State Titles New South Wales 14th October 2012


All the ingredients were there for a tremendous day of martial arts action. Spirit, focus, passion and pride filled the air as our dedicated competitors lined up for the 2012 NEW SOUTH WALES NAS STATE TITLES at the Ryde Aquatic Centre, Sunday 14th October.

Over 40 different clubs were in attendance and after a fantastic year of preliminary competition adrenalin was running high, at stake was the chance of becoming a State Champion and the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious NAS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held in Melbourne, Victoria in December. Quite a number of competitors and their families had travelled many hours from the far reaches of the state for the chance to take part. Competitors and Officials showed their mutual respect for each other with the traditional bow-in and as the Referees called "Start" a day of high powered martial arts action was under way!

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A day like this creates many memorable moments; I wish it were possible to mention them all. Some of the highlights came early in the day in the Pee Wee's events as the stars of the future showed their skills. Young Billy McKittrick from Mudgee Martial Arts took out the Point Sparring in a close battle with Mark Sweeney of Black Belt Martial Arts while Go Kan Ryu exponent Adam Makki claimed third place. Equally, the Forms Division provided some close results with Lucas Vallejo of Double Dragon Shotokan in a narrow victory over the focused Kenzo Loccisano from Kuu Shin Ryu Karate. Always in contention, Braxton Reeley representing Northern Lakes Martial Arts taking home third place. There is no shortage of determination and focus from these youngsters and the diversity of styles and skills means the future looks bright indeed.

Big numbers in the 8-9yrs 10th-6thKyu Point Sparring division meant some hard battles had to be won to get to the finals. Some fast 'block & strike' combinations saw Adrieann Smirski of Double Dragon Shotokan claim a last second win over the fast, elusive talents of Fadwa Dee Dannawi from Final Round Kickboxing. While some good control and ring-craft skills secured third spot for Nathan Shiber representing the Goju Ryu Bushido Karate Academy.

After such an exciting start to the day, the big guys were pumped up and rearing to go!

It was certainly true "all styles" action in both the Male and Female Continuous Advanced Open divisions, with six different styles represented in the finals! The ladies event was fast and furious, Julie-Anne Maher of Mudgee Martial Arts grabbing the win over Danielle Groococh of One Martial Arts with Jasmine Whitely all the way from Combined Self Defence in Coffs Harbour in third. The men certainly weren't to be outdone with loud foot-stomping support from the crowd. Past Champion of Champions winner Ben Cunningham of Go Kan Ryu Karate

fought a close tussle with last years Heavyweight Champion Jesse Druzinec of Chikara Kenpo Karate with Ben getting the nod from the judges in a split decision. The exciting, open style of fighting employed by Talaga Sale from Chidokan-Lima Dojo saw him claim third place.

Another standout event had to be the Mens Point Sparring 5th-1st Kyu. These guys really had the judges on the go keeping up with their high flying kicks and dynamic techniques. In the final, Trevor Lonstein of Go Kan Ryu took the win over Darryl Woodeson of United Taekwondo in a seesawing battle. The probing, never give-in attitude from Jacob Lambert of Kinetic Martial Arts assured him of third spot.

A crowd favourite is always the Demonstration events and an appreciative audience were enthralled and entertained by some thrilling displays of intricacy and skill. Taking a hat-trick of places in the Junior Demonstrations were the Bektasovski family from KMA Martial Arts in Wollongong, with their unique combinations of defence, weaponry and aerial moves.

A division that is exclusive to the State Titles is the Team Synchronised Kata event, where the winning team from each state will face-off at the National Championships in a State vs State showdown. An impressive performance of precision and skill from Lewis Swannell, Mia and Joshua Heran saw the mighty-mites from Northern Lakes Martial Arts take out the title and the right to represent NSW in Melbourne in December.

It was a fabulous day and a fitting finale to what has been a tremendous year of competition for NAS in New South Wales. No accolades could possibly be enough for the tireless, dedicated work of our Referees, Judges, Table Officials and helpers. It has been said many times and it's absolutely true: "The day just wouldn't happen without them!" They have every reason to feel proud of their achievements and contribution this year. In a field of 'all stars' please take a bow: Well done ladies and gentlemen, and "thank you!" In particular, my appreciation goes out to Natasha Bryce, Paul Mitchell, Jenny and Terry Williamson.

I would also like very much to thank each & every competitor, instructor, parent, & spectator for your involvement, support and contribution to NAS NSW this year. It's been one of our best yet! To quote one of the instructors: "You're all champions in my eyes!"

Our attention now turns to the 2012 NAS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held in Melbourne, Victoria over the weekend of 1st-2nd December!

New South Wales is fielding a talented, determined and focused team of superb martial artists!!

The challenge goes out to all the other states: "Beware, New South Wales is coming!"

Any club or organisation interested in becoming part of the excitement in 2013, please give me a call on 0410 335 937 at anytime!

1. NAS NSW Club Profile

nas-st-12-pic9aSTYLE: KMA MARTIAL ARTS

Instructor Name: Master Fari Salievski

How long have you trained? We have been training all our lives!

Almost before we could walk!! J

Location of club & nights you train?
We train at Wollongong nearly every day and also at Liverpool on Saturdays.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
From our master, plus from other students and in Blitz Magazine.

What do you like about the NAS competition?
We really like the friendly atmosphere at the tournaments.

It's great to see all the different styles in competition and also the chance to make new friends.

What are your future goals for your organisation?
We will continue to train and compete and to always strive to improve our techniques and displays. At the moment we are really enjoying the opportunity to mentor and assist other young aspiring artists at our club.

2. NAS NSW Competitor Profile

nas-st-12-pic9bNAME: Jasmine Whitley

STYLE: Taekwondo

How long have you trained?
I have trained for approx 3years in Taekwondo.

This came about from starting a boxing course in Combined Self Defence & Fitness club which generated more interest in the martial sports arena.

Where do you train?
I train at Combined Self Defence & Fitness Coffs Harbour with Sir Bernard, Ma'am Sandy and Ma'am Jillda as accredited instructors of the Club.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
I enjoy the atmosphere competing at NAS and the officials are always friendly and professional which makes competing fun. There is always encouragement from other club members and it is great way to meet people with likeminded interests in the Martial Arts area. The competition is fun to participate in and it is a way to display the talent you have gained in the sport.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
I was competing for 3rd place in continuous sparring women's advanced and after the fight I had a great talk to the other competitor who had lost the match. In the moment of the fight we were vying for a title but after the fight it was about the love of the sport. This was my favourite moment not winning but making friendships at NAS.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
I like to try new things when competing in continuous sparring. At this point my favourite technique to try is inner crescent kick into side kick to the side. Flying jab is also fun to try and execute.

Favourite martial artist...
My favourite Martial Artist would be my mother Jillda Wright a Black Belt in Taekwondo. At age 50 she obtained her black belt and this is inspiring to see someone achieve so much at a later age in life. It sends a message that we can all achieve result s no matter where we are in our lives if you persist with indomitable spirit as she has.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
I am seeking to win titles in advanced sparring and points. I have only started train for points and would like to advance my skill in this area to start on the road to becoming an champion in this area.

3. NAS NSW Best Officials 2012

nas-st-12-pic9cJillda Wright and Karen Valiukas

NSW Officials of the Year.
On behalf of NAS President, Mr. Silvio Morelli, & Mr James Casey, Chairman of the ARB, I wish to congratulate the recipients of the NAS NSW Officials Awards for 2012.

2012 Ring Official of the year Ms Jillda Wright

2012 Table Official of the year Mrs Karen Valiukas

nas-st-12-pic9dBoth Jillda and Karen have earned the respect and admiration from all attending martial art schools, competitors and officials for their service and dedication to NAS.

To all members of the NAS NSW Referees Board I personally wish to thank you and congratulate all of you for an out-standing year of Officiating and supporting NAS and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.

4. Download Tournament Results

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