Regional Championship ACT - 19th March 2017



1.  A.C.T Regional Championship Report

The 2017 A.C.T NAS grew by 25% from 2016!

This steady growth is very exciting and I have already been contacted by Martial Arts Clubs from a variety of styles looking forward to the next round. A lot of clubs, after witnessing this event have promised to get involved next year. I look forward to 2018 being our best year yet!

The competitors, coaches and spectators who attended our tournament this year, mentioned it was great to see so many different styles come together and get along in the spirit of competition.

2. The A.C.T may be the baby of the NAS circuit (being the newest state to come on board), but we still managed to run 2 mats of competition ALL DAY! 

And what a great day it was. The crowd was awesome, really getting behind the competitors and cheering them on the whole way and creating an exciting atmosphere. Many of the spectators that I spoke to they mentioned they haven’t seen an All Styles event before and can’t wait for the next one!

We had Martial Arts Clubs from right across Canberra with multiple styles of Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido all come together at the A.I.S in Canberra for the day’s competition. Overall there were 86 competitors.

With the extra competitors, we could run a lot more divisions. It was great to see a lot more competitors giving the Point Sparring a go. We even had several competitors on the day who volunteered to give point sparring a go to make the divisions bigger and more exciting.

The Forms and Weapons forms were as popular as ever, and ‘bo’ was the weapon of choice on the day, however there were also ‘swords’ and ‘sai’ being used to showcase some great demonstrations.

Traditional Weapons - Junior - up to 17 years, 1st place Kaliah Brewer Kyokushin – 2nd place Jaan Celik Kyokushin – 3rd place Brodie Lucas Kyokushin

Traditional Weapons - Senior – Open 1st place Tim Connellan Taekwondo – 2nd place Ashley Chonka Kyokushin – 3rd place Michael Lenarcic Martial Movement

As was the case at the last tournament the most popular category of the day was the Continuous Sparring! Every division in the Continuous Sparring was full and every competitor from the under 7’s to the Veteran’s gave it their best as they went after the State title. I was very impressed with the calibre of the competitors and the great sportsmanship that was displayed.

Final of the Continuous Sparring - 7 to 9 Years Open. Caleb Marriott and May Nguyen, both from the same Dojo, had to face each other. Both competitors train together on a regular basis and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses very well. It had to be the closest match of the day with both competitors trading scoring techniques. Both Caleb and May certainly made the judge’s decisions difficult, but in the end Caleb came away with the win by the narrowest of margins.

Other results of the day in Male Continuous, 15 - 17 yrs, 1st place Alastair Taylor Shotokan Karate, 2nd place Tyson Baker Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy, 3rd place Charlie Ray Hoy Kyokushin

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3. Later in the day male novice division showed some talented competitors...

In the end the forms division saw Samuel Ryan ACT Shotokan take home 1st place in 2nd place Michael Lenarcic Martial Movement and Corey Grey Kyokushin in 3rd place.  The point sparring saw Samuel Ryan ACT Shotokan again in 1st place with Paul Stamatis Canberra Wing Chun Academy in 2nd place and Melvin Tereszkun Kung Fu Academy – Shaolin take home 3rd place

I am very excited that the NAS is getting bigger in the A.C.T! It is amazing to see the martial arts community coming together after so many years. I know that the team that represents the ACT at the NAS National’s will make us proud.

I would like to extend my gratitude and give a big thank you to all the helpers, table staff and Officials that gave up their Sunday for the competitors and who worked tirelessly all day, especially those who travelled interstate.  Without your assistance, we couldn’t have had such a successful tournament. I look forward to working with all of you again!

I would also like to that all the supporters who gave up their Sunday to show your support for the competitors. Your presence, enthusiasm and cheering made the atmosphere really special. I am sure that all the competitors were glad to have such strong support.

And finally, I would like to thank Mr James Casey and Mrs Virginia Casey for their confidence and trust in the A.C.T NAS. Without your continued support we would not be able to grow and run such a great tournament circuit.

Mr Glen Gibbons

A.C.T NAS Director.

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