Rd3 New South Wales 23rd June 2013

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Great Day, Great Skill, Great Spirit and Fun!!

Over 40 Martial Arts clubs and organisations from all over the state converged on Ryde Aquatic Centre for the NAS NSW Round 3 Tournament on June 23rd. Each round this year has provided a showcase of the tremendous talent of our local competitors, the many new athletes entering the scene for the first time made their presence felt from the moment they stepped onto the mats. If this is any indication of what NSW has to offer, then there is no doubt we will be a main contender and a powerful force when we host this year’s National Championships in Sydney this December.

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The tournament got off with a huge bang with the Weapons and Demonstration events first up. Spectators and judges alike were thrilled by some tremendous displays of skill, poise and artistic interpretation. Brendan Williamson (Go Kan Ryu) claimed the prize in the Junior Weapons with a strong tonfa form with Joshua Carrier (Tora Martial Arts) close in second place whilst the sharp techniques of Lucy O’Connell (Mudgee Martial Arts) claimed third. In the Senior division; Bruno Baldacchino’s deft traditional bo kata took the win, with Alexsandra Nitis (Tora Martial Arts) and Stephen Atkinson (Ta Mo Tao Martial Arts) taking home the medals for second and third. The Junior Demonstrations had the crowd hooting and cheering for more as Team Bektasovski (KMA Martial Arts) turned in a dynamic display of martial skill to take first place. Family member Adem Bektasovski’s individual talents claimed second whilst an extremely polished Synchronised Kata from Jessica Valiukas and her team-mates from Go Kan Ryu took out third. What a way to start the day!!

The Pee Wee’s (7yrs & under) always provide terrific entertainment with lots of support from Coaches plus excited Mums & Dads and this event was no exception. The Forms event saw Lucas Vallejo (Double Dragon Shotokan) impressing the judges in first place closely followed by Tara Evans (Kuu Shin Ryu Karate) and young Mia Heran (Northern Lakes Martial Arts) taking out third. These young mighty mites certainly put in a huge effort! Well done guys!

Overcoming nerves with practise and dedication, the contestants in the 10-11yrs 10thkyu-6thkyu Forms impressed the judges and the crowd with examples of their art. The determination was obvious as young Luke Genovese-Kollar (Yee’s Progressive Martial Arts) got the nod from the judges, closely from Sebastian Humphreys (Chikara Kenpo Karate) and Elijah Messina (Double Dragon Shotokan) skilful in third place. Experience came to the fore in the Female Advanced 5thkyu-1stkyu event with some sharp and focused talent on display. Nicole Simons (Japanese Academy of Martial Arts) showcased her skill to claim first with Rosemary Cranney (Shotokan) in close pursuit, a strong performance from Lauren Loxley (Emu Heights Self Defence) taking third. The tension, focus and sheer speed of the Sparring divisions always provides some of the highlights of the day! The 10-11years Male Continuous event produced more than a few close decisions. Jayden Grieve (C.V. Kenpo) winning in a split decision over Sam McKittrick (Mudgee Martial Arts), Daniel Pipic (Kinetic Martial Arts) getting the nod for third place.

Proving they were just as quick, the fired up young ladies of the 12 – 14 years Female Continuous put on a great show for all the supporters and spectators. Breana Gilroy’s (Int Goju Karate do) use of great kick-punch combinations saw her score the win over Jet Lambert (Kinetic Martial Arts). Virginia Troumoulis (Double Dragon Shotokan) showed great speed and ringcraft in taking out third place. Over on the other rings, their adult counterparts weren’t to be outdone! There were some tenacious battles with no-one giving an inch. The Male Advanced 5thkyu-1stkyu Points was such an event. Places were taken by first time competitors set to make their mark on the NAS stage. Ed Bateman (One Martial Arts) showed he has the skills to perform and win. Stavros Vergados (Kinetic Martial Arts) equipped himself extremely well to take second place in a very close final, whilst in his first NAS outing the quick and crafty Brett Jones (United Taekwondo) claimed third place.  The Novice Sparring divisions have become increasingly popular in recent years and large numbers in this round provided lots of ‘thrills and spills’ and plenty of action for the appreciative crowd! The Men’s Novice Points was a tremendous mix of varied and different styles coming together in great spirit. The final saw Darren Dale (Isshogai Do Kai Karate) face off against Warren Hemington (Kinetic Martial Arts) Darren’s speed and great evasion skills claimed the win, but I’m sure Warren has a big future. Craig Humphreys (Chikara Kenpo Kaerate) taking third has some unfinished business! In the Female division, Kinetic Martial Arts team-mates Shevaun Stapleton and Hania Hapselis fought out the final. Shevaun won out on the bell in a close bout. Jennifer Pearce (Double Dragon Shotokan) skilful in third. All are ones to watch in the future!

A power-packed day and another exciting day of competition for NAS NSW! Great talent on show and tremendous spirit and sportsmanship! A round of applause and a HUGE ‘thank you’ goes to our tireless team of Ring & Table Officials who really pulled out all stops in a great team effort to produce a successful day. My thanks to Mr Phill Chapman of Sensei’s Martial Arts, our tremendous sponsor and to Mr John Nitis for the great action shots! Much appreciated!

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Four on Sunday August 25th, the final preliminary round of the year and the last chance to qualify for the State and National Championships! Clubs or instructor’s wanting to get involved, please give me a call on 0410 335 937. Go NAS New South Wales!!

NSW Competitor Profile nsw competitor profile                                                                           

NAME: Jet Lambert

STYLE: Hapkido

How long have you trained? I began training in May 2008

Where do you train? I train at Kinetic Martial Arts, Cronulla with Master Trent Madsen.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition? I like to perform the skills I have learnt. The more I spar, the more confident I become about my techniques.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS? When I used a tornado kick and it scored and I was NSW State Champion.

Have you a favourite technique in competition? Tornado kick and 360 spinning heel kick.

Favourite martial artist...My favourite martial artists are Master Trent Madsen & Jean Claude Van Damme.

What are your future goals in the NAS? My goal is to get a place at the Nationals and then aim for the World Championships.

NSW Official Profilensw official profile


6th Dan Shihan Chief Instructor

Australia & Philippines

STYLE:  Washin Kan Karate Do/ Sikaran Karate / Traditional Kali Federation

How long have you trained?

My martial arts training started back in 1974 with a Shotokan Karate based system. For 3 years, I had trained in this style before moving into another city where I started again with other systems and styles of martial arts, they included Karate, Kung Fu, Kobudo, Kenjutsu, Arnis and so on. During the 1980’s and 90’s I was competing in FAKO tournaments and Kickboxing Competitions here in Australia. Since 1995, I have been teaching my own style of Karate and Kobudo and have recently joined the Karate Brotherhood Philippines with GM Geronimo and Kali, Arnis International Federation with GM Sanchez where I received my licence to teach as Chief Instructor. I have been fortunate enough to train with many Grand Masters in Japan, Philippines and here in Australia.

 Where do you train?

Our schools in Australia are located at;

NSW: Hasselgrove Public School, Gerringong Neighbourhood Centre, Gaels Club Kingswood Port Macquarie.

QLD: Queensland Sunshine Coast

Philippines: Marikina Sports Centre, Marikina City

How long have you been involved with the NAS? I joined NAS several years ago by becoming an official as well as a competitor.

What made you become an NAS Official? After graduating to 6th Dan in karate a few years ago, and with my other training in weaponry (Japan and Philippines) and kung fu I felt that it was about time that I became a NAS official.

What level are you with the NAS? I am currently pursuing Level 2 Referee.

What are your future goals in the NAS? My future goals in NAS are the following:

To educate myself with all the NAS rules and regulations

To always maintain an unbiased objective.

To actively encourage all systems of martial arts to take part in NAS tournaments

To uphold the standard of Martial Arts

To promote, improve and continue my journey in martial arts

NSW Club Profilensw club profile


STYLE: Go-Kan-Ryu Karate

How long have you trained? I’ve trained for 28 years.

Location of club & nights you train? We have classes all over NSW and are open 7 days a week.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?

We have been competing in NAS since 1993.

We discovered NAS Tournaments through Blitz Magazine.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

Kumite is about adaptability. When people only spar and train with people within their own style (or dojo), they can lose this valuable skill. NAS brings people from various styles together, and as such, competitors may test their skills against a variety of fighting styles. Equally, the Martial Arts can be quiet insular, so it allows people from various styles to meet, share ideas and bond over their united passion together. 

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition…..

It depends on your definition of the word, ‘Champion’. Personally, a champion is not necessarily the one who wins a trophy. Regardless of the result, a champion is the one who can maintain focus in a pressure situation, or maintain their composure when they are accidentally contacted. A champion is the one who is gracious in both defeat and success. A champion is the one who gives his or her all at training and competition. A champion is the one who learns from their experiences and grows because of them. I would like to think all my students are champions, or steadily on the way to becoming champions. 

What are your future goals for your organisation?

My only goals are that students continue to enjoy their training, that they work hard on developing their knowledge and ability. And predominantly, become better people through training. We live in a World where courtesy, respect, humility, loyalty and discipline are seldom seen. Fortunately the Martial Arts continue to promote these valuable traits. Equally, we live in a World where people lack self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief. People rely on the constant purchasing of new items or clothes to feel good about themselves. Martial Arts nurture these traits.

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