ACT State Titles


Highlights and standouts of the day's competition

After the official bow in, officials prepared themselves for a long day of nonstop action, with three rings ready to run but only enough officials to run two. With a bit of changing events to different rings for the movement to two rings, the spectators witnessed some fantastic weapons displays from Sensei David Rush of Shotokan Nowra but formally a local instructor and student. Up against David were local competitors from Shokukai under the tutelage of Sensei Ivan Mehkek, Sebastian Hood and Kunnal Khiatani. They are truly wonderful martial artists and cannot wait for them to display their talents at the Nationals. With this move, we saw the Pee Wee's take to the floor and we are extremely proud to see these juniors get up and show off their moves.

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With awesome spectator participation, the pavilion was filled with screaming parents and friends. The Pee Wees had everyone watching with what could only be described as nail-biting action for these little ones. Sensei Max Thomas of ShindoKai Karate from the Wagga Wagga area brought up some of his students. Our little State Champion, Ben Nosworthy (United Taekwondo) took the honors from Cooper McMahon and Patrick Okot (ShindoKai) with some brilliant evasion moves and kicks that came from nowhere. It was hotly contested with each bout and to see Ben take the title shows that he is one to watch for the future.

The male black belt divisions were among the highlights of the day with some real standouts. Two bolters from the past in the Male black belt forms David Rush (Shotokan) and Adrian Valeri (GKR) gave a polished performance to win the votes from all judges and take first and second place respectively with Daniel Wright (GKR) rounding out the top 3.

Point & continuous sparring had big numbers of competitors; prior to the competition starting you could feel the tension building with coaches going over strategies. The State Titles brought out different results that we have come to see in the recent tournaments, but that is exactly what should be happening. Set a goal throughout the tournament circuit and watch and learn your opponents, great things can and will happen. Damirzhan Kalikov (Shobukai) went through his fights with purpose and intent. His ability to back his opponents into a corner and then execute with speed and direction some wonderful techniques, including some awesome head-level round house kicks that just appeared, Damirzhan went into the final full of confidence. In the final, he was to meet what could only be described as the true underdog. David Mogford (GKR) is more known for his exploits in the Veterans division where he continues to excel. I'm guessing that David wanted to step up and see what he could do to stir up the Continuous division, and he did exactly that with making the final. There, he pushed Damirzhan all the way, keeping him at bay, anticipating his moves and countering some long-reaching reverse punches. Congratulations to both Damirzhan and David. It was wonderful to referee and I bet the same to watch. Our new State Champion Damirzhan should be one to watch for the coming year.

I would like to thank ACT Technical Director Mr. Andrew Carter, all officials and staff for their outstanding work this year in making NAS such a great success. To all instructors and competitors, thank you for your loyalty and support for 2010 and all the best at the National championships in Sydney this December.

1. Best Officials 2010

On behalf of the NAS President, Mr. Silvio Morelli, the Chairman of the ARB Mr James Casey and Mr. Adam Butler, National Trainer Australian Referees Board we wish to congratulate ACT's best Official – Referee/Judge & Table official 2008.

2. Best Official 2008

Brett Carter for his dedication and service to the ACT ARB over the last year. Brett has shown tremendous growth as an official and was a massive help in setting up each and every tournament. For a teenager, giving up his weekend to not only help officiate, is well respected by the Martial Arts community here in Canberra.

3. Download Tournament Results

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