Rd2 New South Wales - 4th May 2014

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New South Wales: Round 2 Action!

The New South Wales National All Styles Round 2 Tournament on May 4th saw over 35 Martial Arts clubs from all over the state gather at the Ryde Aquatic Centre for another big, action-packed day of competition. Both tournaments so far this year have provided a showcase of the tremendous talent of our local competitors, and the many new athletes and clubs entering the scene for the first time, made their presence felt from the moment they walked onto the mats. If this is any indication of what NSW has to offer, then there is no doubt we will be a main contender and a powerful force at this year's National Championships to be held in Melbourne in November.

As the crowd grew, the official Bow-in created a tremendous atmosphere in the stadium.

Every participant, young or old, beginner to the more experienced, was keen to get underway. The excitement and enthusiasm voiced in loud encouragement from coaches, team-mates and parents. The Pee Wee's (7yrs & under) always provide a terrific curtain raiser and this event was no exception. The Forms event saw displays of timing and focus beyond their young years with a popular win going to Mia Heran (Northern Lakes Martial Arts) from the determined Amy Lee (Budo Ryu Kempo). Well done ladies!

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The enthusiasm was evident in the 10-11yrs 10thKyu-6thKyu Forms event with some young, up and coming talent on display. Sebastian Humphreys (Chikara Kenpo Karate) took the day with a strong performance with Luke Genovese-Kollar (Yees Progressive Martial Arts) in close pursuit, a classy performance from Riley So (Double Dragon Shotokan) taking third. Showing skill and dedication, the contestants in the Veterans Forms impressed the judges and the crowd with examples of their art, honed through years of training. Bruno Baldacchino (Mudgee Martial Arts) claiming first place with returning competitor Peter Branch’s (Go Kan Ryu) focused display taking second and Mark Szalajko (Bujutsu Martial Arts) close on their tails in third place. The Female Black Belt Open Forms was all class with precision and expert timing. The crowd showing their appreciation as Alice Carrett (Black Belt Martial Arts) took the day with a close score from Alisha Rasmussen (Go Kan Ryu) and Denise Fung (Japanese Academy of Martial Arts).

The adrenalin, focus and sheer speed of the Point Sparring divisions always provides some of the highlights of the day! The 10–15 years 5th Kyu to Black Belt produced more than a few close decisions. Joseph Young (One Martial Arts) winning on the bell over Hugh Matthews (Isshin Ryu Australia). Daryl Chan (Double Dragon Shotokan) taking the points for 3rd place. Proving they were just as quick, the pumped up combatants in the Male 12–13 years 10th-6th Kyu put on a great show for all the supporters and spectators. Christopher Athanasakopoulo’s (Budo Ryu Kempo) use of some good kick-punch combinations saw him score a close win over Dimitri Vergados (Kinetic Martial Arts). Abdallah Roudane (AAHYA Kung Fu) showed his ringcraft skills in taking out third place.

Over on Ring 2 the 'Big Guys' weren't to be outdone! There were some tenacious battles with no-one giving an inch. Speed and adrenalin in abundance! The Male Black Belt Open was such an event. Samuel Penton (Go Kan Ryu), returning to NAS competition, showed us the winning skills he has developed from his dedicated training. He fought a great final with Vincent Xu (Chikara Kenpo Karate) to take the win in a bout that had the crowd on their feet. While the smooth, high kicking combinations from Tony Gillespie (IMUGI Taekwondo) saw him claim third place from Mathieu Rowe (Go Kan Ryu).

The Continuous Sparring divisions have become increasingly popular in recent years and large numbers in this round provided lots of 'thrills and spills' and plenty of action for the appreciative crowd! The 7-9yrs Continuous was a tremendous mix of varied and different styles coming together in great spirit, with three young ladies taking the places and showing the boys how it’s done! The final saw newcomer Jessica Graydon (Bujutsu Martial Arts) up against Mena Moosawi (AAHYA Kung Fu). Jessica’s combinations and great evasion skills claimed the win this day, but I'm sure Mena will be back for more. Alia Lambert (Kinetic Martial Arts) taking third in only her second tournament. All three have big futures.

The Male 10 –11 years Continuous was a hotly contested affair, with the Officials handing out a number of warnings. The hard fought win went to Jackson Stair (IMUGI Taekwondo) over Jack Winders (Kinetic Martial Arts). A valiant Daryl Chan (Double Dragon Shotokan) claimed third. The young ladies weren't to be outdone with the 12-14yrs Female division producing some wonderful battles. Taking the placings were the high-kicking Molly Clarke (Isshogai Do Kai Karate) with Jet Lambert (Kinetic Martial Arts) second and Natasha Clement (Go Kan Ryu) in third. The crowd was right behind some tenacious battles in the Male Continuous Advanced Open with no-one giving an inch. Good manoeuvring and ringcraft saw Adrian Huber (Double Dragon Shotokan) take a split decision from Vincent Xu (Chikara Kenpo Karate). Samuel Penton (Go Kan Ryu) again showed he  has all the skills taking third place over the determined, never give-in attitude of Ali Mohammed Gulzar (Mudgee Martial Arts).

An absolute highlight of the tournaments this year has been the diversity and sheer 'wow' factor on show in the Weapons and Demonstration events. Spectators and competitors alike have been enthralled by some tremendous displays of skill and poise, and the judges have been keenly impressed. Brendan Williamson (Go Kan Ryu) claimed the prize in the Junior Weapons with a strong form with Hugh Matthews (IsshinRyu Australia) taking second and Gabriela La Cava (Budo Ryu Kempo) impressing with her bo to claim third spot. In the Junior Demonstrations, a ‘Fighting Fit Martial Arts’ trifecta had the crowd cheering for more with Jared Abbott taking the day and team-mates Ethan Hewett and Kaitlin Saunders claiming second and third. The dedication to training and the arts was clearly evident in the Senior Demonstrations, claiming victory in a finely 'executed' display was Liam Kelleher (Komei Juku Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu) with the team from ‘Kinetic Martial Arts’ in second spot while Liam’s team-mate Scott Harrison took out third. 

A power-packed and exciting day of competition for NAS NSW! There was great talent on show and importantly, tremendous spirit and sportsmanship! 

A round of applause and a HUGE 'thank you' goes to our tireless team of Ring & Table Officials who really pulled out all stops in a great team effort to produce a successful day. My thanks go to our tremendous sponsor; Mr Phill Chapman of Sensei's Martial Arts, St John Ambulance and to Mr Les Marstaeller and all the supporters for their photos. 

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Three on Sunday June 22nd, the next chance to qualify for the State and National Championships! Any club or instructor wanting to get involved with NAS NSW, please give me a call on 0410 335 937. Go NAS New South Wales!!


NSW Club Profile  pic 27

Chung Sa Nim Tony Gillespie
Imugi Taekwondo
How long have you trained?
27 Years
Location of club & nights you train?
Medowie Dojang in Port Stephens Monday & Wednesday Sandy Hollow Dojang in the Upper Hunter Valley Tuesday & ThursdayBoth Dojangs are run by Chung Sa Nim Tony Gillespie.
How did you find out about the NAS competition?
A few of our students had prior experience with NAS and other tournament circuits with previous clubs.
What do you like about the NAS competition?
NAS Tournaments are well organised, and the officials and other competitors are welcoming. NAS has a reputation of attracting the most talented martial artists across the country. We are keen to be involved with an organisation of such high integrity.
Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in NAS competition…..Imugi has had 6 students place in the first two rounds of NAS 2014:
Kyo Sa Nim Kelly O’Brien – Gold in Continuous Sparring,– Silver in Forms, and– Bronze in Point Sparring
Jackson Stair – Gold in 10–11 years Continuous Sparring (5th–1st Kyu)
Keira Thoburn – Bronze in 8–9 years Forms (5th–1st Kyu)
William Stair – Silver in 8–9 years Points Sparring (5th-1st Kyu)
Shonique Goossens – Silver in 12–14 years Points Sparring (10th–6th Kyu)
Jeannie-belle Mason – Bronze in 15–17 years Continuous Sparring (Open)
Other young Imugi’s to keep your eye on are Chase Thoburn (10–11y), Mia Gillespie (8–9y), Hugh Higgins (12–14y), and Lucas Stair (Pee Wee) who have done extremely well in their various highly contested events in Rounds 1 and 2.
Leading from the front Chung Sa Nim Tony Gillespie has also placed during the first two NAS rounds this year: Chung Sa Nim Tony – Bronze Points Sparring I am exceptionally proud of all our students and look forward to more Imugi’s joining the NAS circuit in the very near future.
What are your future goals for your organisation?The future for Imugi Taekwondo is very bright. We have established very high technical standards and dedicated students with strong self-discipline, who hold the values of Taekwondo in the highest regard.Imugi’s motto is “Train Hard, Fight Easy!’ and that’s exactly what we intend.

NSW Competitor Profile  pic 28

NAME: Mia Heran
STYLE:   Shotokan Karate
How long have you trained?   I have been training for about 3 years.
Where do you train?   I train at Northern Lakes Martial Arts at Budgewoi, (NSW Central Coast) with Shihan Jeff McCauley
Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?   I like NAS competitions because I get to have fun while showing my techniques.
Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? I love all my medals that I have won while competing at NAS but my favourite memory is coming 1st at the State Titles with my brother and friend in the Under 17’s Synchronised Kata.
Have you a favourite technique in competition?   I don’t really have a favourite technique in competition; I really love performing my Kata (forms).
Favourite martial artist...   My favourite Martial Artists are my Shihan and Sensei’s and also my big brother Joshua, because he was the reason I started training.
What are your future goals in the NAS? I would love to continue improving my techniques and I would love to win at the National Titles. 


NSW Official Profile

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NAME: Mark Porreca

STYLE: Shotokan SKIA
How long have you trained? I have been training 37 years.  I started doing JKA for 15 years and came across to Shotokan because I moved to Canberra.
Where do you train? I train Shotokan karate in Canberra as second in charge running a club with Sensei Ryan Van Leent.  I am a 5th Dan Black Belt. I am ACT coach and have students that compete in NAS, AKF and Shotokan tournaments. 
How long have you been involved with the NAS? I have been competing in NAS, AKF, SKIA and early days FACO for as long as I can remember. I would do the open events and as I got older I would do open and also Veterans. I have had a lot of mixed results.  My trophy cabinet is full but this does not stop me from competing. I competed in the Shotokan Worlds in 2012 as a Veteran.
What made you become an NAS Official? As a competitor I felt I needed to give something back, so offering my experience as a competitor to become a referee was only natural
What level are you with the NAS? I am a level 3 Referee with NAS. I Referee at the NSW events and also at the Nationals.
What are your future goals in the NAS? I intend to one day become a level four referee, but meanwhile I would like to run my own ring at the Nationals and referee the Grand Champion of Champions

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