2016 National All Styles - National Championships

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Melbourne, 26th & 27th November


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For 28 years, year in, year out, the National All Styles Championships manages to attract the countries top martial artists and unites them through exhilarating competition with participants gunning for the prestigious title of Australian NAS Champion and especially Champion of Champion

The stage was set for a fantastic weekend of competition. Big numbers of competitors flying in from all over Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia & Canberra meant that the quality of competition was always going to be high – and in anticipation of the show they would put on, Saturday morning spectators flowed into Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre as competitors arrived for the start of two days of nonstop action of  Martial artists from styles as diverse as Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Free Style Karate, Tai Chi and many more  came to do battle for the right to be called NAS 2016 Australian Champion

8.30am sharp all Officials, coaches & competitors marched into the venue to the applause of spectators who had come to spend the weekend, many very proud as they saw their child march in with their team members or helping to carry their State flag high

The official bow in took place with the President Mr James Casey welcomed all attending, he then welcomed the CEO of NAS Mr. Silvio Morelli and Assistant National Director, Mr. Gary Palmer. During these speeches special thanks was extended to all the Officials, staff and helpers who had travelled from near and far to ensure the weekends competition would be a great success also introduced 2016 event sponsor Mr Simon Hall

Mr Luke Campbell who has been a competitor with the NAS competition since he was a young boy was asked to read the competitors oath on behalf of all attending competitors.   Mr Lucky Pandelidis a Victorian referee was asked to read the Officials’ oath on behalf of all Officials attending from around Australia. All attending stood for the National Anthem after which the official bow took place, shortly after day one of competition began!


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1. SATURDAY Day One – Forms, Demos, Continuous Sparring & State v’s State:

To begin, fiercely competitor kata (Forms) were performed simultaneously across 6 rings.  As always, the event attracted great interest from spectators, as deciding a winner at this level is never an easy task, as judges try to rate one set of crisp and lightning fast moves against each other.

The pee wee’s division was one of the biggest events of the day with a stunning array of talent and standouts performances among the tiny titans (Pee Wee’s division) Finals of this division saw Christopher Piccini: JMAMA taking out 1st place in  2nd place Larissa Govender: Double Dragon & 3rd place Spencer Barrot: Loong Fu Pai

In the 8 to 9 yrs (10th to 6th Kyu) division saw Declan Uppington: Southern Shaolin taking out 1st place over a strong field of competitors, 2nd place Oliver Lowery: RMAA 3rd place Alsen Wong: Inter Wushu Academy

In ring 3 finals of 8 to 9 yrs (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) saw Connor Hall: Gisbourne Mixed M/A take out 1st place with a polished performance in 2nd place Jakeb Gibbins: JMAMA, 3rd place Mia Heran: Northern Lakes M/A.  

10 to 11 yrs (5th Kyu to Black belt) was a nail biter with big numbers of competitors. Taking out 1st place Jaicob Barrot: Loong Fu Pai, 2nd place Wilheim Heiber: Black Belt M/A, 3rd place Vanderlei Kemp: Kimi Kai 

14 to 15 years (5 Kyu to black belt) division was hotly contested and tension was as high as many of the judges’ score’s, making it difficult to select the eventual winner.  Frankie Ferraro: Bubishi M/A was near floorless in his performance and accordingly received the highest score from all judges and the trophy, 2nd place Harrison Hewgill: Black Belt M/A, 3rd place Connor Beaumont: Loong Fu Pai. 

In another division the female novice division was in it’s final stages with record number in attendance;  Connie Duff: Northern Goju Karate proved too strong on the day taking 1st place, 2nd place going to Michelle Piccini: JMAMA and 3rd place went to Kathryn Milroy: Funakoshi Karate 

Finals of the male advanced division saw Josh Wiltshire: RMAA took out 1st place,  in 2nd place Bevan Bell: Seishin Ryu and 3rd place going to Scott Hampson: Seishin Ryu 

Veterans over 40’s forms division was also well represented with excellent displays of strength and intensity from all attending. Female division 1st place Jilian Cole: Funakoshi Karate in 2nd place Tamara Thompson: TeShin Kai 3rd place Linda DeMilford: Success M/A. Male division 1st place going to Nick Spanu: GKR, 2nd place Ed Bateman: One M/A, 3rd place Kevin Brady: SKIA NSW  

Male and female open black belt form finals were underway early, the tension palpably as coaches fired last-minute instructions to competitors as they lined up for their divisions.  Friends and fans watched nervously as competitors performed, knowing that any slip or loss of concentration could cost them a place in the final.  Referees panel called all competitors to the centre of the ring and announced the top eight female and male finalists were they would have to perform a second kata/form.  Final results beginning with the females division went to Shannon French: RMAA who exhibited grace, balance and strength, 2nd place with a polished performance was Cynthia Weggelaar: Shiryodo Karate and in 3rd place Tayla Ireland: The Winged Dragon.  Male finals had the referee’s panel deciding the victor with 1st place going to Luke Campbell: Loong Fu Pai, in 2nd place Tony Gillespie: Imugi TKD, 3rd place saw Kevin Brady: The Winged Dragon.  Congratulations each and everyone one of you who represented their State & martial art codes, well done!


2. Saturday Junior & Senior Demonstrations;


Taking a break from the fast – pace fighting, the crowd then enjoyed some spectacular demonstrations from junior and senior competitors.


Spectators were treated to some truly inspirational talent in the demonstrations, traditional weaponry & extreme weaponry divisions, all judges had a tough time deciding the winners but in the end these talented competitors went home with the trophies;

Junior synchronised team forms 0-12yrs saw Team Northern Lakes M/A take out 1st place in 2nd place team Double Dragon Shotokan 13-17yrs Team Kimi Kai take home 1st place with 2nd place going to team Hoshin Jutsu  3rd place to team KenshinKan.  Senior synchronised team forms had team Seishin Ryu Karate in 1st place & team Funakoshi in 2nd place.  Extreme Creative Weaponry 0-12yrs, 1st place Frank DeCata: Proactive M/A, 2nd place Levi Vereyken: MD Mixed M/A, 3rd place Jakeb Gibbins: JMAMA.  Extreme Creative Weaponry 13-17yrs, in 1st place was Samuel Newton: The Winged Dragon, 2nd place Jason Anastasi: Shindo Karate Baccus Marsh and 3rd place went to Joseph Blackler: JMAMA. Extreme Creative Weaponry Senior, In 1st place was Ai Wei Lew: FX Fitness, 2nd place Craig Walker: JMAMA & 3rd place Mohamed Desoky: HYIC Jeet Kune Do,  Traditional Weaponry 0-12yrs, was a trifecta for team RMAA in 1st place Racheal Taylor , 2nd place Michaela Soner and 3rd place Jackson Wiltshire,  Traditional Weaponry 13-17yrs, in 1st place Martyn Allwood: Border Karate Sch, 2nd place Damien Prins: RMAA and 3rd place Tiana Sing: Gold Coast Martial Arts,  Traditional Weaponry Senior, 1st place Matthew Hill: Jee Shin Wing Chun, 2nd place Shannon French: RMAA,  3rd place Carl Arganda: Black Eagle Arnis. Traditional or Extreme 0-12yrs, 1st place was taken home by Robert Bridge: JMAMA,  Traditional or Extreme 13-17yrs, in 1st place Frankie Ferraro, 2nd place Paes Kemp: KimiKai and 3rd place Carmen Lia: Hoshin jutsu,  Traditional Extreme Senior, 1st place Louise Raper: FX Fitness

3. Saturday – Continuous Sparring; 

The pace picked up with the continuous sparring, always an exciting division to watch. The continuous sparring is very similar to kick boxing but without the unrestrained contact. The competitors use all kinds of techniques including leg kicking and it surely made for some very explosive fighting and some nail-biting rounds which kept coaches and spectators on their feet

7 to 9 years M/F finals, 1st place Aleisha Munafo: Pro Active M/A in 2nd place Connor Hall: Gidbourne Mixed M/A and in 3rd place Oliver Lowery: RMAA

Finals 10 to 11 yrs Male division saw Vanderlei Kemp: Kimi Kai taking out 1st place in 2nd place was Keagan Prins: RMAA, 3rd place going to Maxwell Parton: Kenshinkan.  Female finals saw Rachael Taylor: RMAA taking out 1st place, 2nd place Harriet Kniff: RMAA and in 3rd place Tujana Rancic: Evolution M/A

Finals 15 to 17 yrs Male division saw Damien Prins: RMAA taking out 1st place in 2nd place was Nat Young: RMAA, 3rd place going Connor Beaumont: Loong Fu Pai.  Female finals saw Hope Kemp: Kimi Kai taking out 1st place, 2nd place Clare Ham: One Martial Arts and in 3rd place Jakirra Graham: Success M/A

The male advanced open continuous sparring was one of the biggest and fieriest competition in years featuring a diverse mixed of sizes, weights and styles.  The crowd was riveted watching the whip of spinning back-kicks and fast punches that sometimes made excessive contact,  there where several disqualification due to uncontrolled strikes to face and bad sportsmanship.  Eventual winners 1st place going to Josh Wiltshire: RMAA, in 2nd place Nick Noordink: Bonsai Karate, 3rd place saw Ed Bateman: One Martial Art. Eventual winners of the female final had Nicki Hodkinson: KenshinKan taking out 1st place, 2nd place going to Shannon French: RMAA and in 3rd place Cynthia Weggelaar: Shiryodo Karate

4. Saturdays afternoon, State V’s State Shield Challenge

Day one of the championships was nearing the end and as usual the ever popular State v’s State teams were underway.  Qld was out to make it a clean sweep for the second year in a row

12 to14yrs junior female’s teams, the eventual winning state was QLD with NSW in 2nd place and 3rd place going to VIC while in ring 2 we had the12 to14yrs junior male’s teams with the eventual winning state being VIC with NSW in 2nd place and 3rd place going to QLD

15 to17yrs junior female’s teams, the eventual winning state was VIC with QLD in 2nd place and 3rd place going to NSW and in ring 4 we had the15 to17yrs junior male’s teams with the eventual winning state being NSW, in 2nd place QLD and 3rd place going to VIC

The female and male advanced teams were the last divisions to be allocated a ring, amongst these teams all were getting into the competitive spirit which would spur them onto win and then their supporters within the crowd was making these last events supper charged and exciting to watch and cheer on.  The eventual results for the female’s teams were QLD 1st place, VIC in 2nd place and 3rd place going to NSW the male teams saw QLD take out 1st place with NSW in 2nd place and in 3rd place VIC

5. SUNDAY Day 2: – Point Sparring events, a day to remember

Competitors returned to the Aquatic centre on Sunday for another day of competition.

There was no rest for competitors or Officials as all competitors lined up for briefing of days competitions, after which all six rings where in full swing for another day of spectacular martial art competition

The clash of the titans was the first division up, Pee Wee’s division – was among the biggest days which kept Officials on their toes with a stunning array of talent with parents and coached just a fiery as the kids

Among the standouts in these junior divisions the 7 years and under finals saw 1st place going to Marley Fawcett: One Martial arts, 2nd place went to Jesse Rogers: RMAA, 3rd place Kalon Davis: Success M/A.

Finals 8 to 9 yrs (10th – 6th Kyu) division saw Victoria Knijff: RMAA taking out 1st place in 2nd place was Xander Jervis: The Winged Dragon, 3rd place going to Finlay Merchant: Jee Shi Wing Chun.  8 to 9 yrs (5th Kyu - Balckbelt) finals saw Stan Testard: Double Dragon Shotokan taking out 1st place, 2nd place Koby Enright: Kenitic M/A and in 3rd place Benji DeMilford: Success M/A

Moving up to the10 to 11 (10th – 6th Kyu) final was taken out by Harriet Knijff outscoring her opponent and team mate Keagan Prins with excellent explosive kicking combinations  both are from RMAA, Harriett 1st place, ,Keagan 2nd and 3rd place went to Kenya Brown: Imugi TKD.  10 to 11 (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) final was another exciting final that kept everybody on their toes eventual winner and taking 1st place Vanderlei Kemp: Kimi Kai, 2nd place Wilheim Heiber: Black Belt M/A in 3rd place Rachael Taylor: RMAA

The weekend was an eye opener for many novice competitors, being their very first NAS National championship.    

One by one they were eliminated and the finals of the female division saw Connie Duff: Northern Goju take home 1st place, Amy Melville: Tora Martial Arts in 2nd place with Melissa Hoey: Funakoshi Karate in 3rd place.  The male division saw 1st place go to Mathew Murray: Success M/A, 2nd place went to Jason Brown: Jee Shin Wing Chun and in 3rd place Phillip Millikin: Order of Isshin Ryu       

Our veteran divisions were some of the last to be allocated to a ring but that didn’t hinder their spirit and determination to be the 2016 NAS National Champion.  The finals in the female division saw Sarah Kemp: Black Belt M/A come up against Jillian Cole: Funakoshi Karate, Sarah was determined to have this title outscoring her opponent taking home 1st place, Jillian in 2nd place, Lisa Wetuschat: FX Fitness in 3rd place. 

 Male veteran’s point-sparring saw Nick Spanu: GKR verse Martyn Fleming: Bonsai Karate in a hard fought battle with neither giving an inch, eventual winner Nick taking 1st place, 2nd place Martyn & 3rd place Peter Conroy: Funakoshi Karate   

6. Black belt weight divisions:

Champions decided; Champion of champion elimination bouts where tough, hard-scoring affairs, with each fighter accurately aware of what lay on the line.  After some of the closest match-ups all year, the final contenders where, Female light weight division which saw Jillian Cole (VIC) defeat Lisa Wetuschat (VIC) . Male Light weight saw Luke Campbell (VIC) defeat Jaimie (QLD). Female welter weight saw Shannon French (QLD) defeat Barabara Wood (QLD). Male welter weight saw Zach Boys (NSW) defeat Lucas Palmero (NSW). Female middle weight saw Nicki Hodkinson (QLD) defeat Sarah Kemp (NSW). Male middle weight saw Tony Gilliespie (NSW) defeat Nick Spanu (VIC). Female heavy weight saw Cynthia Weeggelaar (VIC) defeat Tayla Ireland (VIC). Male heavy weight saw Mark Stone (QLD) defeat Ed Bateman (NSW).

7. Female Champion of Champion final:

There was no rest for the new title-holders as they prepared to fight for the coveted prize of champion of champion. Shannon has fought Nicki on many occasions with bouts going either way; throughout the match they would test each other cautiously to find an opening Nicki being the much taller competitor found her mark early using her reach to her advantage & pulling away on points, Shannon came back scoring with well controlled high kicks & lightning fast hand techniques, nearing the end & with the crowd getting behind both girls Shannon scored the winning point to take out 2016 Female Champion of champion. Both girls embraced with mutual respect for each other, both embraced and Nicki holding Shannon’s hand up high acknowledging 2016 Female Champion of Champion … Great sportsmanship!

8. Male Champion of Champion final:

Luke Campbell came up against Mark Stone for a second year in a row. This match had everything, aggression and explosive techniques which had all attending on the edge of their seats. Coaches were frantically calling strategies out to their competitor…the emotions and desire to win was evident.

Mark’s strategy going into the match was to try to unsettle his opponent and take an early lead however Luke had learnt a lot from last year’s win and had the psychological advantage over Mark. However Mark settled down and began to find his mark scoring with fast hand combinations to take the lead and title of Male Champion of Champion 2016 and one of the oldest competitors to win male champion of champion!

9. 2016 Champion State;

Everyone stayed back to see who would win the Presidents cup. Points are acuminated over the weekend from pacing’s of each competitor, points are tallied and percentages are calculate to adjust to smaller Sates attendance.  Mr Christopher Williams MC announced the winning State  … QUEENSLAND for the 5th year straight … congratulations QLD team, coaches, staff and families for your support … Simply awesome!

10. Sincerest Thanks:

There ends another great year of NAS competition. To all those who travelled from all parts of Australia attending these Nationals we truly thank you. To all members of the Australian Referees Board attending the weekend’s championships we truly thank you for a fantastic weekend of officiating.  To staff and helpers we thank you all for your support and dedication in making these championships a great success.

Special thanks to Mr Darren Ball and his team of first aiders also to John and Alexsandra Nitis for photographs taken over the weekend … fantastic job as always!

Congratulation Mr Gary Palmer NSW State Director on winning 2017 host state for National Championship:

Host State for 2017 Championship: Date of 2017 National Championship is 2nd & 3rd  December at the GENEA Netball Central Stadium: 2 Olympic Drive Sydney, Olympic Park

In the very near future we will place on NAS website and face book details of accommodation packages at Homebush Olympic Park Sydney

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts!

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