Rd1 ACT 30th May 2010


­Finally we have made it to Round 1 of 2010. A disappointment for many that we had to move the first tournament to the later date, but we run a very professional tournament that makes sure everyone gets what they want, in the end.

After welcoming all competitors back, talking to the coaches and getting the officials ready for a good day, the competition started with the demonstrations and synchronized forms. Again, the standard of competition is very high and all competitors showed goodwill and sportsmanship towards each other and the officials.

act-rd1-10-pic3Penny Gulliver, a new competitor to the circuit, showed her sword skills in the Senior Weaponry division. It was a delight to see Penny in action and we look forward to many more demonstrations of her artform.

Turning our attention to the kids in the 10-11 yrs Continuous. This is one of the most hotly contested events at the ACT tournament and is a treat to watch. These girls and boys don't stop competing till the referee says stop, and will surely tackle the other states when the Nationals come around. A different final was had this tournament with two brothers from Goshin Ryu Karate making it to the penultimate round. Shelby and Maverick Perram showed off their skills, some great kicks and movement around the ring where Shelby took the bragging rights home, and the bigger trophy.

act-rd1-10-pic1The competition saw some great creative forms in the morning with WGKA demonstrating some forms to the application it teaches. This all was to music which got the atmosphere going as well – we look forward to more competitors in this event in the coming rounds. It is a great spectacle to watch when a team can do the movements with great precision and execution together.

Our biggest event of the day landed at lunchtime in the Men's Black Belt division. The upset of the day, and probably the best 'come from behind' match ever witnessed to date was the first bout of Lachlan Cooper (United TKD) up against Stejpan Nazor (ShobuKai Karate). With Stejpan taking control early, a left footed roundhouse kick to Lachlan's head that beat any attempt to block, giving Stejpan two points straight away, this was followed up with some fast strikes to the body that had Lachlan on the back foot. It all seemed to be going to plan for Stejpan, when Lachlan decided to bring to the table the axe. Yes, Stjepan could only move back to miss the kick but it was too late, as the kick was executed to precision to give Lachlan the two points back. Some great aerial ability was also on display, and watching someone quite tall jump at you would make anyone cringe. Lachlan finally prevailed and to Stjepan's maturity and respect, congratulated Lachlan for a great win.

act-rd1-10-pic2Another newcomer this year, recently back from the UK, Daniel Wright made a great debut going through competitor after competitor to meet Paul Baldwin in the final. Both tall boys, Daniel made the quick start with his hands. How better to get points fast. But Paul wasn't left behind in this field and fired a few warning shots before being awarded a point for a strike to the chest. At the scores locked on 3-3, a tussle happened which put both players on the ground. Unfortunately, Daniel twisted his knee in the ensuing combat and was unable to hold a stance properly to continue. Champion of the day went to Paul, but deservedly both fighters were winners on the day. Congratulations!!

act-rd1-10-pic4We wish to thank all competitors, parents, coaches for an outstanding day of sportsmanship and to all officials, congratulations for a great day of officiating.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Round 2 in Canberra, August 15th at Daramalan College. Enquiries from new clubs wishing to compete with the NAS ACT in 2010, phone Mr. Adam Butler on 0432 681 808. Look forward to hearing from you.

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