State Title New South Wales - 13th October

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Congratulations to all competitors and our new 2013 STATE CHAMPIONS !!

The culmination of a year of hard training and thrilling competition was here. The chance of becoming a NSW State Champion plus the pride of representing our state at the 2013 National Championships, which we will host in Sydney this December, was within reach.
In four preliminary rounds this year, NAS New South Wales has grown bigger, better and stronger with each event, stamping our mark as the martials arts tournament in this state. Strong club support, extremely talented and enthusiastic competitors plus dedicated officials, all ensuring we will move strongly forward into the future.
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The 2013 NAS NSW State Titles held at the Ryde Aquatic Centre on Sunday 13th October was a big, exciting day of martial arts action. Spanning the width of the stadium, competitors and officials showed their mutual respect with the traditional bow-in and as the Referees called “Start” a day containing many memorable moments was underway; I wish it were possible to mention them all!
Determination and nerves transformed into focus and speed as our talented artists presented their skills to the Judges. As the crowd streamed in, the Veterans entertained with their years of skill and dedication. Taking out first place in the Forms, Jacqueline Spice of Mudgee Martial Arts just edged out Enrique Atencio from Tora Martial Arts Centre and very close in third was Mark Stevens of United Taekwondo.
It’s always a thrill to see the little guys in action and this day was no exception. Claiming the day in the 8-9yrs 10th Kyu-6th Kyu Forms event was young Hugh Matthews from The Order of Isshin-Ryu, narrowly over a determined Joshua Heran of Northern Lakes Martial Arts in second place with Jackson Koch from Kuu Shin Ryu Karate taking out third place. 
Synchronised Forms is a feature of the championship season and turning in a polished, precise display of teamwork was the ‘A’ Team from Go Kan Ryu Karate in the Junior Division whilst the Senior Male Division was taken out by the team from Chikara Kenpo Karate both teams claiming the right to represent NSW at the Nationals. They’ll be hard to beat at the Nationals! The Weapons events always thrill and captivate the audience, the results of many hours of training on show. The Senior division was a stunning display of diverse martial techniques and styles. Taking the title was Martin Soderstrom of Jow Ja Kung Fu with a precise Chinese sword form. Matt Bryce from Chikara Kenpo Karate in second with his complex bo form and a focused Stephen Murdoch of Zenryoku Kick Boxing showing dexterity with the katana in third place. The Junior Title was claimed by a determined Lucy O’Connell from Mudgee Martial Arts with Hugh Matthews of The Order of Isshin-Ryu in second just edging out Jared Abbott of Fighting Fit Martial Arts in third. 
The Sparring events always bring the crowd to their feet. Big numbers in both the Male & Female   10-11yrs Continuous Sparring divisions meant some hard battles had to be won to get to the finals. In the girls event some fast ‘block & strike’ combinations saw consistent performer Abbey Simshauser of United Taekwondo claim the win over the fast hands of United team-mate Antonia Roberts, while some good ring-craft skills secured third spot for Aleesha Ceuppens representing Kinetic Martial Arts. The boys weren’t to be outdone with some thrilling bouts. Jayden Grieve from C.V. Kenpo used all his skills in a split decision over a determined Krste Boskovski from Double Dragon Shotokan. The quick, disciplined techniques of Connor Gibson, Japanese Academy of Martial Arts, saw him claim third spot. 
There were quite a number of standout events throughout the day and I wish I could mention them all! One had to be the Male 16-17yrs 5thKyu-Blackbelt Point Sparring. These future stars had the judges on the go keeping up with their high flying kicks and quick hands. In an exciting final Anthony Abboud of Taikudo claimed the day over the valiant Zach Boys of One Martial Arts. The explosive skills of Adrian Huber from Double Dragon Shotokan taking home third.
After such an exciting start to the day, the big guys were pumped up and rearing to go! It was certainly true “all styles” action in both the male and female Continuous Advanced Open divisions, with six different styles making up the finals! The ladies event was fast and furious, Natalie Wilson from One Martial Arts grabbed the title over Alana Brock representing Kinetic Martial Arts with a determined Nicole Simons of Japanese Academy of Martial Arts in third spot. The men certainly weren’t to be outdone! In a spirited and fast-paced final, Vincent Xu of of Chikara Kenpo Karate fought a close, seesawing tussle with Martin Soderstrom of Jow Ga Kung Fu. The hardfighting Jeremy Tuano of Go Kan Ryu grabbed third. 
Certainly a highlight of the day was the Women’s Black Belt divisions. Taking the double titles in both Forms and Point Sparring was the consistent and dedicated Denise Fung from Japanese Academy of Martial Arts. The sharp, focused talents of Alexsandra Nitis representing Tora Martial Arts Centre saw her claim second place in the Points and third place in Forms. Great performances were turned in by Jillda Wright of Combined Self Defence and Fitness and Lihnida Veleski of Independent Shotokan, once again setting a bench-mark for those to come. In the Advanced Forms divisions, poised and focused displays from Taido Association practitioners saw them claim first and second places in both the Male and Female events: Thomas Sheridan and Hamish Craig in the Mens with Lisa Sato and Lisa Phan in the Female event, well done to all! 
An exciting day and a fitting finale to what has been a tremendous year of competition for NAS in New South Wales. No accolades could possibly be enough for the tireless, dedicated work of our Referees, Judges, Table Officials and helpers. It has been said many times and it’s absolutely true: “The day just wouldn’t happen without them!” They have every reason to feel proud of their achievements and contribution this year. Well done ladies and gentlemen, and “thank you!” Thanks also goes to Mr John Nitis for the tremendous action photos!
I would like very much to thank each and every competitor, instructor, parent, official and spectator for your involvement, support and contribution this year. It’s through you that NAS NSW showcases the talents of the best martial artists in the country!
New South Wales is extremely proud to be hosting the 2013 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS over the weekend of 14th-15th December at the State Sports Centre in Olympic Park, Sydney. We are fielding an incredibly talented, determined and focused team of superb martial artists!! The other states will need to be on their game because it’s…… NEW SOUTH WALES TO WIN !!

NAS NSW Best Officials 2013; NSW Best Officials       

Mr Matt Bryce and Ms April Edler        

On behalf of NAS Chairman, Mr. Silvio Morelli & Mr James Casey, NAS President & Chairman of the Australian Referees Board, I would very much like to congratulate this year’s recipients of the NAS NSW Officials Awards for 2013.2013
Ring Official of the year: Mr Matt Bryce.2013
Table Official of the year: Ms April Edler.
Both Matt and April have earned the respect and admiration from all the attending martial art schools, coaches, competitors and officials for their service and dedication to NAS. During the course of the year, both April and Matt on a number of occasions, have foregone competing themselves in order to continue officiating so that the tournaments could run smoothly. By putting others first they have displayed a fine example of martial spirit!



NSW Australian Referees Board  Officials 2013. ARB NSW Officials 2013

To all members of the NAS NSW Referees Board, congratulations and ‘well done’ from Mr James Casey, Chairman Australian Referees Board & NAS President. I personally wish to thank you and pass on my gratitude to all of you for an out-standing year of Officiating and supporting NAS! You really are the best of the best! We have had a tremendous year, made possible by your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s National Championships in Sydney and for another exciting year of competition in 2014.



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