Rd2 New South Wales 6th May 2012


More new clubs, talented, eager contestants and a pumped up audience, set the scene for some great Martial Arts action for our Round 2 Tournament at the Ryde Aquatic and Leisure Centre on May 6th. With over 34 different schools attending we were sure to be in for an exciting day! Sportsmanship and true martial spirit were again the winners in some very close and thrilling battles, with some parents commenting that they had never seen their children perform so well!!

At the official bow-in there was loud applause for our great sponsor; Sensei's Martial Arts store and a great reception as our dedicated officials were introduced. Many clubs had travelled long distances to be part of the action and there was a fantastic, eager atmosphere in the stadium as competition began. With loud vocal support from the Mums and Dads, all competitors came out firing.

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The Senior Weapons event was a spectacular way to get the day underway. Impressive performances from all competitors showed poise and control, thrilling the crowd. Taking first place with his energetic bo kata was Matt Bryce from Chikara Kenpo Karate. The complex and dramatic kung fu sword form from Minh Tan Tran of GLMA claimed second place while the speed and dexterity of Danya Kanafani of Sonji Martial Arts took out third place.

Not to be outdone, over on Ring 1, the Pee Wees Forms gave us a glimpse of the future with performances beyond their young years. A focused Braxton Reeley from Northern Lakes Martial Arts taking 1st place over a large, determined field. Jack Campbell of Go Kan Ryu Karate claimed second place with Kenzo Loccisano representing Kuu Shin Ryu Karate nabbing third spot.

Growing numbers of competitors in the 10 to 11 years 5th Kyu- Black Belt age group meant the forms division was going to be a tightly contested event. Some excellent techniques were displayed, with Kaitlin Williamson of Go Kan Ryu winning out over Harrison Hewgill from Black Belt Martial Arts, with Jasmine Green of Northern Lakes Martial Arts taking home third place. Whilst in the 12-13yrs 10th Kyu-6th Kyu, the crowd were treated to some fine performances which saw James Cooper of Yees Progressive Martial Arts claiming 1st place over Jesse Williams-Cantor from Kuu Shin Ryu and Jaydah Takiara Perese from Sonji Martial Arts.

Impressing the judges and onlookers alike with their dedication and concentration, the 8-9yrs 10th Kyu to 6th Kyu needed a tie breaker to decide the outcome. Final places went to Gaby Calicetto of Praying Mantis Kung Fu in 1st place over a close 2nd to Brianna Jennings of Toogee Taekwondo in her first NAS tournament and Joshua Heran from Northern Lakes Martial Arts claiming 3rd place.

Cheering and foot stomping from the supportive audience and team-mates accompanied the start of the Sparring Competition. Many tenacious battles took place, the high standard of martial arts in this state again coming to the fore, with Referees and Judges saying how impressed they were with the discipline and control displayed by the competitors. Fast hands and good ringcraft were the tools for a popular win by Malik Baladjam of Final Round Kickboxing, in the 12-14yrs Male Continuous, Jett Hart of Advanced World Martial Arts in 2nd place and Joshua Field from United Taekwondo claiming 3rd Prize. Meanwhile our young ladies in the 12-13yrs 5th Kyu-Black Belt proved to all that they are not to be taken lightly with some power-packed battles. The high kicks of Ariel Webb of Shi Jia Li Taekwondo were used to great effect against the quick hands and fast moves of Molly Clark of Isshogai Do Kai Karate. Team mates Natasha Clement and Samantha Middleton of Go Kan Ryu battled it out for third and fourth places.

There was no let-up to the pace and excitement as the 'big boys & girls' took the floor. The Male Advanced 5th Kyu-Black Belt Points was a thrilling contest with a number of hard-fought toe to toe battles. The final saw Rajend Naidu of Goju Ryu Bushido Karate Academy getting the nod over first-timer Mark Bui from Zeus Martial Arts, while the determined Karl Storr from Emu Heights Self Defence took on the evasive Capoeira exponent Paul Cahill for third place.

Certainly a truly 'all styles' event.

Some stand-out events had the crowd on their feet and the roof rattling from the noise.

A big crowd gathered for the Male Continuous Advanced, the cheer squads loud and vocal in their support. As 'time' was called, Matt Bryce of Chikara Kenpo Karate with some fast hand combinations, claimed victory over Michael Fong of Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan with 3rd place going to Jeremy Tuano from Go Kan Ryu. Whilst the Mens Novice event was another 'thriller'!

Always on the front foot, Abdallah Al-Masri of Final Round Kickboxing took the fight up to an elusive Raymond Pakes of Chidokan-Lima Dojo in a split decision final. Guy Moore of Newtown Martial Arts versatile skills assured him of a well-earned third place.

The Men's Black Belt Open again proved to be one of the highlights of the day. Showing great skill and true sportsmanship, all competitors put on a great spectacle for the appreciative crowd. Claiming victory on the day was Jesse Druzinec of Chikara Kenpo Karate. Training partners became rivals as Chidokan-Lima Dojo's Talaga Sale took second place while team mate Matatia Foai battled it out for third with Fabrico Zeledon of Goju Ryu Bushido Karate Academy in a thrilling encounter. If this is an indication of the standard for the Champions battle at the Nationals this year, then book your tickets now!!

After such an exciting, action packed day, I'd like to ask our great team of Officials and volunteers to 'take a bow'. It was tremendous to receive emails and calls complimenting their professionalism and team work. Thank you to all instructors and parents for your continuing support and for the tremendous skill and spirit all competitors bring to the day.

Each event continues to get bigger and better and I can't wait to see you all for Round 3 on the 24th June. Any new instructor or club interested in getting involved in the exciting NAS competitions please give me a call anytime on 0410 335 937.

1. nas-rd2-12-pic9aNSW Club Profile

Final Round Kickboxing

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Hassan El-Achrafi                                                    

'Final Round Kickboxing'

Muay Thai, Blue Belt Hapkido, Currently training Kyoku kan Karate.

We teach traditional authentic Muay Thai or Thai style kickboxing. We infuse this style with elements of western boxing, and karate creating a dynamic stand up fighting system. We teach authentic Muay Thai in a well rounded manner emphasizing mental focus and physical fitness.

How long have you trained?
6-7 Years fulltime training

Location of club & nights you train?
1/6 Powdrill Road Prestons NSW 2168 – Although we are upgrading to a new facility sometime near the end of the year.

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
We found out about NAS through my Muay Thai, Karate trainer and mentor Graden Leong.

What do you like about the NAS competition?

The variety of different styles, the family atmosphere, the staff, the requirement to perform each art in a manner where technique and skill is showcased which is very different to the full contact martial arts I have learned and teach. Our kids also love the pool. J

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....

Abdul-Malik Baladgam
Round 1 – 1st Place 14-15 Point Sparring
Round 2 – 1st Place 14-15 Point Sparring,
1st Place Continuous Sparring

Abdullah Al-Masri
Round 1 – 1st Place Adults Continuous Sparring
Round 2 – 1st Place Adults Continuous Sparring

Aliyah Obeid
Round 1 – 3rd Place 7-9 years Continuous Sparring
Round 2 – 2nd Place 7-9 years Continuous Sparring

What are your future goals for your organisation?

To continue our focus on physical education, showing our clients of all ages how to train for maximum functional strength, for a stronger, more resilient body that is less prone to injury. We do this using kettlebells, vintage dumbbells, vintage barbells, power ropes, suspension training, and other progressive tools unique to Final Round, coupled with our unique Muay Thai program; with this in mind, and our expansion to our new premises this year, we aim to combine this dynamic approach to Physical Education and strength training, and martial arts (catering from ages 5 to 65). We aim to help people realize their goals and to find their inner strength and physical power, as well as contribute to the martial arts community in general.

2. nas-rd2-12-pic9bNSW Competitor Profile

NAME: Kaitlin Williamson

STYLE: Go Kan Ryu Karate

How long have you trained?
I have been training for 5 years.

Where do you train?
At Guildford, and Quakers Hill with the NSW State Team.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
It's good to participate with other styles for a bit of a challenge!

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
My best memory would be coming first in both Kata and Sparring at my first ever NAS Tournament, with my division being quite large.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
My favourite technique in competition would have to be the Round Kick/Head Kick.

Favourite martial artist...
My favourite martial artist is Sensei Anthony Ryan.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
My future goal is to win my division at the NAS National Championships in 2012 just like my brother Brenden did in 2011!

3. nas-rd2-12-pic9cNSW Official Profile

NAME: Jesse Druzinec

STYLE: Chikara Kenpo Karate

How long have you trained? I have been training for around 6 years now.

Where do you train? Thompson Hall, Baulkham Hills

How long have you been involved with the NAS? Around 5 years

What made you become an NAS Official?
I was inspired by the dedication and respect my mum showed and received as a judge and I had a great respect for all the other NAS officials. I was eager to learn more about officiating and the rules to help with my competition. At my first seminar I decided it was time to start giving back to the competition.

What level are you with the NAS?
At the moment I am a level 1, but I'm eager to progress to the next level.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
I want to achieve the highest level a NAS official can attain, but I'm not in that much of a hurry as I still love to compete and I won't be satisfied until I have won the Champion of Champions as well as the open Advanced Continuous Sparring events.

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