2014 National All Styles National Championships


Melbourne, 29th & 30th November


The stage was set for a fantastic weekend of competition. Big numbers of competitors flying in from all over Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia & Canberra meant that the quality of competition was always going to be high – and in anticipation of the show they would put on, Saturday morning spectators flowed into Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre as competitors arrived for the start of two days of non stop action. Martial artists from styles as diverse as Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Free Style Karate, Tai Chi and many more had come to do battle for the right to be called NAS 2014 Australian Champion

8.30am sharp all competitors marched into the venue to the applause of all attending holding their State flags up high with pride.

The official bow in took place and the NAS President Mr James Casey welcomed all attending, he also then welcomed the CEO of NAS Mr. Silvio Morelli and Assistant National Director, Mr. Gary Palmer. During these speeches special thanks was also given to all our Officials, staff and helpers who had travelled from near and far to ensure the weekends competition would be a great success

Mr Luke Campbell who has been a competitor with the NAS competition since he was a young boy was asked to read the competitors oath on behalf of all attending competitors.   Mr Lucky Pandelidis a Victorian referee was asked to read the Officials’ oath on behalf of all Officials attending from around Australia. All attending stood for the National Anthem then the official bow took place and day 1’s championship began.

 SATURDAY – Forms, Demos, Continuous Sparring & State v’s State:

The competition began with form divisions, as the Pee wee’s (Under-sevens) competitors took to the mats. Mia Heran (NSW) taking out 1st place, 2nd place Paes Kemp (VIC) 3rd place Nelson Lee (NSW) In the 8 to 9 yrs (10th to 6th Kyu) division saw Vanderlei Kemp (VIC) taking out 1st place over a strong field of competitors, 2nd place Matthew Murphy (VIC) 3rd place Rhys Davey (NSW). Finals 8 to 9 yrs (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) saw Jaicob Barrot (VIC) taking out first place with a polished form/kata, 2nd place going to Jace Nepean (VIC), 3rd place Braxton Reeley (NSW), 10 to 11 yrs (5th Kyu to Black belt) was a nail biter with big numbers of competitors. Taking out first place Trinity Henrickson (QLD), 2nd place Alec Webster (QLD), 3rd place Stephen Williams (QLD)

14 to 15 years (5 Kyu to black belt) was another division hotly contested; the tension was obvious with pre nerves, prior to stepping onto the mat making it difficult to select the eventual winner. Ethan Airs (QLD), proved a worthy winner with a polished performance to take home 1st place, 2nd place Jordan Gentile (QLD), 3rd place Katelyn Webster (QLD). Moving up to the adult advance divisions, Tia Butler (QLD )proved too strong on the day taking 1st place, 2nd place Michelle Alfonsi (VIC), 3rd place Jennifer Sievers (VIC). Male advanced was taken out by Jamie Singh (QLD), 2nd place Miciah Guglieimi (NSW), 3rd place Trevor Lonstein (NSW).

Veterans over 40’s forms division was also well represented with excellent displays of strength and intensity from all attending. Female division 1st place Laura Walker (NSW) in 2nd place Tia Butler (QLD), 3rd place Michelle Alfonsi (VIC). Male division 1st place going to Shannon Van den Berg (VIC), 2nd place Nick Spanu (VIC), 3rd place Simon Pedelty (VIC) 

pic9Male and female open black belt form finals: had the best in this country lining up for this event, you cold feel the tension as they all lined up to qualify. Senior black belts are required to perform two separate forms during these finals. As each competitor demonstrated their form you could see and feel the tension and frustration, this was quiet obvious with competitors of this calibre losing balance also going blank during there performance. Finals of the females division went to Pania Casey Williams (QLD) who has dominated this division for the past 16 years exhibiting grace, balance and strength proving her self to be one of the all time greats of the NAS competition, 2nd place Kendra Tsatsimas (VIC) who also gave a polished performance, 3rd place Denis Fung (NSW) (Denis has been an outstanding role model for her younger competitors within NAS for many years).

Male finals came down to the clash of the titans with past champions such as Ben Cunning ham, Dean Gould, Delio Senatore, Luke Campbell, Khai Tran just to name a few have set the bar for other to follow. Top eight competitors from pre-lim round will perform their second form/kata to decide 2014 champion. There was also tension from the referee’s panel deciding the victor. Taking out first place Dean Gould (NSW), 2nd place Khai Tran (QLD), 3rd place going to Vincent Xu (NSW) note congratulations must go to all competitors who represented their States & martial art codes, well done. 


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Saturday senior demonstrations;

As always the audience was extremely pleased with the senior traditional weaponry displays. Spectators where treated to some truly inspirational talent. The judges had a tough time deciding the winners but in the end senior traditional weaponry went to Darren Ball (VIC) with a fine display of weaponry, 2nd place going William Bond (NSW) 3r place Damon Bramich (NSW). Creative weaponry saw some awesome array of demonstrations wining the applause of spectators. Taking out 1st place Cynthia Weggelaar (VIC) 2nd place Damon Bramich (NSW) 3rd place Andrew Casey (QLD)

Saturdays – continuous sparring; 

The pace picked up with the continuous spic32parring, always and exciting division to watch. The continuous sparring is very similar to kick boxing but with out the unrestrained contact. The competitors use all kinds of techniques including leg kicking and it surely made for some very explosive fighting. Results 7 to 9 years M/F finals first place Paes Kemp (VIC) 2nd place Vanderlei Kemp (VIC) 3rd place Mahalia Williams (QLD). Finals 10 to 11 yrs Male division saw Stephen Williams (QLD) taking out 1st place 2nd place team mate Alec Webster, 3rd place Brandon Rankin (VIC), female finals saw Ann- Margaret Truasheim (QLD) taking out 1st place, 2nd place Lauren Grimes (VIC) 3rd place Alanah Shankland (VIC). Finals 15 to 17 year female division saw Patrisha Kay (QLD) taking out 1st place, 2nd place Samantha Middleton (NSW) 3rd place Rose Pearce (VIC)

Other standouts on the day in the senior divisions saw Nicki Hodkinson (QLD) make it 4 years straight taking out 1st place, 2nd place going to Alisha Rasmussen (NSW), 3rd place Patreeza Baguisi (VIC)

Saturdays afternoon, State V’s State Shield Challenge

Day one of the championships where rapped-up with the ever popular State -of- origin finals. Getting into the competitive spirit supporters, clapped, cheered and shouted (and very loudly I might add). Standout matches, female advance team QLD took on VIC in a nail biting final eventual winners and 2014 champion State QLD. Male division saw NSW proving too strong for QLD

Day 2: SUNDAY – Point Sparring, Junior Demo events:

pic29Competitors returned to Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre Sunday morning for more explosive competition in point-sparring  events. Referees and judges had no time to relax from Saturday’s bumper day of competition. The bouts continued with unanimous victories. Peewees & junior point sparring divisions were among the biggest divisions of the morning with mums, dad’s and coaches just as fiery as these little pockets of dynamites. Final’s of the Pee wees saw Anish Jadhav defeat team mate Kaleb Bell both from (VIC), 3rd place Masashi Tetsuo (QLD)

10 to 11 (10th – 6th Kyu) final was taken out by Zaida Glibanovic (VIC) outscoring her opponent Kiara Kucera (VIC) with excellent explosive kicking combinations, 3rd place Jasmine Egan (VIC). 10 to 11 (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) final was another exciting final that kept everybody on their toes eventual winner and taking 1st place Zac Cittadini (VIC), 2nd place Brandon Rankin (VIC) 3rd place Sasha Lethbridge (VIC). Moving up to the 14 to 15 (5th Kyu to Blackbelt) female division, Alexandra Gouldson (VIC) proved too strong on the day defeating Courtney Schmidt (VIC), 3rd place going to Ashleigh Sanders (VIC). Male veteran’s point-sparring, John Marchand (NSW) fought Brett O’Driscoll (QLD) in a hard fought battle with neither giving an inch, eventual winner John taking 1st place, 2nd place Brett & 3rd place Shane Butler (VIC)   

Sunday junior demonstrations; 

Junior traditional weaponry division saw Domonik Lowe (QLD) take 1st place with a polished performance, 2nd place Ethan Airs (QLD), 3rd place Rose Pearce (VIC). Other stand-outs in the demonstration divisions, State v’s State Junior synchronised team forms was taken out by Kimikai Team (VIC) with a polished performance...Creative weapons was another explosive event with spectacular control of weapons, taking out 1st place was Jared Abbott (NSW), 2nd place Holly Harrison (NSW) 3rd place Kaitlin Saunders (NSW)

Black belt weight divisions:

The afternoon saw the finals of all weight divisions. Female light weight division saw Pania Casey Williams (QLD) defeat Patreeza Baguisi (VIC). Male Light weight saw Steven Taylor (QLD) defeat Richard Marlin (QLD). Female welter weight saw Shabnam Safa (VIC) defeat Kendra Tsatsimas (VIC). Male welter weight saw Khai Tran (QLD) defeat Lucas Palmero (NSW). Female middle weight saw Nicki Hodkinson (QLD) defeat Kelly O’Brien (NSW). Male middle weight saw Dean Gould (NSW) defeat Bryce Wood (VIC). Female heavy weight saw Kahalia Smith (QLD) defeat Alisha Rasmussen (NSW). Male heavy weight saw Mark Stone (QLD) defeat Vincent Xu (NSW).

The scene was set for some fiery encounters with the winners of each weight divisions paring off to do battle for the right to go forward to fight off for the title of 2014 champion of champion. In the female division Pania Casey Williams, (light weight) would take on Kahalia Smith (heavy weight), in the men’s division Khai Tran, (welter weight) would take on Mark Stone (heavy weight)…the scene was set!pic53

Female Champion of Champion final:

There was no rest for the new title-holders as they prepared to fight for the coveted prize of champion of champion. Kahalia has fought Pania on many occasions with bouts going either way; throughout the match they would test each other cautiously to find an opening Kahalia being the much taller competitor found her mark early using her reach to her advantage & pulling away on points, Pania came back scoring with well controlled high kicks & lightning fast hand techniques, nearing the end & with the crowd getting behind both girls Kahalia scored the winning point to take out 2014 Female Champion of champion. Both girls embraced with mutual respect for each other, Pania holding Kahalia’s hand high in acknowledgement of her win

Male Champion of Champion final:

Saw last years Grand champion of champion Khai Tran come up against Mark Stone a much taller opponent this year. This match had everything, aggression and explosive techniques which had all attending on the edge of their seats. Coaches were frantically calling strategies out to their competitor…the emotions and nerves where evident.

Mark’s strategy going into the match was to try to unsettle his opponent and take an early lead however Khai had learnt a lot from last years final and had the psychological advantage over Mark being here before. Khai settled down and began to find his mark scoring with fast hand combinations to take the lead and title of Male Champion of Champion 2014

2014 Champion State;

Everyone stayed back to see who would win the Presidents cup. Points are acuminated over the weekend from placing’s of each competitor, points are tallied and percentages are calculate to adjust to smaller Sates attendance. Queensland was crowned champion state for 2014 making it 4 years in a row

There ends another great year of NAS competition. To all those who travelled from all parts of Australia attending these Nationals we truly thank you. To all members of the ARB attending this weekend’s championships, staff and helpers we thank you all for your support and dedication in making these championships a great success. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2015…Queensland Gold Coast has won the right to host 2015 NAS Nationals, 5th & 6th of December

On a final note…martial arts begins and ends with courtesy regardless of style, rank or creed…definition of a true champion is one who wins and losses with dignity & respect!

Yours in martial arts!

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