Rd1 New South Wales 12th March 2012


To all the members of "Team New South Wales"...you are all simply AWESOME!!

At the 2011 Championships held on the Gold Coast in December, Team NSW captured 22 Individual NATIONAL TITLES and 3 TEAM TITLES Plus 19 2nd & 17 3rd places! These great results were spread over 13 different

Clubs and ranged from Pee Wees to Veterans & beginners to Black Belts!! We overcame our nemesis Queensland, but Victoria surprised us both to claim the Presidents Cup by a very narrow margin! But don't worry, we're aiming to claim it back in Melbourne 2012.

It was with this wonderful backdrop that got us underway for the 2012 Season at Round 1 on Sunday March 11th at the Ryde Aquatic and Leisure Centre. The opening address gave me the opportunity to welcome over 35 different clubs, some had travelled long distances to be part of the action and an unprecedented number joining the NAS family and competing for the very first time. I was also very pleased to welcome SENSEI'S MARTIAL ARTS STORE as our state sponsor for another fantastic year, Sensei Phil Chapman has years of experience in looking after the equipment needs of martial artists of all disciplines, visit him at the tournaments this year. It was great to see so many families and competitors in attendance and all were keen to take to the mats.

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It didn't take long, with lots of action, excitement and loud vocal support from the enthusiastic spectators for the combatants in the popular 7 –9 years Continuous Sparring. This new division drew lots of attention as the 'pocket-rockets' showed their stuff. Justin Rhind of Advanced World Martial Arts claimed the prize in a close battle with Talon Hartwell of Kinetic Martial Arts. Allyah Obeid of Final Round Kickboxing, used some good hand & kick combinations to take out third place. This is sure to be an exciting division this year, both Justin and Allyah were competing for the first time, winning through in a large field.

The Male 12 –14 years Continuous was a fiery affair, with the Officials handing out a number of warnings. The hard fought win went to Tjara Robinson of UTOA over Jett Hart of Advanced World Martial Arts . A valiant John-Thomas Rasmussen of Go Kan Ryu Karate claimed third over Dylan Potts from Final Round Kickboxing.

Over on Ring 2 the big guys weren't to be outdone, the Male Continuous Advanced provided some tenacious battles.

The crowd was right behind this one with the competitors standing toe to toe and no-one giving an inch. Good manoeuvring and ringcraft saw Jemore Santos of Kenseido Karate in his first NAS, overcome the fast hand combinations of Daniel Walker of Combined Self Defence & Fitness, returning to competition after a year away.

Talented competitor Talaga Sale from Chidokan-Lima Dojo, showed he has all the skills in taking third place over the determined, never give-in attitude of Jesse Druzinec of Chikara Kenpo Karate.

The Point Sparring divisions are always breathtaking events! Each year the focus and speed seems to get faster and faster, keeping the judges on their toes. The 10 –11 years 5th Kyu-Black Belt produced some nail biting action. Young Kaitlin Williamson of Go Kan Ryu Karate winning on the bell over the quick hands of Jasmine Green from Northern Lakes Martial Arts, Harrison Hewgill of Black Belt Martial Arts fought hard in taking the points for 3rd place.

Proving they were just as quick, the young combatants of the 8–9 years 10th-6th Kyu resulted in some close decisions. This was a big division with a number of close bouts. Adrieann Smirski of Shotokan International fought his way through the field to score the win over Justin Rhind from Advanced World. While Kuu Shin Ryu's Charlie Herdman proved he's one to watch for the future in taking home third place. Meanwhile, in the 5th Kyu-Black Belt division, Owen Fleming of Go Kan Ryu, traded point by point with the determined Hugh Matthews from The Order of Isshin-Ryu, the match going to Owen on the bell. Jeremy Seoung of Go Kan Ryu, getting the nod in a close tussle with the up and coming Victoria Prasoulas of Zeus Martial Arts for third place.

In the key-note event of the day, the contestants were pumped-up and ready for action. The crowd anticipated some thrilling bouts as the Black Belt Open Points events got under way. In the Female division experienced campaigner Denise Fung from Japanese Academy of Martial Arts used great evasive skills and fast reverse punches to take the win over Jillda Wright of Combined Self Defence & Fitness whilst the emerging talents of Hayley Robertson of Emu Heights took out third spot. Loud support greeted the start of the Men's division, some close points had the crowd on their toes and the judges working hard. In the final, the long legs of reigning Heavyweight Champion Jesse Druzinec of Chikara Kenpo Karate were hard to stop, claiming victory in an exciting bout with Daniel Walker of Combined Self Defence & Fitness in Coffs Harbour. New to NAS and one to watch, Jemore Santos of Kenseido Karate showed great skills in claiming third.

The undoubted highlight of the day came in the Demonstration and Weapons events. It's great to hear the loud gasps and applause as the spectators show their appreciation of the talent on show. Claiming victory in the Creative Forms was current National Champion Hakan Manav of Australian Martial Arts Academy. Impressing all on-lookers in the Junior Demonstrations saw the Bektasovski family from Woollongong take out the trifecta. Adem & Esma in first and third spots, while their family team display took out second place. An impressive synchronised kata from Lewis Swannell and Joshua Heran of Northern Lakes Martial Arts added to the thrills.

In the Senior Weapons event the talented and dedicated members of GLMA claimed another trifecta. Dexterity and control saw Minh Tan get the nod from the judges with Nicola Perry second and Holly Parsons in third place.

A power-packed day and a fitting start to an exciting year of competition for NAS NSW!

A round of applause and a HUGE 'thank you' goes to our tireless team of Ring & Table Officials and all those who so willing give of themselves to make such a tremendous day possible.

I look forward to seeing you all for Round Two on Sunday May 6th ; the excitement continues. Go NAS NSW!!

1. NSW NAS Club Profile

nas-rd1-12-pic9gInstructor Name: Leszek Smirski, Rokudan SKIF

Style: Shotokan Karate International Federation

How long have you trained? Thirty six years

Location of club & nights you train?

Kingsford dojo:

South Juniors Rugby League Club,
- Tuesday  4.30pm - 6.00pm Juniors
- Tuesday  6.00pm - 7.30pm Adults
- Thursday 4.30pm - 6.00pm Juniors
- Saturday 1:30pm - 3:00pm Adults

Hurstville dojo:

Hurstville Boys High School, Kenwyn Street,
- Monday      5.30pm - 7.00pm   (all grades)
-Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.00pm (all grades)

Website: www.doubledragonshotokan.com.au

How did you find out about the NAS competition?
Through some of my friends who are instructors.

What do you like about the NAS competition?
The NAS competitions are well organised and provide the competitors with a different type of challenge.

Name some of your up-coming champions from your club and how they are placing in the NAS competition.....
Quite a few of my students came up with good placings in the March 2012 NAS competition.

What are your future goals for your organisation?
Shotokan Karate International Australia (SKIA) is currently focusing on staging the SKIF World Championship to be held in Sydney at the end of 2012. You are all welcome to come and watch and experience this world class event. My students also enjoy participating in various SKIA and NAS seminars and competitions throughout the year to work towards an ongoing goal of continuous self-improvement.

2. NAS NSW Competitor Profile

nas-rd1-12-pic9hNAME: Logan Bilby

STYLE: Hap Ki Do

How long have you trained?
I have been training in the art of Hap Ki Do for approximately a year and a half now. As a kid I was also exposed to Kyokushin Karate but it was not for long.

Where do you train?

Currently I train at ZEUS International Martial Arts Academy in Marrickville underMaster Costa Prasoulas.

Can you tell us what you like about the NAS competition?
There are many things that I enjoy about NAS competition. Firstly the competitive atmosphere is fantastic. Likewise, the competition itself has been a great experience of mine; especially it being my first year of competition. I found it easy to communicate to other martial artists and officials to better my knowledge of

a wide range of styles and techniques. Through this I have met an array of people who share this common interest of martial arts and competition.

Best moment/memory in competition with the NAS?
My best memory in competing with the NAS would have to be when I was given the opportunity to represent NSW in the 2011 National Tournament up in the Gold Coast. I competed in continuous and point sparring in which I came 1st and 2nd respectively. If I had asked myself at the start of the year whether or not I would have been able to achieve these titles, my answer would have definitely been NO! Nonetheless, it was a great experience of mine that I will never forget.

Have you a favourite technique in competition?
My favourite technique in competition is the 'spinning back kick'; although it often is formulated with a combination of other techniques.

Favourite martial artist...
One of my favourite martial artists would have to be Michael Jai White; amongst many others that I admire.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
My future goals in the NAS would be to better myself every year and continue to improve. As I

grow in my own style learning new techniques and strategies of competing, I hope to implement these during tournaments. The aspiration is to attend the 2012 National Tournament in Melbourne

to compete in continuous sparring, point sparring, and Senior Team Demonstration.

3. NSW NAS Official Profile

nas-rd1-12-pic9iNAME: Lihnida Veleski

STYLE: Shotokan (Independent)

How long have you trained?
I have been training and competing for over eight years now.

Where do you train?
I train at home with my sister, under the expert guidance of our father who is a past NAS and European Champion.

How long have you been involved with the NAS?
I have competed for over five years and have been an official for two years.

What made you become an NAS Official?

I saw it as a great way of being able to give back to the Arts and as a fullfilling way to continue my martials arts journey.

What level are you with the NAS?
I am currently Level 1, having sat and passed my Accreditation last year.

What are your future goals in the NAS?
My aim is to continue to compete and to officiate at NAS tournaments.

I want to continue to train hard and improve both on and off the mat.

Giving my best and having fun is high on the agenda.

4. Download Tournament Results

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