Arts in the final. Oliver Appo, Northern Lakes Martial Arts fought it out with Massimo Sciacchitano, Yees Progressive Martial Arts for third place. The final of the Female Advanced 5th-1st Kyu was a seesawing struggle between Nicola Perry of GLMA and Lauren Van Leent from Shotokan Karate ACT, the sudden death decision going to Nicola on the day. The Male Black Belt Open event had the crowd on their feet as skills were tested to the limit in some nail-biting action! Claiming victory on the day was Dean Gould of Go Kan Ryu Karate in a lightning fast final with Lucas Palmero from Chikara Kenpo Karate. Just as tight, with loud crowd support was the battle for third between Adrian Huber from Double Dragon Shotokan and Tony Gillespie of IMUGI Taekwondo. The appreciative crowd was treated to some great displays of fighting skill and timing from some of the best martial artists in the country!
A day of non-stop action and martial arts thrills…and loads of fun as well!!
Special thanks goes to our great team of Ring and Table Officials and volunteers for a terrific job on a busy and demanding day..your professionalism and dedication made it all possible.

My thanks and appreciation to our terrific state sponsor SENSEI’S MARTIAL ARTS STORE.

Many thanks also to Jennaya and Leigh Bowman for the terrific action shots.

Any instructor or club who would like to become part of the exciting NAS action give me a call anytime...Gary Palmer NSW Director 0410 335 937.

I look forward to seeing you all again for another exciting day at Round 4 on August 24th this will be the last chance to qualify for the State and National Championships..be there!!



NAME:       pic43         


6th Dan Shihan Chief Instructor - Australia / Philippines


Washin Kan Karate Do/ Sikaran Karate / Traditional Kali Federation

How long have you trained?

My martial arts training started back in 1974 with a Shotokan Karate based system. For 3 years, I had trained in this style before moving into another city where I started again with other systems and styles of martial arts, they included Karate, Kung Fu, Kobudo, Kenjutsu, Arnis and so on. During the 1980’s and 90’s I was competing in FAKO tournaments and Kickboxing Competitions here in Australia. Since 1995, I have been teaching my own style of Karate and Kobudo and have recently joined the Karate Brotherhood Philippines with GM Geronimo and Kali, Arnis International Federation with GM Sanchez where I received my licence to teach as Chief Instructor. I have been fortunate enough to train with many Grand Masters in Japan, Philippines and here in Australia.

Where do you train? Our schools in Australia are located;

Hasselgrove Public School,
Gerringong Neighbourhood Centre,
Gaels Club Kingswood  Port Macquarie.  
Queensland Sunshine Coast
Marikina Sports Centre, Marikina City
How long have you been involved with the NAS? I have been involved with NAS for a number of years now as both an official as well as a competitor.
What made you become an NAS Official? After graduating to 6th Dan in karate a few years ago, and with my other training in weaponry (Japan and Philippines) and kung fu I felt that it was about time that I became a NAS official.
What level are you with the NAS?  I’m currently Level 2 at the moment.

What are your future goals in the NAS? My future goals in NAS are the following:  

1/ To educate myself with all the NAS rules. 
2/ To always maintain a unbiased objective. 
3/ To incorporate a NAS style tournament in Philippines. 
4/ To help NAS to become an international event.
5/ To actively incorporate all systems of martial arts to undertake NAS tournaments.
6/ To uphold the standard of Martial Arts 
7/ To promote, improve and continue my journey in martial arts



NAME:  Christopher Gregoriou  pic42
STYLE: Budo Ryu Kempo
How long have you trained?I have been training for about 2.5 years
Where do you train?I train at the Kingsgrove dojo.
Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?I like that the tournament is so competitive. I also really like the friendly atmosphere at the tournaments. 
Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?My best memory would be competing on my birthday at the last tournament.I wanted to come to the tournament with my team-mates instead of having abirthday party. Even if I didn’t win a medal, I came close and still had a great time!  
Have you a favourite technique in competition?I like to use a front kick followed by a side kick in competition. 
Favourite martial artist...My favourite martial artist would have to be Bruce Lee. 
What are your future goals in the NAS?To win a medal!! J



INSTRUCTOR NAME:  Anneke Wright  pic41

STYLE: Fire Phoenix Martial Arts, Hapkido

How long have you trained? I have trained for 18 years in Hapkido, also for 5 years in Tai Chi. 
Location of club & nights you train?  We are based in Woonona, just north of Wollongong, and we train every day of the week and on Saturdays in specific classes for all ages of student from pre schoolers through to adults.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

We had never been involved in tournaments before and when we decided to give them a try we researched many tournament circuits online, and felt that NAS was most suited to our style and would be most impartial for our art.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

Our students train hard when they know they have a tournament to prepare for. Sometimes there can be a long time between Belts when students are more advanced ranks, and having a tournament helps them keep their minds focussed on their Martial Arts and their skills sharp.


Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition. We are extremely proud of all our students as everyone who has competed more than once has improved their performance on each occasion they competed. We believe that the students have shown an improvement in their techniques and have also been prepared to try more advanced techniques in the tournaments. This is a hard way to compete, but it makes them better martial artists so we think any Fire Phoenix competitor is a force to be reckoned with!


What are your future goals for your organisation?

We would like to see even more of our students participate in the NAS tournament and test their skills against martial artists of different styles and backgrounds. We would like to have our school be known for their effort, spirit and good sportsmanship. We want all our students to live by the quote – In Martial Arts it does not matter how many people you can knock down, it is how many people you lift up that matters.


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